March 9, 2013

Gush and Gripe #14: Special Edition

Hi Supies!

Sorry if Debbie and I have been a little absent lately. Debbie's reason is more legitimate than mine, see Debbie just got a little promotion/additional responsibilities (YAY!) so she's busy with her new duties and it's been a little hectic for her so she's taking what little time she has left catching up with friends and family.

As for me I've been in a funk this week. I was on a reading overdrive during the last half of February and I guess it burned me out a little bit. So instead of blogging these past few days my butt was planted firmly on the couch, watching a lot of reality TV and eating way too much pizza... a sad visual I know... kidding aside something came up that enabled me to make a little extra money on my spare time and I can't pass up on that opportunity.  

So please don't hate us if we haven't been around the sphere lately. We know this happens even to the best of our lot but I still want to check in and give you the courtesy of letting you guys know what's happening behind the scenes. A brand new week is coming and as my short stint is done, I'm hoping I can go BAU. 

For now please drop us a line or two if you like and don't forget to join our fab giveaways, just click on the meme on the right pane of this page. 

Happy weekend guys!


  1. I could never hate you girls!! I LURVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! <3 <3

  2. aww I could never hate y'all! you girls are awesome ^_^ Congratulations on the promotion Debbie! And Braine, ain't nothing wrong with Reality TV and PIZZA! lol. Hope your weekend is going great!

    Much love,

  3. stop it..your girls rock & it does happen to the best of us :) ain't nothing wrong w/taking a break :) enjoy ur weekend!


  4. Who could hate you guys seriously?! You deserve a slow down or to do whatever. You guys work your rear ends off!! I sat on my rear and had pizza yesterday too :)
    Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend too!!!

  5. We won't hate you... We are all entitled to a relaxation period, so don't worry... And congrats to Debbie!!!

    Happy weekend too!!!

  6. Relax! I've started giving myself read-free weeks. I ended up in a horrible reading slump last year and I don't want to repeat it. We all need to take a step back once in awhile so we come back refreshed and happy to be here!

  7. Thanks guys! Your comments are super nice to hear! Y'all are the best!

  8. Congrats Debbie!
    Braine, it's all good, you know we all love you long time. I honestly think that since we read a ton of books per year (compared to a normal person) a burnt out phase happens. I'm here for ya if you want to chat <333

  9. Congrats to Debbie!
    Take your time, ladies. We'll still be here. ;)

  10. Congratulations Debbie! =D

    Braine, everyone needs time to chill out on the couch, eat pizza, and just chill! ;) I hope you ladies are getting the rest you need.

  11. Yay Debbie!! ^_^ and no worries Brains, we all need a blogging break here and there. Nothing wrong with being a couch potato LOL. I've taken the last three days to catch up on writing reviews and thanks to that I no longer have a laptop, I can't be blogging my life away at the moment either. With everything that you girls do we understand your need to go into hiding LOL xD so kidding by the way ;) have fun on your reading/blogging hiatus and to Debbie, have fun making a whole lot more mullah girl :D ♥

    1. *Braine

      Sorry my phone thinks it's funny autocorrecting myself -__-

  12. Thank you all for the kind words. I miss being social with you all in all the social media sites :(

  13. I hear ya girls! The burn out is inevitable! You are always pumping out posts so you are only human :) * whispers* unless you are immortal and there is something you aren't telling me...heheee! I want some!

    Sometimes very hard to spread ourselves about. You kinda need 4 peeps minimum working a blog as tis a lot of hours and work but we do soooo love the challenge and we are kinda addicted:D


    Deb is making the $$$ Awesome!!
    Braine is doing her thing Awesome!!

    Mich <3

  14. Sounds like good things all around and nothing to apologize for. We will be here waiting patiently.

  15. Congrats Debbie!! Trust me I definitely know about work and more work lmao!!
    And Braine, that's what I've been doing all week. I'm just slowly getting out of my reading funk today. Mostly because it's a beautiful day outside and good for reading. but for the last week I've been watching TV and no reading basically!

    Hope to see yall back soon!


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