March 2, 2013

Writer Wrangler: N. Isabelle Blanco

New York native N. Isabelle Blanco stops by our blog today to talk about her brand new series, The Szolites!

Braine: Hi Isabelle! Welcome to Talk Supe! I'm not sure if I should call you Isabelle or "N". Can you share what "N" stands for? Just a little curious. 

Nyddi: My first name is Nidia, and everyone either calls me Nyddi. 

Braine: OK I'll call you Nyddi now... I understand BLOOD FLOWS IN THE EMPIRE  isn't your first novel. What makes this different from the other books you've written in the past? 

Nyddi: It’s the beginning of a very large series that features all of my obsessions...mainly, mythology and action. 

Braine: The Szolites. Very interesting name, I'm not even sure if I'm pronouncing it right in my head. Can you tell my fellow Supies what and who these Szolites are? 

Nyddi: Szolite is a word in the oldest language in the Universe (in this series at least :p) and it stands for Light Bringers. And yes, the original “light bringer” will eventually be featured in the series. The Szolites didn’t really exist as a separate group from the original Gods, The Aviraji, until those Gods started a war and almost destroyed the whole Universe. The group of Gods that stood up to them were destined and thus named light bringers due to the fact that they would be fighting the proverbial darkness. 

Braine: Every book tells the story of different Gods or deities right and book 1, BLOOD FLOWS DEEP IN THE EMPIRE features Dyletri's. What should readers expect about his tale and why would PNR/Erotica fans will find his story and the series appealing? 

Nyddi: His tale is so complicated that I almost have no idea how to explain it in a few short words. It embodies the essence of this series, which isn’t just the light against the dark in the form of the war. Each God/Goddess in this series has to face their own inner darkness, or, as in the case of Dyletri, their dark other halves. 

Dyletri is a God, and like many Gods (and let’s face it, humans) he has made a decision and he’s hellbent on the seeing it through because he thinks he’s right. He’s agreed to sacrifice a human girl to bring back his dead lover and he’s waited eleven thousand years to make this happen. It’s horrid and unfair to Ismini since the decision to sacrifice her was done thousands of years since she was born. Dyletri will pay for that decision because the moment he meets her, a mating is unleashed in both of them. Mind you, he hasn’t had a woman in eleven millennia and his power of Fertility are churning inside him, waiting to break free. What makes his series so appealing in the erotic sense is the...well, the love scenes for one. But the mating itself is different, a lot more violent and ruthless than the typical matings you read about. This is an extreme force that truly hijacks their bodies, to the point that a sickness (a Fieren) takes over if the mating is unrequited and it can even kill these immortal beings. 

Braine: Where, what and who inspired The Szolites? 

Nyddi: Oh...loaded question. I cannot possibly answer that fully without writing an essay. The Szolites were inspired by a million different things, and I have to say that they came out of my brain, right? After all, I’m the writer. But they were just born in there one day. Poof! It happened, and like a supernova, it all expanded at lightspeed. All I could do was sit back and watch, really, although I had no real control over it. 

Braine: Do you have a particular author/book that inspired your writing? Will we see said influence in your writing style in general? 

Nyddi: I am influenced by everything. What I read, see, hear, hell my experiences. I have read thousands of books and I have to admit that all of them have had a part in this series. Even the self-help books I read somehow make their way into some aspect of this series. 

Braine: Do you know at this point how many books you're writing for the series?

Nyddi: I have nine planned so far. Will that be the end? Probably not. Depends on what’s going on when I get to that point. Each book you write introduces new characters and possibilities so to put a set number to the series now would be like putting my foot in my mouth. 

Braine: Now that BLOOD FLOWS IN THE EMPTIRE is about to launch on the 7th, what project are you working on next? 

Nyddi: Projects. More than one. I am diving full-blown into Zeniel, book 2 of the series and finishing him within the next month or two. After that I start on Ianthen, book 3. I also have other short stories that are due out this year that are waiting for my attention. And the major list of plot bunnies. Those are always vying for their shot at the spotlight. 

