December 19, 2012

Review: Truth by Aleatha Romig

Series: Consequences 2
Format: Digital (c/o Aleatha)
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What the blurb didn't tell us...
After mysterious person helped Claire get out of her imprisonment, she is finally free to live her life without second guessing her actions and decisions and the unjust Consequences of it.

And just when she's starting to enjoy her life without asphyxiating parameters, Anthony Rawlings managed to insert himself back in the scene and once again, Claire is caught in his sticky web of manipulation, secrets and lies. 

If you're wearing extensions, weaves or a wig, better take those off because you'll be pulling your hair in fearful anticipation, your jaws will hurt from clenching it in suspense. And if you're going to read TRUTH in an ereader, I hope the case is shockproof because Aleatha Romig will tempt you to throw it across the room in frustration.

The following review has been slightly redacted to hide spoilers. If your curiosity gets the better of you, highlight the whitened areas to read the text. I apologize for the inconvenience but there is no way for me to do a review without spoilers. TRUTH is one of those books.

December 18, 2012

Dear Claire,

I hope you're in fine form when this missive reaches you.

Let me first say how fascinating it is to read and follow your story, your life is indeed better than any soap or reality show. I've become so invested in your affairs that I've developed very strong opinions about you and Anthony Rawlings. You in particular kicked my mother-hen instinct in gear and for the entire duration of your story I feel so protective of you the same way Courtney and Emily does if not more. For such a frail and innocent person your ex-husband submitted you to do a lot of things you didn't deserve and my heart breaks every time I read the word compartmentalize because you shouldn't have been put in that position in the first place.

I was so shocked and heartbroken when we read the ultimate Consequences  of your "actions" when you had nothing to do with the entire affair in the first place. However I was cheering you on from the bleachers and greatly admired your steely resolve for redemption and possibly revenge. I know you'll be going up against a giant but you have the best weapon you could possibly have, the TRUTH and in this scenario, that is Anthony Rawlings' greatest fear. So my heart was filled with hope that you'll finally wake up from your dazed and confused state and finally see the monster your married for what he is.  
Nonetheless, if he could table his love to fulfill his agenda of revenge, she could do the same.
As you create a new life in Palo Alto, I was so happy that you have Amber and Harry to help you with Brent and Courtney in the wings to support you. I was also delighted that you've started mending the fence with Emily and John and found a way to tell your story through Meredith. I was so proud of some of the choices you're making considering what you've been through, small and mundane decisions like ordering for yourself in a restaurant, is a big step and I know it took a lot of courage in your part to grasp your freedom and relish in it. Sometimes I think you're "faking" it to make it, like when you sold your rings, but the fact you still went through with the sale is truly impressive. The excitement you felt for starting over is infectious and exhilarating. I was so hopeful that Harry will be the your "out" because he seems to be the perfect guy to help you heal and treat you with the care and respect you truly deserve without compromising your individuality and isolating you from your family and friends. I'm honestly disappointed that his role in your life can't be more than what it was.

I have to be honest and say that your TRUTH both scared and frustrated me. I felt your fear when you got that first call from Anthony, imagining his voice alone sent shivers down my spine and had the hairs on the back of my neck raised in terror. No matter what, I will still see him as a threat to you especially now that you're pregnant and carrying his child. Every turn you made I was half expecting that he'll drag you back to Iowa and put you back in your gilded cage to do his bidding. I was cheering you on every time you stood your ground because I really want you to get away from his clutches. Imagine my anger, frustration and disappointment when you allowed yourself to be reeled in again?! Yes, Anthony is a powerful man but his power over you is so because you gave him that much over you. By now you should know he is a manipulative bastard and his definition of love is clearly different from ours.
It was amazing how the mind can twist things, making them legitimate, especially under duress.
So how could you go back to him, Claire?! Some women leave their husbands for cheating alone, Anthony abducted you, almost beat you to death, terrorized you to submission, blackmailed you, sent you and John to prison, sexually assaulted and raped you not to mention, isolating you from your friends and family and stalking you for years before he made his move?! Creepy? Not even close. The word to describe Anthony Rawlings haven't been coined yet. And I'm not even talking about love because he broke you that way and probably you have just cause to deem him lovable and I will not argue that. But to let him back in your life, to give him access to you and treat you like a Stepford wife again is, I'm sorry, stupid really and can no longer be considered a mistake but a CHOICE. Forgive me but if this happened to Emily I think you wouldn't hesitate to tell her to leave John. Sigh. And aside from the TRUTH, you found Anthony's weakness of public failure and public opinion and such, and you were using it so smartly, even managing to intercept his spy, and yet just when you can go toe to toe with him, you back down instead of exploiting his weakness! The fact that you didn't even attempt to get a restraining order against him when you were in California still escapes me. His social standing and prominence is irrelevant considering  he framed and sent you to prison for attempted murder, any judge will be empathetic with you when he started disturbing your peaceful existence in California. Which brings me back to Harry, he may not be as powerful and influential as Anthony but with his Bureau training he is capable of protecting you if only you let him.

I'm glad that Catherine has gotten some sense in you but you left a trail of broken hearts in your wake. You gave so much grief to those people who have been behind you since day 1 and it could have been avoided if only you didn't let yourself get "escorted" by Eric to Anthony's suite, who is an accomplice to Anthony's crimes, and let yourself be manipulated again (by the way, that was one of those things that had me pulling my hair in fear and my jaw hurting from clenching it too much due to frustration). Sometimes I wonder if you're really brave or if Anthony has truly broken you to the point where you crave his sick and disturbing dominance.
She was the one who allowed Tony to abuse her. She was the one who lied to everyone, especially to Courtney. How many times did Courtney ask Claire if everything was all right? And every time, she lied.
In any case, I'm happy that you're safe for now. With this little retreat you're taking I hope you realize that the threats that are coming your way are by and because of Anthony, not you. Your life and those who are close to you are not worth sacrificing for one man's whims regardless of how glitzy and glittery his offer might look like on the outside. No amount of money or apology can undo what he did to you, you're a PERSON, Claire, NOT a trained animal or pet. Do not let Courtney, Emily, John and by association Amber and Harry's efforts go to waste, they are not the ones you should alienate.

I am Looking forward to Meredith's book and more news on your condition. Despite some of my strong reactions, I want what's best for you.

Happy holidays, Claire, be safe wherever you are.

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  1. This sounds really powerful!
    Happy reading,
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  2. WOW! Love your heart felt thoughts. I can't really imagine any woman understanding what transpired between Tony and Claire, again, but hey this book series wouldn't be what it is if not for these things. I now must sit and write my review. Whahhh!!


    1. Yes, I think we've been venting off line about the series haven't we?! I really wished I read this with you!


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