May 1, 2013

Gush & Gripe #16


Have you heard of this History Channel Original Series?

If not then you're seriously missing out!

I accidentally found this series after watching History's other famous mini-series, The Bible. Since then I watch it back to back with Game of Thrones every Sunday.  

Why am I Gushing?

First off, the show is created by Michael Hirst. The same guy behind my other favorite historical show, The Tudors, and the Elizabeth movies starring Cate Blanchette, so it's not some low budget B-rated series. I'm in good hands as far as the story, props and casting is concerned.

Next, the show is produced by The History Channel. VIKINGS is based on real-life events. I'm sure some of the scenes are slightly exaggerated, it won't be good TV if not, but I'd like to believe that they kept the historical integrity of Ragnar's story and his rise to greatness. After all, the dude is not some random Viking. He IS The Viking!

And the cherry on top is the visually stimulating cast! 

Let's start with the uber gorgeous with piercing eyes to boot, Travis Flammel.

I'm sure the photo on the left is very familiar, this is a very popular on on various fantasy casting couches so you understand WHY I'm GUSHING! 

And maybe it's me but this Aussie hottie also reminds me of Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy, Jax Teller). And aside from Travis drool worthy physique, I think he's doing his role justice: a fierce and a little awkward but very determined leader and conqueror. 

Ragnar & Lagertha
Next is Kathryn Winnick who plays Ragnar's wife and former shield-maiden, Lagertha, whom I have a serious Girl Crush on! She looks a lot like ScarJo plus I love the warrior princess vibe she's throwing. She's captivating to watch on screen because her pretty face makes me forget that she can gut me from the navel to my collarbone in one sweep.

So I suggest you guys catch an episode! It's fantastical because these VIKINGS are devout practitioners of their pagan beliefs and you'll see elements of their myth and "magic" side by side the historical parts. VIKINGS is enthralling, gory, sexy and a very intellectual series. I can't pimp it enough!

VIKINGS airs every Sunday on The History Channel. Check your local listings for the schedule or you can watch full episodes here.


  1. I've been really bad w/ TV lately. I'm behind on GoT!! I've seen a lot of commercials for this and I love historical shows!! I'm definitely going to try this!

    1. Catch up with GoT!!

      Yeah, this is real good. I can't get enough of it!

  2. I so abosolutely have to catch up on this show! I love's all violent & dirty, lols ( type of stuff) OMG, I certainly didn't know he was THAT guy! well thank you for sharing that Miss!

  3. So I have watched this since the first episode... Been excited about it since I saw the first preview and basically am in LOVE!! I was shocked and blown away by the finale... Like jaw dropped and didn't know what to say and couldn't believe my eyes!!!!! So happy to see your enjoying it too and yes the visually pleasing cast OMG!

  4. I've only seen the first episode. *hangs head in shame* It was so good though, I do have plans of catching up. Love that you are a Tudor fan to boot. Loved that show so much and became extremely obsessed with all things Tudor. Movies, shows, documentaries and so so many books!

  5. Hubs and the boys are serious VIKINGS fans. They watch Game of Thrones too. OOO yes notice the wee Aussie lad in there too. Woot!! Yup hubby always says...time for some Vikings Lads. And away they go. I have watched the first episode. I am normally getting blog reading done:)



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