March 18, 2013

Character Interview: Macsen Sloan

Today Macsen Sloan, the tall, gorgeous and broken Sloan, answers some hard hitting questions.

Braine: Hi Macsen! Last time we saw you, you were a hot mess, how are things? 

Macsen: Better. But not like I want them to be.

Braine: Any special plans for Spring Break? 

Macsen:  Well, my spring break will consists of reading and watching Chris charm a slew of girls into his bed. I can laugh because it's going to bite him in the fucking ass, real quick.
Braine: Sounds entertaining. Have you seen or spoken to either Severine or Thayer? 

Macsen: Yes. I have. They're in a rough place.

Braine: Huh... rough place, now I'm curious but I'll ask about that later. For now I want to focus on you. I hope you don't mind if I ask some hard hitting questions and please stop me if I become too intrusive. So you have two older brothers, Mathias and Thayer, was it hard growing up without them? 

Macsen: I can't say. I had myself and that's the only reason I survived Laurena, my mom.

Braine: Obviously there's a lot of bad blood within the family, do you take responsibility for any of that? Have you tried or are you planning on making amends?

Macsen: I know that everything can't be fixed over night. I take responsibility but there are other people to blame, people that need to make amends too.
Braine: We know you grew up with your mom, Laurena, are you close to her? What is your relationship like? 

Macsen: We have no relationship. 

Braine: Wow. I find that a little shocking based on your reported confrontation with Thayer a while back. On to Severine, tour relationship with her is another boiling hot mess. What was your real intention when you first hooked up with her? Was it just to spite Thayer or did you really like and eventually love her?

Macsen: No comment.

Braine: If you could change anything from that chapter in your life, what would it be and why? 

Macsen: Severine. Plain and simple I would take her back.

Braine: From your point of view, why do you think that relationship with Severine didn't work? 

Macsen: We were a fucking mess. Opposites sometimes attract but when it came to us it was an ugly disaster. One of us was bound to end up on COPS or 48 hours mystery. 

Braine: That's funny. I heard we're about to read your side of the story. Just so you know, I am rooting for you big time so I hope you won't disappoint me. What should we expect from this? 

Macsen: Everything is going to crumble. Everything is not what it seems and it knocks me off my fucking feet. 

Braine: Are you hoping to be redeemed when your book comes out or do you just want to set the record straight?

Macsen: I hope that setting the record straight will redeem me and show that everything you saw in EWW was from a person (Severine) that never understood me to begin with. 

Braine: Lastly, after everything that has happened, what advice would you give your self before shit hit the fan (in Every Which Way)? 

Macsen: To stay in New York. At least there, I can handle things because my guard is up.

Braine: Thanks for stopping by, Macsen, and I wish you the best.

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Breaking The Wrong
Sloan Brothers 2
All Rights Reserved by Calia Read    

            “If you were bold...” Macsen shifts closer and I clinch the book tightly in my hands. “What would you do?”

              My heart picks up speed as I open my mouth. I hesitate for a second, afraid to say what I feel. But when will this opportunity ever come again? Probably never. But it doesn’t make it any easier.
            Tell him or don’t. Tell him or don’t. I weigh the pros and cons in my head as I stare at him. After a few seconds pass between us, I let out a shaky breath.

            “I’d lean forward...” I whisper.

            His face moves closer and I watch his green eyes become hooded with lust. “And what?”

            I lean an inch closer. “I would kiss you.”

            Macsen’s eyes slam shut and the rejection I feel stings. I start to rise and when he opens his eyes back up. His hands gently hold my own to the floor and then his mouth is on mine. I want to shiver from how lightly his lips move against mine, how smooth they feel. They move coaxingly, with soft nips. My lips stay shut. I’m enjoying every single trick of his to get me to open up my mouth to him.

            My breathing is shallow as I pull away. His hands move away as he settles onto the floor, his legs wide apart. My nose brushes against his as I stare into his eyes. His pulse is pounding at the base of his throat. With my palms flat on the floor, I lean closer. My body is between his spread legs. Even though he’s silent, his chest rises and falls like he has just stopped running. I know he wants me. I shut my brain down, ignore what a mistake this is, and lean forward and kiss the side of his neck. He jumps slightly and I lick his skin.

            I hear him groan and move my lips upward.

            A kiss cannot replace the past. But with every kiss to his skin, my hurt becomes a distant memory. All my pain is gone and all I can feel is the blood roaring throughout my body. My lips tingle as I drag them across his jaw. When I reach his lips, I stop, and hover. I can only go so far before it’s his turn to take control.

            My eyes briefly flick down to his arms. He’s resting his weight on his palms, but I watch his arms shake. He’s losing his calm demeanor. The longer our lips are apart, the more the air snaps around us. My breathing is harsh as I wait patiently. When Macsen still hasn’t moved, I start to back away.

            “Don’t,” he says roughly and reaches out. Easily, his hands span my waist and he drags me onto his lap. 

            I grip his forearms tightly as my body sinks closer and my thighs hug his hips. Against the juncture of my thighs, I can feel how hard he is. I shift once and my thighs start to shake. He only pauses for a second, looking at me with such intensity, I’m waiting for my skin to melt. When his lips meet mine, there’s more urgency to our kiss. My nails dig into his flesh as he licks the seam of my lips and nips at my bottom lip.    

            I want to pretend, just for a few hours, that I’m someone filled with forgiveness. No scars on my past. No cuts on my emotions. I want to be a whole person, not someone sewn back together. And I feel put together with Macsen’s arms banded tightly around me.

            I open my mouth and his tongue slips in. I gasp loudly in shock at how good this feels. Goosebumps break out across my skin, and I move my tongue against his cautiously. My revenge runs in the opposite direction the longer his mouth is on mine.

            Slowly, I start to relax my body. I practically sigh when Macsen’s hands move from my hips and toward my face. He bites lightly on my bottom lip and soothes the burn with his tongue. Macsen angles my head and explores my mouth. I thrust my tongue against his and fist my hands into his hair. The grip on my face tightens before his hands drift away, traveling down my body.

            His fingers drift over my breast and through my bra, my nipples tighten. I want him to keep touching me there, but his hands move across my stomach and slip underneath my shirt. 

            How can I be doing this? None of this is part of the plan. My mind torments me and tries to pull me back to reality, but Macsen is my weakness. I can’t stop. My fingers drag up his arm, clinching his biceps. His hands explore my stomach and I breathe heavily, pulling away from his mouth and leaning my head on his shoulder. Those large hands inch closer to the lace of my bra and the two of us are breathing hard. His fingers veer around my chest and I feel him slip a finger underneath the strap of my bra. And even with the barrier of my shirt, he drags it down my shoulder and down my arm.

            There’s a torturous second where he does nothing and I think I stop breathing.

            Against his neck, against my will, I murmur, “More.”

            My brain has shut down and now my lust is talking. It’s a greedy feeling because all I can think about is having his hands all over me.

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  1. LOVE!!! I'm about to start this book right now! :)

  2. Great ! interview. I love his blunt answers! Ahhh yes those Aussie brothers! Liam and Chris become faves for characters! Woot!!! Love the name Sloan Brothers. Sounds like there is a whole lot of stuff going on in these books! * thud* on the TBR pile!



  3. Awesome interview and excerpt. Ok I need to meet the Sloan brothers. Got my attention. It is on top of my wishlist. Thanks for sharing
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