January 7, 2013

Cover Reveal: The Agreement by Cami Stark

The Agreement
All She Craved 2
Cami Stark
Self-published Erotic Serial
January 29, 2013

Trisha had never met a man like Michael before, a demanding sexy billionaire with an insatiable passion. Faced with the decision of having to enter into an exclusive agreement, Trisha is pondering with the idea of trusting him completely and exploring her darkest desires. 

Enticed by a position as a Nurse Liaison under CEO Michael Strauss, Trisha Saul must make the choice to sign her body over to him—agreeing to satisfy his every sexual craving. With the possibility of being Hawaii bound, she fantasizes of delighting in the caviar dreams of the ultra-rich, and above all Michael. 

Michael has no intention of enforcing this contract on Trisha; his only interest is in her is complete submission. In contemplating the daunting decision, Trisha realizes that the price she may have to pay could be something she has been secretly craving all along.

Volume 1 in the series

I've read THE MEETING is a 23 paged serial and its a combination of passionate attraction and hilarity. Since its a serial I'm still feeling the story but so far I had fun Trisha and Michael's all-consuming desire with each other. Can't wait to see what THE AGREEMENT is all about.

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My name is Cami Stark. I’m a wife and mother with a very creative imagination. I have always enjoyed storytelling and character development. Creative writing became a career when I decided I had too many stories in my head to ignore. My dream job is to be to a writer full-time. When I’m not writing, I enjoy spending time in the North Woods, swimming, boating and hanging out with friends. This new venture is bound to be a wild ride and I’m honored that you will be there with me. I feel that romance readers and writers are very passionate and I cannot wait to meet you all!

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  1. Why the guy always has to be a billionaire ?

  2. Love the cover. I can't wait to check this out. Just added book 1 (well novella 1) to Goodreads. Thank you so much for the awesome post guys :D


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