December 12, 2012

Review: Consequences by Aleatha Romig

Series: Consequences 1
Format: Digital
Release Date:August 4, 2011
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What the blurb didn't tell us...

Anthony Rawling. Rich. Successful. Influential. Brilliant. Powerful. A very handsome and very charming man who doesn't stop until he gets what he wants the way he wants it regardless of the means and damn the CONSEQUENCES

Anthony has a vendetta against the people and their innocent loved ones who went after his family in the past which caused in the dissolution of his Grandfather's wealth and credibility in the business world of dishonest business strategies. But Anthony doesn't see it this way, in his mind his Grandfather did no wrong and was merely a victim of trusting the wrong people. 

Anthony made it his mission to not only redeem his family's name and honor but to also exact revenge served on a cold platter against the people who hurt them in the past. But Anthony's wrath went beyond those people who were merely doing their jobs, he also went after their loved ones long after he "punished" the "traitors". Innocent people who were clueless and certainly didn't deserve his cruelty. People like Claire Nichols whose only fault was having an FBI Agent for a grandfather who led the investigations against Anthony Rawling's Grandfather's company more than 20 years ago.

Be careful what you wish for coz you just might get it...

Well the Pussycat Dolls and the others who went before them saying the same thing was dead on the money with this one. I asked my mind to be fucked and CONSEQUENCES by Aleatha Romig not only shagged me through the hedge backwards but also scrambled my brains while doing it. I was flushed with emotions and seeing red by the time I was done. There was so much that went on in this romantic thriller that little blurb I did above barely scratched the surface.

CONSEQUENCES is essentially a crafty illustration of Stockholm Syndrome where the capture-bonding phenom happened between Claire and Anthony. The resulting situation is so perverse and frustrating I felt so raw after I read all 533 pages of it. Til now I'm still sorting through my gamut of emotions: sadness, hope, anger and a lot of HATE. I felt sorry for Claire, she was such a strong woman but Anthony still managed to break her. She became mechanical, conditioned to do his bidding, his rules drilled into her head there's no room for error otherwise she'll pay for the smallest error dearly. I hated her friends and family for not pressing her and for being so dismissive about her high strung state, her uncharacteristic and elusive behaviors. The woman is a mere shell of her former self and nobody did anything about it! I hated Anthony's servants, sure they're on his payroll but the inhumane treatment of Claire should nag at any sane person's conscience. I hated Claire for not taking the chance and tried to escape but at the same time I understand that she has been terrorized into submission until her reality became skewed and she started feeling SAFE with Anthony. Most of all I hated the monster who is behind all this misguided and unfitting vengeance I want to kill him myself.

"Are you completely crazy or only unstable. She didn't know how she could be feeling this way about him. After all, he kidnapped her. He hurt her," - Claire
Anthony Rawlings. This man is one of the biggest douchebag I've ever met in my entire fictional  reading life! The man is a sociopath he's giving Beelzebub a run for his horns! The litany of his atrocious behavior will rival that of the Virgin Mary's virtues. He is a cruel vindictive man so blinded by his immeasurable hate for Claire's grandfather he couldn't care less that the man is dead and Claire had nothing to do with what went down in his past. Anthony Rawlings is a manipulative SOB he'll make Abu Nazir proud with his torture tactics and maniacal scheming. In the end he managed to not only destroy Claire but as well as her sister, her brother-in-law, there's not much left for Claire to go back to after him. He is a brilliant villain, his cruelty knows no bounds and I'm left dumbfounded by his evilness. I love villains but I feel no such thing for this man. Gah!

CONSEQUENCES might be a romantic thriller but honestly I think it's a horror story about kidnapping, rape and power tripping. The physical pain that we'll witness Claire endures is nothing compared to the mental torture and emotional battery she will experience in the hands of her madman captor. My heart broke for her every time she compartmentalized her traumatic experiences to help her cope and survive her captivity. There were several times where I wish she'd just kill herself because death is a better option than staying alive in her gilded cage.

CONSEQUENCES rattled my otherwise peaceful weekend. I had to make myself sleep at 3am because I can't put the book down and at the same time, my poor heart can't take the pent-up anger any longer. The story is compelling and the emotional upheaval that goes with reading CONSEQUENCES is maddening. The characters are gripping it's impossible for you not to get invested in Claire's survival and Anthony's monstrosity. The turn of events will pull you in all sorts of directions all at the same time leaving no space to breathe because of ARomig's carefully planned strikes, throwing monkey wrenches at us incessantly. And just when I thought things hit rock bottom, the bottom breaks and we're left in this dizzying free fall. I was so angry at the story I was half-scared to read book 2, Truth, because I'm not sure I can handle another situation like this. But Claire made a promise and I want to see it come to pass:
Pretty graphic but this is how is tame compared to what I really want to do to Tony!
"Revenge. Mr. Anthony Rawlings would learn that his actions have consequences. " - Claire
I can go on and on about this story so before this review turns into a novella, I'll end it by saying that CONSEQUENCES is not just a book, it's an EXPERIENCE and if you're fond of reading rich and ingenious stories, it'll be a mistake to pass up on this.

P.S. Consequences is on sale for $0.99 on Amazon for a limited time only. Grab a copy before it ends.


  1. Well damn that seond gif alone makes me really curious about this book

  2. P.S. - You'll need to read Captive in the Dark if you liked this book. That's also another Stockholm Syndrome kind of story.

    1. I have book 1 after your review, I will make time for it after I read Truth. I find these types of stories so addicting.

  3. Oh some brain shagging and totally fbombing...eeeeee.... I shall read this once I read the book. I think I may have bought it other day on Amazon...goes checks....


  4. Oooo, this one sounds intense... and a little creepy! LOL! I'm really liking the cover too. Glad to hear you loved it! :)

    1. Its really good, I suggest you get a copy and make time to read it.

  5. I came back after all this time and read your review. Lordy that gif does make me nearly vom. What movie is that from?? Yup! you pretty much said it all, lol! WOW!! Excellent review. I am completing mine now. Much thought I have put into it :D



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