December 26, 2012

Review: DreamKiller The Complete Saga by Heather Hildenbrand

Series: DreamKiller 
Format: Digital (from Heather)
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They call her the DreamKiller.

Silent, stealthy, and above all, accurate, as long as she carries out exactly what her dreams predict. Marlena Gormand kills to protect. Herself. Her way of life. The children at Little Hearts Orphanage. Until she learns these are not the reasons she’s been asked to kill. Not at all.

Azura Mkesky is the headmistress of Little Hearts Orphanage and the only parent-figure Marlena remembers. Azura taught Marlena everything she knows, from her combat skills to her unswerving loyalty to their cause. And Azura has always been there for her. But Azura has a secret. One that she’s used and manipulated Marlena and everyone else in order to protect. 

Lukas Hristov knows Azura’s heart is dark—from both personal experience and the visions provided by his Sight. For too long, he’s stood aside while Azura’s reach of power and deception expands. When he can take it no longer and emerges from the shadows, he comes face to face with Marlena. For him, she is where it began. And she is where it ends. He is determined to make this right, to make her believe the truth.

And as the story unravels, Marlena begins to question whose secrets her dreams really protect.

I've read books 1 and 2 of The Specials series by Heather Hildenbrand early this year and it reminded me of the movies X-Men and Wanted what with a bunch of kids trained to become assassins armed special powers and the heroine, Marlena, is able to walk our dreams and kill us in  our dreamscape. Clean and deadly. As Marlena's fast becoming the group's number 1 assassin, she discovers that their headmistress, Azura, has been using her for personal gain and was the person responsible for her father's death. So I left Marlena in book 2, Fight or Flight,  defecting from the organization and recruiting supporters to help her shut Azura down. 

After the long wait finally the end is here and it was epic! I appreciate that HHildenbrand decided to compile all three stories because the first two were painfully short for a high velocity story. So future readers, you guys are lucky because you don't have to suffer through eight months like I did to see how everything is going down. 

"And would you kill her [Azura]? If it came to that?"
"I will do what I must to protect the children."

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Going back to the story, I picked up at The Summoning, the last chapter of this short series and it's the conclusion of the saga. With a couple of glitches, Marlena managed to convince some of her fellow Specials that Azura is the enemy, using their organization like her personal goon squad ordering hits on people who don't deserve to die. Eventually Marlena finally had come face to face with Azura and all I can say is that their face-off was spectacular! My lust for blood and retribution was sated because Marlena showed Azura no mercy. A little cold blooded I know but Azura raised a great assassin in Marlena and the latter made use of her special skill set to the hilt. 

It ended happily with Little Hearts Orphanage back in order and the bad guys put away. The saga had an open-ending though and I'm not sure if HHildenbrand is planning to do a spin-off or if it's just meant to tease us. Just the same it got me thinking if there'll be more Specials stories in the future...


  1. This one sounds fun! I have a little 'thing' for assassins. Nice to know I don't have an ending to wait for either.

    1. Yeah the first two were short worries, not even novella so I was left wanting for more! I think the entire book is less than 200 pages so it should be a quick read. It's a great YA story and I love Heather's storytelling voice.


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