February 27, 2013

Writer Wrangler + Giveaway: Michelle Mankin

Who doesn't love or fantasize about rock stars?! Michelle Mankin stops by to talk to us about her rock stars in her hit New Adult series Black Cat Records.

Braine: Hi Michelle! Thanks for taking the time to come chat with us about BLACK CAT RECORDS. Can you tell us something about Black Cat Records that we won't find in the book blurbs?

Michelle Mankin: Black Cat Records is the premier independent record label in the music industry and represents some of the hottest names in the business including Brutal Strength and Chris Alex.
psst the CEO, Mary Timmons, though a militant feminist is secretly a romantic with an affinity for matchmaking...

Braine: Very cool! What can be cooler than owning a record company and working with bands and artists?! What book/s influenced you and your writing the most?

Michelle Mankin: Shakespeare and the theater obviously. I adore his characters and plot twists...thus these first three books with Black Cat and the Shakespeare angle.

Braine: Which line from Black Cat Records is your favorite?
Love is a journey not a destination. (Marcus Anthony quoting his father)


The places that road will take you, the things you'll experience are worth all the uncertainty. (Avery Jones)
Braine: Perfect song to describe Black Cat Records.
My life was empty before you came along
You filled my soul with passion helped me sing my song
(from "Love Evolution" music & lyrics by Marcus Anthony and Avery Jones)

Would I have started down that road?
If I'd known where it would go?
That the road I traveled down
Would lead to leavin' you.
(from "The Road that leads to leavin' you" music & lyrics by Chris Alex and Sara Daniels)
Braine: I wish we have a clip of them singing those. Now tell us, was your own New Adult phase similar to that of your characters?

Michelle Mankin: Heck no. I wish. I was married at twenty and putting myself through college.
Love EVOLUTION... features Avery a nineteen year old guitar prodigy
Love REVOLUTION...features Sara a country diva and Sam her twenty one year old sister who is an intern at the label. 

Braine: I still think a lot of readers can relate to that. What is it about Black Cat Records that readers will find compelling?

Michelle Mankin: Love, Rock 'n Roll, and a Shakespearean twist 

Braine: ROMANTIC! Can you share a little trivia with us regarding the conception of your characters (inspiration, anecdotes, dream cast, etc.)?

Michelle Mankin:MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC is my inspiration and my muse. Goals in both books: show love between the main characters, love of music, and love of fav city!

Love EVOLUTION: Foo Fighter's Wasting Light album...watched hours of youtube concert video, documentaries, etc so homage to them is sprinkled throughout the book.
Key song: "I should've known"..."He's a she, Marcus!" Guess which scene was inspired by the Foo's garage band contest?

Love REVOLUTION: John Mellencamp
Key song: "Into the night"...guess which kiss it inspired?

Braine: What's are you writing next?

Michelle Mankin: Love RESOLUTION. Rough draft done. 50 chapters and an epilogue. Planning for a late May release. Marcus and Avery on the road with the band. And its a bumpy bumpy ride. 

Braine: What book did you recently purchase?

Michelle Mankin: Binging on Kristen Ashley right now...I blame.. two book bloggers for this. They know who they are! 

Braine: Ha ha! I bet they're happy to be the source of your new addiction. Aside from your books, what other New Adult novel or series do you recommend?

Michelle Mankin: Beautiful Disaster, Slammed, Flat out Love were my top three faves last year

Braine: Thanks again, Michelle, for stopping by! Read on for the giveaway!

Michelle Mankin is a young/new adult romance writer as well as a self proclaimed giant... inside of her own mind!

For many years she worked in the insurance industry as an underwriter. Somehow, the boredom didn't kill her but the hour and hours of looking at facts and figures provided ample time for her mind to wander.

Love Evolution and its sequel, Love Revolution, are her first two novels. Both our rock 'n roll romances. The first is based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. The second is based on Much Ado About Nothing. They are the first two books in a planned trilogy using the plot underpinnings of Shakespeare combined with the drama, excitement, and indisputable sexiness of the rock 'n roll industry.

When she is not putting her daydreams down on paper, you can find her traveling the world with her family, sometimes for real, and sometimes just for pretend as she takes the children to school and back.
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From Love Resolution
Black Cat Records 3

Reclining against the back of the garden tub with her eyes closed, Avery knew the moment he stepped into the room by the way her body reacted, tingling with an awareness that had always been there between the two of them. Even when she’d been disguised as a guy.

Heat that had nothing to do with the warmth of the bath flooded her veins. She opened her eyes to find him leaning back against the door frame looking at her with a heavy lidded gaze. Steam billowed from the white porcelain mug cupped in his masculine hands. Slowly, the focus of his gaze lifted from where her breasts peeked out above the surface of the bubbles to her face. Looking pointedly at the mug, she arched a brow. “Is that for me?”

“The tea you mean?” Marcus asked suggestively, giving her a sexy half smile.

Avery reached out with a soapy arm to take the mug he offered her. “The tea will do… for now,” she said, playing along. Blowing over the top before taking a sip, she sighed with pleasure at the first taste of the rich exotic brew. Warmth from the tea slid down her throat while the passionate expression on Marcus’ face fueled warmth of a different sort.

Purposefully, she sat up further in the water, feeling the bubbles sliding down to her narrow waist. Eyes darkening to deep sapphire followed their path with focused concentration. She started to bring the tea to her mouth again when he abruptly reached for it and removed it from her hands.

The mug clattered as he set it down on the black granite countertop. He grabbed a thick white bath towel off the warming rack. Wordlessly, he unfolded it and held it outstretched for her to step into. “You are so beautiful,” he said watching her rise from the tub.

He wrapped her flushed body in the soft heated towel and swept her off her feet. Cradled tight to his rock-hard chest, she found herself swiftly carried to the bedroom. Her heart hammered excitedly against her ribs as he laid her out on the king sized bed and began to caress her body. With calloused fingertips he expertly stroked her like an instrument that he had mastered. She’d never had a lover like Marcus. Not that there had been many before him. But she could never have imagined anyone making love to her the way he did. Like it was a physical expression of what he felt inside his soul.

He ran his hands across every inch of her sensitized creamy white skin plucking lightly in certain areas, circling teasingly in others, always seeming to intuitively know where and how to touch in a way that would give her the most pleasure. By the time he covered her body with his own she was trembling and ready and moaned deep in her throat at the exquisite feeling of completion she felt when he finally brought their bodies together.

Over the past week she’d sensed his lovemaking taking on an even higher level of intensity than usual like he was savoring each moment. Now he made love to her so tenderly and so patiently that it took only moments before he’d coaxed from her the ultimate crescendo. And as it always was between them, after she cried out his name, he soon followed, dampening her vocal release with his mouth over hers, like he was drinking in her essence.

Michelle Mankin is giving away SIGNED paperback copies of 
Love Evolution and Love Revolution plus some swag!
Swag mobile; evolution/brutal strength band bracelet and a couple of BS tattoo
Contest open for US, Canada, Australia & UK residents.

Good luck!


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