April 6, 2013

Writer Wrangler: Amy Noelle

Author of contemporary romance
Code Red
Amy Noelle is here to share with us a very special love letter from hunky hero, Joshua Daniels to his lady love, Nicole Magette.

A knock on the door to the office that Josh and I shared had me looking up from the document that was starting to make my eyes feel like they were about to bleed.  I quickly saved my work and went to the door, opening it to find my co-worker Angela on the other side.

“Am I allowed in the inner sanctum?” she asked with a smile.  It wasn’t so much a secret that Josh and I were still working on stuff for Star Fire, but some of the products that we had our hands on were still not public knowledge so our door had to be closed at all times.  Unfortunately that was the only reason.  Josh still insisted upon maintaining a sense of decorum at work, despite the fact that we were engaged and everybody was pretty sure we were screwing by now.  Our boss, Chris, was no doubt thrilled that one of us was good and nobody expected me to be the one to show restraint.  I wondered if I should be offended by that fact.

“Of course.”  I opened the door but she laughed and shook her head.

“I’m just kidding, I’ve got to get back to it but this came for you.”  I focused on the package she had in her hand and didn’t bother to hide my irritation.  The laptop was here.  Josh claimed that I was perfectly capable of working a laptop without him here to monitor me but how he could say that with a straight face after I’d done something to his computer two weeks ago that made it write in Japanese characters was beyond me.  Technology hated me and we both knew it.

Angela just laughed at me so I snatched the package and nudged her out of the doorway.  “Top secret.”  I knew she wouldn’t give a damn but Lisa was listening and she was still quite put out that I had been chosen for such a huge assignment.  And that I’d landed Josh…probably more the latter than the former but she could just suck it. 

I carried the package back to my desk, toying with not opening it but I knew my fiancée would laugh at me if I didn’t.  I cut the tape and opened the box.  There it was…the enemy.  But there was a piece of paper on top of it with my name in Josh’s handwriting so I went for that first.


Don’t even think about avoiding using the computer until I get back in three days.  All you have to do is open it and press on.  I’ve already set everything up so you can just hook into the work database and be good to go.

Three more days.  Kill me now.  I hated sleeping without him.  I’d gone twenty-six years without needing to share my bed with anyone and he’d come along and ruined my sleeping patterns, jerk.

I can see you scowling all the way from San Francisco, just so you know.  I wish I was there with you to see it in person, though.  I got off the phone with you all of five minutes ago and here I am writing to tell you how much I miss you.  It doesn’t help that everyone here keeps asking me how you are and when you’ll be visiting next.  Did you have to work your magic on every guy here?  Did they get a memo about your former attraction to guys that speak geek fluently?  Is there a website featuring you that I should look into getting shut down?

God, I hoped not.  It wouldn’t surprise me, though.  I had hooked up with my fair share of computer nerds.  Hopefully they had nothing but positive things to say about me, but let’s face it, I’d kind of treated them like shit so yeah…it wouldn’t be pretty.

All kidding aside, I do miss you.  San Francisco isn’t the same without you.  I went by that little café that we went to every morning that we stayed here and I ached for you, so instead of eating one of those awesome cheese Danishes, I came back to the room and called you. 

Do you remember how we woke early every morning, still on central time, and instead of going back to bed, we’d make long, slow love in the bed or the couch or even that one time on the balcony?  You couldn’t possibly begin to understand just how incredibly beautiful you looked as the sun started to come up, with me moving inside of you.  Right now I’m looking at the water, thinking of that moment, and wishing like hell you were here with me.

Good God, was it getting hot in here or was it just me?  I fanned myself and did my damndest to pull myself out the memory of that morning.  What was he doing to me?  He knew I’d read this while I was at work.  Was he trying to drive me insane?

Well, in three days we’re going to re-enact that moment on our own balcony in our new place.  Can you wait that long, baby?  Or are you going to go home and break out BOB since I’m not there to satisfy you right now?  You sounded a little breathless when I called you last night, now that I think about it.  Were you playing without me? 

As if BOB could cut it now that I had Josh.  He hadn’t been used since that one time that we…no, better not go there.  This was bad enough without me remembering that particular sexy time.

I might have to play without you at this rate.  I’m picturing you lying on our bed, BOB in your hand, a small smile on your face as you start to touch yourself.  Do you remember that time you let me watch you use BOB?  Do you remember those little sounds you made, the way your eyes stayed on mine as you worked yourself over?  I don’t know if you’ve ever been sexier than in that moment.

What was he doing to me?  I couldn’t sit still, my breathing was getting heavier and I swear my body was tingling all over.

Do you know that I can picture you right now, wearing one of those skirts that shows off your mile-long legs to perfection, one of your blouses that does nothing to hide those beautiful breasts that I can’t get enough of, your face flushed and your body starting to tremble for me?  Do I have it right, baby?

The man knew me like no other possibly could.

You’ve wanted, no, you’ve begged for me to take you at work.  You’ve taunted and teased me until I could barely remember the promise that I made to keep my hands off of you, a promise that I curse five days of every week. Since I’m a man of my word, this is the closest I can come to throwing out that promise.  I guess I’ll just have to throw you down on our desk at home and have my way with you instead.

Now, if I know you, and we both know that I do, you’re probably ready to kill me for spilling all of this to you via a letter when I’m a thousand or so miles away.  Maybe it’s because I miss you so much it hurts.  Maybe it’s because this city holds such incredible memories for us.  Or maybe it’s because I wanted to give you a little taste of what you do to me every single day.  Take your pick.

That asshole!  He just wanted to get me worked up like…well, hell, like I did him.  Still, it wasn’t my fault he wouldn’t cave and just take me on one or both of our desks.  We wouldn’t be the first couple to christen an office.  Stubborn jerk.

Or maybe, just maybe it’s because I love you beyond all measure.  I love your sarcasm, your obsessive habits, your fear of little kids, your love of baseball and picking fights with Cubs fans, your crazy friends, your even crazier cats, your aversion to cooking, the fact that you still check the hallway in case Derek is lurking, your complete and utter loyalty to your friends and to me, your affinity for sexy lingerie (I really love that one), the way you light up when I’m in a room, your fear of all things electronic…the fact is, I could go on and on for days and I really need to ship this to you.

I should probably apologize for getting you worked up at work but I kind of like it.  I just might have to try to do it when I’m in the room next time.  What do you say to that?
I love you, Nic.  Talk to you soon.


The man was infuriating.  Infuriating and sexy and irritating and irresistible.  Maybe I had it coming for all the teasing that I did to him, but at least I was willing to follow through on it.  Of course, his saying that he might have to try it when he was in the room next time could be promising.  He was going to pay up, damn it.  Joshua Daniels was going down…on this very desk.  I’d see to it.

Whoa! That was one sexy love letter! Josh, if Nicole gets cold feet, you know where to find me!

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Amy Noelle is a thirty-something single woman with two cats, Lily and Logan. Though she contends that she is not a crazy cat lady, she freely admits to being a crazy football fan. You can find her glued to the couch every fall weekend, cheering on her Seminoles and Buccaneers.

After attending Florida State University for two years, she transferred to Northern Illinois University and graduated in 1997 with degrees in Journalism and Political Science.

She was born in the Azores Islands, Portugal, and lived as a military brat from the west coast to the east coast of the United States, though she's found her permanent home in Tampa, Florida, for the last decade. Besides football and writing, her other loves are television, movies, the beach, thunderstorms, and her family and friends.

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