May 8, 2013

Review: Dead Water by Tim O'Rourke

Series: Kiera Hudson II-6
Format: Mobi
Release Date: March 24, 2013
Publisher: Self-published
Source: Author
Genre: Urban-Fantasy
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With Sam and Kayla missing, Kiera, Potter and Murphy head for the Dead Waters. Here they hope to find their missing friends and the answers to why their flesh keeps cracking like that of a statue.

Knowing Potter has lied to her, Kiera is struggling with her feelings for him. Therefore, Kiera tries to keep Potter at a distance, scared that she might get hurt again.

With Skin-walkers and statues close behind them as they make their journey to the Dead Waters, Kiera can’t help but fear she is being led straight into a dead end.
Dear Tim,


I've been faithfully following Kiera's story, losing sleep at times because I can't rest until I've read the last word! And now you pull something like this in DEAD WATER?!?!

And you KNOW what I'm talking about! Grrr!

First of all, when Kiera Hudson I ended, we were devastated with the way the story went but knowing Kiera and the circumstances she was faced with, that ending was inevitable. Then you start Kiera Hudson II in a weird setting. The gang Pushed to another world but that's OK because after everything they've been through, Kiera, Potter, Isidor and Kayla DESERVE their happily ever after. Regardless if it's in a Pushed world, I'll take it. As long as they have a chance to be happy, I'LL TAKE IT! 

But apparently, you're far from done torturing these poor people. At first I thought they'll be like the Vampire police or something, help keep the peace in the Pushed world but it turned out it's all a game! First you have my beloved Potter meet up with the girl who broke his heart in Dead Night, and you KNOW that will cause problems with Kiera later on. And as if that evil seed you planted isn't enough, you have to mess with sweet Isidor in Dead Angels (how I miss his lively banter with Potter). At least you brought Murphy back but I guess you're not done fracking with us because in Dead Seth you have to throw a giant monkey wrench, creating the perfect storm with no chance of surviving it unscathed! Not only did Potter and Kiera broke up, you have to unravel everything!

What the heck?!

And as if taking everything from Kiera isn't enough, you have to make her witness THAT in DEAD WATER. And what's up with Seth and Luke? Yes people, LUKE! Are these two on magic crack or part feline because it seems they. Can't. Die! And how can you let her and Potter separate like THAT unresolved? How can Kiera get closure? You're turning her into a cold-hearted hybrid monster! Gah! 

Linda O'Rourke, how can you let this happen?! I thought you're my girl, my fellow Potter groupie!! WHY?!?!?!?!

Tim, you have to wean yourself off that Kool-Aid you've been drinking or whatever it is you've been smoking because you can't keep on messing up with Kiera and us! Dude, her ordeal can rival the Passion of Jesus H. Christ! I can't blame her if one day she jumps off your computer and start strangling you for making her go through what she's been and still is going through. 

You better fix this in Dead Lost.

You loyal but very disgruntled fan,

Who is going to help me now that the person I loved more than anything has gone?

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