February 6, 2013

Writer Wrangler: Michelle Zink

Braine: Hi Michelle! Congratulations on the release of Shadowguard Series and thanks for stopping by Talk Supe to talk about your new series. Shadowguard Series. Can you tell us how this series started?

Michelle Zink: It’s a modern, adult version of the world in A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS, my YA Gothic fantasy. I wanted to explore the next generation of this badass first family as they try to reconcile the demands of the Shadowguard with the need for love and passion.

Braine: For those who haven't read the novellas yet, can you tell our Supies what Shadowguard Series is all about?

Michelle Zink: The Shadowguard Series is a steamy adult romance set in modern day upstate New York. It follows the Shadowguard  an elite group of angelic warriors whose task it is to enforce a treaty with the Legion, their demon counterparts. The first three books follow each of the Montgomery heirs - Scarlet, Ivan, and Lily - as they struggle to balance the secrecy of their calling with the desire for love. I've tried to create a realistic story against a fantastical backdrop, because as a fantasy and paranormal lover, believability is key for me. So the members of the Shadowguard Series and the Legion are descended respectively from angels and demons, but they look like (hunky) real men.

Braine: I love the first two novellas. My only regret is its too short! Why write novellas and not full length novels instead?

Michelle Zink: Good question! The thing is, I've written eleven full length novels now (five of them published or soon to be published). I love the immersion of novel writing, the eating, sleeping and breathing in a world for months at a time. But it dos take a long time to write a novel. There is no instant gratification. Lol! It's definitely a marathon, and I thought it would be fun to try a different medium and challenging to build the kind of plot I enjoy in a shorter format.

Braine: From my biased POV, I think writing for your adult fans is one of your best writing decisions ever! What's the best part about writing Shadowguard Series?

Michelle Zink: It's been so fun to write a no-holds-barred, sexy romance and I've loved connecting with adult romance readers. Plus, as someone who's been single for five years, this is the closest I've come to a hot and heavy romance in a looong time. ;)

Braine: The men are very hot, do you have a favorite Shadowguard?

Michelle Zink: I have a soft spot for Rowen. The bad boys always get me!

Braine: Who doesn't?! Technically TEMPTATION'S HEAT (Shadowguard 1) is a debut. Is the anxiety as nerve wracking as when you launched your first novel?

Covers of the world: Prophecy of Sisters
Prophecy of Sisters (German Edition)
Guardian of the Gate (Spanish Edition)
Circle of Fire (US Edition)
Michelle Zink: Prophecy of the Sisters was a huge book, published all over the world and translated in over 30 languages. I was painfully aware of the expectations, both from my publisher and from readers. Also, because the Shadowguard Series is aimed at a different audience, there were no "What if my readers don't like it?" worries. I wrote it more for myself, had a great time doing it, and kept my fingers crossed that romance readers would love it as much as I do.

Braine: You used to write YA novels only. What brought on the need to write for an adult audience?

Michelle Zink: I just felt it was time to try something new, time to challenge myself to do something different. That's one of the things I love most about writing - the feeling that there's always something new to learn. I was also attracted to the faster pace of digital-only publishing, because the pace in traditional publishing ispositively glacial. Once you sell a book, it can take 2-3 years before you see it on shelves, and often an author's contract stipulates that he or she can't publish anything else in the meantime. It's really tough for someone like me who writes 2-3 books a year. Hence, the six extra novels sitting on my hard drive!

Braine: I think I'm not the only one curious to read those other books bunking in your hard drive especially if some of them are like your Shadowguards. Aside from less censorship, what's the biggest difference for you between writing teen novels vs. adult stories?

Michelle Zink: As a genre, the biggest difference is that there is a little more time to build everything in an adult novel. Pacing for YA has to be really fast. Teen readers don't want to work their way through a lot of build. In contrast, it's not at all uncommon for an adult book to spend 50-75 pages setting up character, plot, etc. That's not really true for the novella format, though, because we only have 10,000 - 20,000 words to work with (in contrast to 90,000 for a novel). in that case, every word counts! So the biggest difference in writing the Shadowguard novellas and YA novels was definitely the level of heat and detail in the romantic and sex scenes.

Braine: Are you planning to write more books for your older fans (like me)? Please say YES!

Michelle Zink: YES! :D

Braine: Are you working on a new book now?

Michelle Zink: I have several projects in the works. One of them hits the "New Adult" market you've been hearing so much about (aimed at readers 18-22) and will be announced soon. I also have two full-length adult novels in progress. Stay tuned for news!

Braine: Can't wait! I know you're a huge Fever fan. Have you read ICED? If so what are your thoughts about it esp the Dani Ryodan love match?

Michelle Zink: I'm about halfway through it! I'm enjoying it so far - especially being back in the Fever world - but I'm still getting my head around the Dani/Ryodan love match. I think it's her age that's throwing me. As a mom, it's a little weird to contemplate a love match between an all-man kind of man like Ryodan and a fourteen-year-old girl like Dani. But I SO love Moning's writing and I'm interested to see where she takes me in ICED.

Braine: You're not the only one who got thrown off by their love match. Lastly if you can write a 5 word headline about Shadowguard Series, what would it say?

Michelle Zink: Hot Warriors Search for Love!

Braine: And I for one would like to apply for the poisiton.

Novellas 1 & 2 are now on sale 
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Michelle Zink lives in New York with her four children. Prophecy of the Sisters was her first novel, and was chosen as one of Booklist’s Top Ten Debut Novels of 2009 and as one of the Chicago Public Library’s Best Books for Young Readers. It has also been listed on the New York Public Library’s Stuff for the Teen Age and the Lone Star Reading List.

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  1. I enjoyed that! I must meet this Rowen!! * waggles eyebrows* I am looking forward to these novellas and I didn't realise it is the adult take or thing on Temptation of Angels. So there you go!

    I can see Miss B you are excited about these. I read The Prophecy of Sisters books 1 and 2 and enjoyed them but I think this adult steamy is getting me rather interested. Love the covers!

    Well done great posting Miss B and Michelle:)

    from MIchelle:D

    1. Thanks Matey! Join the tour, I know they're still open!


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