December 17, 2012

Writer Wrangler: Madeline Sheehan

Today we had the privilege of chatting with one of our favorite authors this year to chat about her undeniably unbeautiful but highly addicting series, Undeniable. 

Debbie: While reading UNDENIABLE we couldn't help but think that it reminded us so much of the television series, Sons of Anarchy. Do you know about the show and are you a fan of the show? 

Madeline Sheehan: I do know the show! Who doesn’t?!

Braine: So are we! Aside from Jax Teller, who by the way is a dead-ringer for Deuce, who is your favorite character in the series? 

Madeline Sheehan: My favorite character is Opie, hands down. But since Opie is now RIP, Chibs has moved up in the ranks. 

Debbie: Most of us are only privy to the motorcycle club world through shows like Sons of Anarchy. Is that world something you have personal experience with? If not, what is it about this lifestyle that intrigued you? 

Madeline Sheehan: No, I don’t have any personal experience with motorcycle clubs, what I do have experience with is some aspects of the rougher side of life. I wouldn’t go quite as far as to say the MC lifestyle intrigues me, but instead that I respect it. I don’t condone criminal activity, but I do appreciate the brotherhood, the strong family ties and undying loyalty. I enjoy writing about unknown subcultures simply because no one can ever truly know what goes on within unless they lived it.

Braine: UNDENIABLE pretty much sent us into a spiral after reading it. Lots of tension and fucked up shit happened in 25 years between Deuce and Eva, some good but mostly uncomfortable to put it mildly. What is it about U­­­ndeniable do you think that women (will) find so attractive and compelling?

Madeline Sheehan: Two things. I think there are a lot of women who view the back of the bike as a romantic gesture, which it is, very much so, to the biker culture. I also believe that aside from the fictional aspect there is a very real aspect to some of the characters and their relationships with one another. The pain, the heartache, the cheating, the loss, is all very compelling if you’ve lived through those things and can relate. 

Braine: There were definitely some angry women who shared their two-cents in both Amazon and Goodreads. What was the most outrageous review you’ve ever encountered? Don’t worry we won’t hunt this person down, your approval rating speaks for itself. 

Madeline Sheehan: *Laughing* I’m not going to get into bad reviews or angry reviewers but the review that was most outrageous to me, that offended me the most was one that stated Undeniable condoned pedophilia. I was prepared for readers to get upset with the age difference and the, depending on who you are and how you view life, the taboo situations, but I had not prepared myself for that sort of comment. I would never, EVER, condone pedophilia and was both hurt and repulsed by the review.

Braine: Did you ever address the "feminist revolt” of some people who got protective and maybe even defensive about how Eva, and probably the other females, were portrayed in the book? 

Madeline Sheehan: I didn’t see the need to. I believe the book speaks for itself. It is known that Eva grew up within a world where men rule. She knew her place and she accepted it. The fact that a lot of readers were angry with her for that is understandable since the majority of women today would not put up with that, but when it came down to it, it was Eva’s choice. Just as it is the choice of every other woman out there to live their lives as they see fit.

Jax Teller aka
Charlie Hunnam
Braine: Is there a real person behind Deuce's character?

Madeline Sheehan: Yes. I loved a man once who was very much a Deuce

Braine: Deuce or douche? :D

Debbie: Were any of your characters inspired by persons you know in real life? 

Madeline Sheehan: Yes. 

Braine: Do they approve of their fictional counterparts? 

Madeline Sheehan:  I'm not going to name names or go into details of the similarities between the characters in UNDENIABLE and people I have met over the years but I will say this: A friend of mine read the book and here is the email he sent me when he was finished:
I finished the book at about 5am and just stared at the computer screen...for minutes...unable to do anything but stare and think about what I had just read. This book is simply awesome and I see why it is making such a stir. 

Your characters are our friends from back in the day...for good and for bad. 

Eva is the old Madeline.
XXXX is your Deuce.
I can put all our friends into the the characters and they fit perfect. 

Need some proof... XXXX was your all and everything. You were always so happy whenever he was around or even talked about. He was your Deuce, even back then. He may not have killed people for you but he most certainly talked his way into your heart when the room was full of hungry wolves.

I can't help but read the book and think about everything from back in the day. I absolutely thank you for that because to be honest I had forgotten most of it. In reading your book it all rushed back in making this book not just great but very, very personal for me. 

Thanks Madeline.

Braine: WOW! This is some juicy AND intense piece of history. I'm not sure if I should congratulate or console you for walking away from that relationship. This guy sounds like  he was/IS the biggest love of your life. *blown away*

Debbie: Deuce is the antithesis of the typical romance hero. He's a liar, cheater and does some pretty despicable things to Eva that no woman should have to put up with. Were you ever worried that all of Deuce's transgressions would be a little too much for some women to accept? 

