April 20, 2013

Writer Wrangler + Giveaway: Sherry Soule

Author Sherry Soule, who is celebrating the release of her first new adult novel, IMMORTAL ECLIPSE—due to be released April 30, 2013, provides today’s post. If you like supernatural suspense mingled with a dash of chick-lit and a healthy dose of paranormal romance, then this is the book for you! 

Sherry asked her snarky heroine, Skylar Blackwell to stop by. She has recently started her own advice column: “Dear Skylar.” 

Since several people have asked Skylar for help with some very strange topics, she’s generously taken time away from her shopping cardio to answer them. Pasted below are some of the questions sent to her. 

Q. Dear Skylar,

My boyfriend is in college and he likes to wear socks with sandals. When I complained about it, he just says his feet get cold. It’s so embarrassing! I refuse to go on dates with him until he buys a real pair of shoes. Any advice on getting him to stop? 



A. Dear Fashion-Clueless-BF, 

Wearing socks with sandals has been a fashion faux pas forever, but that doesn't stop people (generally men) from doing it. Unless you are walking outside to pick up the newspaper, socks with sandals are a big fashion no-no! First off, you don’t have to alert the fashion police—just throw out those sandals yourself! Then buy him some nicer shoes to wear. He’ll have new shoes, and you’ll have a fashionable guy—problem solved. 

Q. Dear Skylar, 

One day my sister Kate saw me enter the bathroom. She continued down the hallway, and to her surprise, she saw me inside my bedroom. Kate insisted I was in the bathroom, but obviously, I was lying on my bed doing homework. A few days later, Kate swore that she saw me watching TV in the living room, but I had been gone all day at softball practice. Later that same day, she also claimed that I ran past her and pulled her hair, but it wasn’t me! What do you think’s going on? 

Kind regards, 

A. Dear Doppelgangers-Suck, 

Hmmm, you may indeed have doppelganger trouble. They are commonly considered an "evil twin," unknown to the original person, who causes mischief by confusing friends and relatives. But some have more insidious intentions…especially, if they’re already dead. My advice? Get yourself a magical charm for protection, and fast! 

Q. Dear Skylar, 

I recently took over the family business, and although everything has been running smoothly, it feels as though the female employees haven't quite accepted me as their new boss yet. In fact, they've been downright hostile and verbally abusive. And then there’s the little digs: one of them even asked how long I was planning to stay and told me that I was in over my head. How would you recommend I handle this situation? 

Peace out, 

A. Dear Nobody-Likes-Me, 

Sounds like typical “Mean Girl” abuse. The pointed digs make some female bullies more toxic than the classic rageaholic. Well, I would advise you to fire all those hateful workers, but disgruntled employees can be nasty, too. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping your employees—unless you’re willing to quit or fight back. You’re just gonna have to dig in your heels—or Pradas—and get proactive. And try to keep in mind that life has a quirky way of working things out: When you're dealing with a bitch, remember that karma is a bitch as well. Best of luck! 

Q. Dear Skylar, 

My husband, Tony, is a construction worker and he fell from a scaffold at work last week. His boss said he had broken his spine and that he was taken to the morgue. But when I arrived at the hospital, he was alive! He was walking around like nothing happened. And one other time, Tony was bitten by a poisonous snake and he didn’t get more than a slight headache from the venom. Am I going crazy or what? 


A. Dear Husband-Has-9-Lives, 

That is strange indeed! Hmmm, let me think...since he can move about during the day, vampire is out. Government experiment doesn’t fit either, unless he escaped from the lab. Alien from Mars? Nah, he’d have green skin and big eyes. Or perhaps he’s a werewolf with regenerative powers. Whatever the case, the guy must have nine lives!

Hope you enjoyed this comical post! Now go feed your mind and read a book! Preferably one of mine. ;-)

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Sherry Soule is an Urban Fantasy writer blessed with a vivid imagination and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves writing supernatural tales with kickbutt heroines for teens and adults.

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  1. This looks like a great book and it is definitely on my TBR. Thanks for the giveaway

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  3. Socks with sandals? Must live in the Northwest...they all do it here. Ugh. ;)

    1. ROFL! That was so big back in the 90's if I remember it correctly

  4. Thanks for having me as a guest. I hope everyone enjoys this entertaining post and they are interested in reading my novels.

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  5. Immortal eclipse looks hot. I love the cover too! ;) great post btw :)

  6. Thanks for this fun interview and giveaway. I will be adding Immortal Eclipse to To Read List. It sounds great.


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