Braine: Aside from the dreaded Writer's Block, what's your biggest challenge in terms of writing a scene or a book? 

Nyddi: Life, to be honest. I love writing beyond everything and it usually comes easy to me, but there are certain things that happen in life that just drain everything out of you, including your creativity. It’s pushing through those moments that I find the hardest. 

Braine: What is the most outrageous review you've ever received for any of your books? 

Nyddi: I’ve gotten many outrageous ones, most of them AMAZING. 

Braine: Lucky you! Now it's time for Take 5!

Nyddi: You mean as in the Lotto numbers? I haven’t played the Lotto in years! 

Braine: No silly! It's a bunch of random, intrusive questions that I want you to answer :D

Last song you listened to: Torre de Babel by David Bisbal 

Fellow author you want to meet: There’s so many! Um...J.R. Ward. Definitely her. I have some questions... 

Guilty pleasure: Oh my...TMI, anyone? 

Place in New York that you absolutely love: Manhattan, of course. Expensive as all hell, but sooooo worth it. 

N. Isabelle Blanco, the woman who would come to be known as “Nyddi,” was born in Queens, New York. By age three, due to an odd fascination with studying her mother’s handwriting, she’d already begun to read and write. By the time she reached kindergarten, she was reading at a second-grade level, not to mention talking up a storm and showing off her extensive vocabulary. Her obsession with words and reading ended up bleeding into every aspect of her life. As she got older, romance novels took the reins of her obsession, leading her to devour every romance story she could find.

Thanks to the world of Japanese Anime, N. Isabelle was introduced to the wonderful universe of Fanfiction. She would come to write fanfics on and off again as a hobby for the next ten years, but it wasn’t until the Twilight phenomenon came along that she began dedicating hard hours to writing. For the next year and a half, she amassed a following that, by her own admission, she would never be able to live without. It is those fans that encouraged her to step beyond the fanfic realm and take her talent out into the publishing world.

N. Isabelle’s first ebook novel, Destructively Alluring, came out in July of 2012, followed by "Addictive Lunacy" in September, and "Allure Magnified" in November of 2012. The Writer’s Coffee shop Publishing House has recently signed her first print novel, the highly anticipated first book in the Szolite series. Blood Flows Deep in the Empire is scheduled to be released in March of 2013 and will be available in both print
and ebook formats.

Fan Girls & Boys Welcome

Blood Flows Deep in the Empire
The Szolites 1
N. Isabelle Blanco
The Writer's Coffee Shop
March 7, 2013
Paranormal Romance
Dyletri, God of Fertility, has locked away his powers. No woman is allowed to touch him, not until he can return his long-dead lover back to life. All he has to do is sacrifice one human girl, a girl who unlocks his powers and rips his dormant lust right out of his body. Trapped by his promise, Dyletri has no choice but to watch Ismini die, no matter how much he wants her.

Yet the darkness of his calling is spiraling within him, demanding he claim the human as his. If he goes back on his promise, the energy of the Fates will cause untold destruction in the Universe. That doesn’t change how Dyletri’s begun exhibiting symptoms that point to more than just lust. How does he allow Ismini to die when she’s come to own him from the inside out?

Desire and torment spiral into something much darker than obsession, more turbulent than an addiction, and something much more brutal than a mere soul-mating. As a war is being rekindled right under his nose, Dyletri will have to come to terms with a destiny eleven thousand years in the making. He thought he’d known what path his future would take, but he’d been wrong. Now the one woman he truly loves might pay the price for his decision.

Blood Flows Deep in the Empire is the first in a series that will pit free-will against Destiny, Destiny against Fate, and love against brutal desire. Everyone likes to think they have a choice as to who they end up with, but as they rise to face the greatest threat they’ve ever known, even the Gods will learn they have to bend to Destiny’s whim to survive.
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