Madeline Sheehan: Deuce is who he is and neither he nor I will make any apologies for him or his behavior. Deuce wouldn't have it any other way. 
Was I worried? No. I didn’t write Undeniable to make readers happy, I wrote it to tell a story I had inside of me that wanted out. 

Debbie: While I didn't find the age difference to be a problem between Deuce and Eva I'm sure others would be a little turned off by it, especially since they met when Eva was only 5 and Deuce 23. While writing UNDENIABLE were you ever worried about the huge age difference the couple and the age they had met?

Madeline Sheehan: Honestly, no. The story wrote itself and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If my readers can’t see that Deuce’s and Eva’s first few meetings were truly innocent then Undeniable isn’t the book for them. 

Debbie: Undeniable has a pretty hefty dose of cray-cray. So much happened in the 20+ years Eva and Deuce have known each other. Did you ever sit back and think that maybe too much crazy shit happened in their lives? 

Madeline Sheehan: If you step back and think about it, the large span of years that the book covers, it really only gets truly crazy when they are together, there are a lot of years I don’t cover. I suppose for some people it might be over the top, but again, crazy was how it came out and crazy was how I had to write it. 

Debbie: It's obvious that Deuce cares and love Eva very deeply but that didn't stop him from hurting her very badly. Why do you think Deuce did the things he did although he knew the whole time he was hurting the woman he proclaimed to have loved? 

Madeline Sheehan: Deuce is a very broken, damaged man. He spent his childhood ducking fists, trying to make a life for himself in a dangerous violent world. To Deuce, what he was doing to Eva, didn’t register as “bad” or "wrong" to him. He was just doing what he knew, acting how he’d always acted and living his life the only way he knew how. But through it all, he did love Eva, he always loved Eva, he just didn’t know how to turn those feelings into actions in order to show her. But he got there…

Debbie: I thought that Eva was a strong and tenacious heroine but couldn't understand why she would allow herself to be in a relationship with Frankie (especially after how they first got "together"). Did she stay with him because she really did love him or was it more about fearing him? 

Madeline Sheehan:  Eva stayed with Frankie out love and devotion. Eva’s emotions rule her, her heart does the walking and the talking and when it came to Frankie, a boy she grew up with, a boy and then later a man, she had to take care of, she couldn’t walk away. It was emotionally impossible for Eva to turn away from someone who needs her when that someone is someone she cares very deeply for. 

Debbie: Are there any parts in UNDENIABLE you found difficult to write? Is there anything you would change now about the story? 

Madeline Sheehan: Frankie’s death scene was incredibly hard to write. I had to stop several times, cry, breathe, and then try again. 

Is there anything I would change? Not one single thing.

Debbie: So far there are there are 2 other books planned after UNDENIABLE. Are you planning on only having three books or are you open to having more after Unattainable? 

Madeline Sheehan: I have some ideas, some outlines written for other members of the Horsemen MC, but I can’t say for certain. I have other projects I’m working on that I would very much like to get out to my readers. 

Braine: Eva is a huge fan of music legends such as Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin. Is Eva's musical taste a reflection of your own? 

Madeline Sheehan: *Grins* Yep. I also share her love of chucks!

Holiday Tradition: I’m not sure I have one, I was bounced around a lot. Mostly, I enjoy being around the people I care about.

Gift you ever got for Christmas: That’s a tossup between the Janis Joplin tee shirt I was given when I was nine or my iPad last year. Both rocked!

Holiday dish or treat: Stuffing! I love it!

Memory as a child: I didn’t have a picture perfect childhood. I’d have to say my best memory as a child was knowing my father was always there for me. Always.

Christmas song: Ugh. I hate Christmas music. Sorry. :(

Thanks, Madeline, for stopping by Talk Supe! It's one of the best gift you could probably give us this season aside from more news about UnBeautifully!

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  1. WOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!! What an amazing and generous / personal thing to show us the email ,Madeline.
    Miss B, you certainly ask the Q's. Awesome interview. Honest , interview. I kind of 'felt' from this interview the deep personal journey writing Undeniable would have been. Cool! I must retweet this.

    I have purchased Undeniable a bit back. Kind of makes the reading experience a bit more 3D now after reading this posting.

    Way to go Madeline. Thankyou again for sharing that email. Sounds like you have had quite a journey in life. I can't imagine. Hubby is a fan of Sons of Anarchy. I sit at the computer and listen to what the boys/brotherhood do if you cross them. Whahhh!!


  2. Awesome Interview! Sounds like Madeline has lived an incredible life! I love that Madeline makes no apologies for her characters, especially Deuce, that's what makes Undeniable an unforgettable read and I can't wait for book 2! =D

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