May 2, 2013

Tour Stop: Finding Shelter by M.J. O'Shea

Finding Shelter
Rock Bay 3
M.J. O'Shea
Dreamspinner Press
April 29, 2013
New Adult
Justin Foster has nineteen years of nothing but trouble behind him. After escaping his abusive father, he finds himself in Rock Bay, Washington, with his cousin Travis. Justin is bruised and has a hard time trusting, but with the help of his family and the small town, he might be able to heal.

Logan O’Brien is also new in town, hoping he can finally get away from his past and the memories of the girlfriend who shattered his heart. It doesn’t take him long to realize Rock Bay can be more than safe harbor: it can also be home. And for the first time in his life, he finds himself captivated by a man—by Justin.

Justin is attracted to Logan too, but he’s also wary. Physically, Logan reminds him a bit too much of the closeted jerks who used to beat him up after school. But after one awkwardly amazing kiss, he’s smitten, despite how his past and insecurities continue to haunt him. Logan’s love, faith, and stubbornness are just what Justin needs to believe their love is worth fighting for.

“Mase, can I talk to you about something?” Logan didn’t know why he was nervous. This was effing Mason. Mason, who knew everything about him. Well, almost everything. Logan hoped he took it well. He needed Mason in this… thing. And yeah, it was a thing, whether he wanted it to be or not. He couldn’t get Justin out of his mind, and it was driving him crazy.

“What is it?” Mason stuffed a few chips in his face and plopped down on the couch. He hadn’t been there much lately. He spent most of his time with Drew. It was nice to have his friend back for the moment, even if what Logan was going to tell him might not go over very well.

“I don’t know how to start. This is… a bit awkward.”

Mason put the bag of chips down and turned to face Logan on the couch. “Did I do something?” he asked slowly. He cringed, ready for a “talk.” Mason had never been very good at relationship talks. Logan let him sweat for a few seconds just because he could.

“Nah, man,” he finally said with a sly smile. Mason kicked his thigh. “This is about me. I just don’t even know what to say.”

“You’re not going back to Seattle, are you?” Mason’s face bloomed with panic for a moment.

“No.” Logan laughed. “We already talked about that. And Tally said I could keep my job.”

“Good. Cool.” Mason smiled. “Just spit it out. Whatever it is, we’ll deal with it.”

Just spit it out, huh? “I kind of have a crush on a guy.”

Logan was pretty sure he’d never seen Mason’s eyes get that big so fast in all the years they’d been friends. “Repeat that one for me?”

“You told me to spit it out. I like a guy. That’s what it is.”

“Yeah. I heard you, I just thought I was hallucinating.” Mason coughed. “Who?”
Logan watched Mason mentally skim through the limited options. And that’s where this gets just that much more awkward….

“Um, it’s Travis’s cousin, Justin. You haven’t met him yet, but, Mase… I look at him and my stomach gets all fluttery and light and I want to touch him, and, ugh, I don’t even know what to think about it at all.” Logan made a face when he realized how adolescent he’d just sounded. He supposed new, intense feelings brought out the kid in everyone again, but he hoped Mason wouldn’t give him any crap about it. He was in luck. Mason was too busy trying to come to terms with the information.

“So you—” He put his forehead into his palm and squeezed his eyes shut.

“Dude, I didn’t make this much drama when you told me you were gay. Please help me here. I’m kind of out of my element.”

Mason took a deep breath. “Do you think this is just a novelty? Like, something different than Carrie? Rebound or whatever?”

Logan had already considered that… for about five seconds. “No,” he said slowly. “Rebounds don’t make me feel like I feel when I’m near him. I wish it was that easy. I’d just wait for it to go away. I don’t think this is going anywhere.”
“Wow, Loogs. I never thought we’d be having this conversation. I’d love to tell you to go for it, but Justin… man, he’s been through so much. He’s gotta be a bit of a wreck.”

“I know.”

“And the last thing he needs is any boyfriend, let alone one who’s having his first feelings toward a guy.”

“I know.”

“Do you think he’s interested in you too?”

Logan shook his head. “He’s never even once acted like he’s attracted to me. He’s prickly and standoffish most of the time. But it’s like my body doesn’t care. Or the rest of me. Mase, all I wanna do is make him smile, like, all the time.”

Mason kicked Logan again. He smiled slyly. “You really do like him, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I really do.”

“And you’re not even a little freaked by it? Justin’s a guy, Loogs. You’re straight.”

“I guess everyone has their exception.” Logan was pretty sure his feelings for Justin classified him as a bit less than straight. And he was okay with that.

“And you really want to act on it?”

“The way I feel when I’m near him? Yeah, I do. But like you said, he’s been through a lot. I’m not going to be the guy who pushes him when he’s not ready.”

Mason gave Logan a long, searching look. “Be his friend for now. You’re an amazing friend, and from what I heard, I bet he needs one.”

Logan sighed, slouched back on Mason’s couch, and stared at the ceiling.” Why do people keep saying that?”

“Because it’s obvious?”

“I guess it is.”

Mason cocked his head. “Wait. What do you mean people keep saying it? You talked to someone else about this before me?”

Oops. “Not voluntarily,” he assured Mason. He’d have been hurt if Mason went to someone else first too. “Tally just noticed and called me on it. I guess I’m not the king of subtlety.”

“That you aren’t. But I like your open book.”

Logan snorted. “I wouldn’t tell Drew that.”

Mason punched him. “Perv.”

“You love it.”

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Hi everyone!

I’m Mj O’Shea, author of erotic romance–well all sorts of romance actually, that’s just what’s been published so far!

I grew up, and still live, in sunny Washington state and while I love to visit other places, I can’t imagine calling anywhere else home.

I spent my childhood writing stories. Sometime in my early teens, the stories turned to romance. Most of those were about me, my friends, and our favorite tv stars. Hopefully, I’ve come a long way since then…

Right now, I have four books published through Republica Press (click on the link to visit their site), but I’m constantly working on new projects.

When I’m not writing, I love to play the piano and cook and paint pictures…and of course read. It’s nearly impossible to work on my own writing when I’ve gotten myself hooked into a great new book:) I like sparkly girly girl things, own at least twenty different colored headbands, and I have a little white dog with a ginger eye spot who sits with me when I write. Sometimes she comes up with ideas for me too…when she’s not napping.

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