December 13, 2012

Release Day Review: Dead Wolf by Tim O'Rourke

Series: Kiera Hudson II 5
Format: Digital (from Tim)
Release Date: December 13, 2012
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Learning the painful secrets of her past, Kiera must understand why the truth had been kept from her. When confronting Murphy, Kiera soon discovers he has been keeping his own terrible secret.

With Kiera’s and her friend’s past lives coming back to haunt them, Jack Seth tells her, she must discover the identity of the hooded photographer if she is to push her life back and save those she loves.

But is the photographer linked to Murphy's past? If so, can they be trusted to help Kiera like Jack says they can?
Don't you just love the cover art for DEAD WOLF, the latest Kiera Hudson novel by Tim O'Rourke?! I can't stop admiring it, it looks so ethereal and magical... as to who this lady is, my lips are sealed. The only clue I will give you is she might hold the key to Kiera's pushed world.

I find it so unbelievable that at 10 books, the series is going strong and the stories never gets stale. The Kiera Hudson series, thanks to Tim's amazing imagination, has some major staying power. Other authors can take a page or two from Tim, one of his tricks is keeping the secondary characters as interesting as the main ones. I believe this is the reason why the flow of the books are continuous and it doesn't look like it's going to hit a bottle neck anytime soon. I am so elated by this brilliant literary device because the stories can go on forever. There's so much to tell and with every book from the series that comes out, each and every person involved, including the villains, get fleshed out as Tim adds backstories and side stories that might not be relevant at first but moving along, it actually ties everything together. Strengthening the web of stories Tim has spun so far.
Sometimes, Potter, you can't always help who you fall in love with [Murphy]
Immediately following the events of Dead Seth we now hear Murphy's side of the story in DEAD WOLF. But before he jumped in to his shared history with Jack Seth and his hand in Kiera's stormy present, Murphy dug deeper and let us in on one pretty intimate piece of his past that not only caused his views about Lycanthropes to sour but his heart to go cold and hard against these creatures. Murphy is sort of a victim of romance and instead of filling his life with happy hearts, Murphy fell in love with a woman who made him lose faith in a lot of things making poor Murphy's heart heavy not with love, but with a lot of guilt, and he spent the rest of his life making up for things that stemmed from this failed relationship.
I lost my mother and father only to discover that I'm some kinda freaking half-breed from the underworld. [Kiera]
Did this tragic romantic history help Kiera have a better understanding of what she is and why her life is such? A little bit. But the group still needs clarity on their current situation and the whole story behind their pushed world. I personally fear for Kiera, based on these revelations it seems Kiera's world is not done unraveling. Futhermore I also feel like Kiera's in a box, every event was planned, every place she has been somehow she was influenced or manipulated to being there in order for SOMETHING to happen that eventually led to where she is right now. Aside from the events that transpired in Vampire Hollows, it feels like Kiera doesn't have free will in its purest form. 
You can't be a wolf - you don't have a hairy tongue! [Potter]

Couldn't you feel her hairy tongue? After all, she had it shoved far enough down the back of your throat. [Murphy]
DEAD WOLF IS Murphy's story. I now have a better appreciation for his character and why he has a weird attachment to those slippers he insists on wearing all. The. Time. In terms of timelines, the story hasn't moved much from Dead Seth but Murphy's story added a certain richness to the series. I just feel left out in the cold as far as Potter and Kiera's lover's spat is concerned. I'm sure Potter can get himself out of this mess but it's so painful to see Kiera so broken up over Potter's alleged misconduct when everything was clearly a misunderstanding due to Seth's manipulations and poisonous tongue. 

Happy to have received this before Christmas. Thanks Tim for the wonderful gift and cheers to the long life of Kiera Hudson!

P.S. Tim shared some very interesting news about the series. In case you haven't read it yet, you can find it here.


  1. Awesome review Miss B!!! Hehe!! I did laugh out loud when I read the 'hairy tongue' quote.

    Yesss!! It is hard not to crush on Murph after reading this. He is just so .....well, I had a couple fave scenes and for the complete opposite reasons.


    1. I know what you mean about Murphy. I can't see him other than a "grandpa" though LOL


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