December 10, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: The Weird Girls

Today we have the pleasure of chatting with the Wird Sisters from Lake Tahoe, California. 

Talk Supe: Hi Celia, Taran, Emme and Shayna! I hope all is well with you girls. 

Shayna: “Hey. Thanks for having us!”
Emme: “Hello.”
Taran nods stiffly and says: “Hi.”
Celia takes in the room, otherwise doesn’t speak.

Talk Supe: *clears throat and looks nervously at Celia* So can you tell our readers a little something about yourselves?

Shayna beams. “Of course! I can manipulate metals and convert wood into weapons just by holding an alloy. I like sharp, pointy things and sinfully bad sci-fi movies. My first crush was on Han Solo—although I’ll admit Luke Skywalker’s light saber technique was a bit of a turn on. I’m a Pisces and my favorite color is blue.”

Emme looks around and blushes when no one else answers. Clears throat. “I have the ability to heal wounds and possess the power of telekinesis.” Blush deepens.

Taran crosses her arms. “I release my power in the forms of deadly lightning. I can also set people on fire who piss me off. Like the guy who cut me off this morning. What a supreme prick—“

Celia nudges Taran hard, almost knocking her off her chair. “I can change into a 400 lb golden tigress—but I’m not a were since I can’t heal. I’m also not a shape-shifter since I didn’t surrender my soul in order to gain my ability. I have other powers, but I’ll pass on sharing them for now.”

Talk Supe: I'm a little afraid to ask but what are your pet peeves?

Shayna wrinkles her brow. “Dudes who don’t wash their hands.” She shudders. “There’s no excuse for not exercising proper hand hygiene, you know?”

Emme lowers her gaze. “Rude people, but I suppose some can’t help themselves.”

Taran smirks at Celia before answering. “Giant ASS. HOLES—who cut people off and don’t know how to drive.”

Celia sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose following Taran’s response. “Bullies,” she answers simply.

Talk Supe: I have a sister and a little self-comparison happens once in a while. What quality of your sister do you wish you have?

Shayna shifts in her seat excitedly. “Celia’s strength. Do you know she can rip heads of like pieces of rotisserie chicken?” Throws her hands in the air. “Dude, it’s like so cool—albeit a little nasty—but way awesome in a fight to the death!”

Braine: Yeah, the visual graphic is "edgy"... *swallows hard*

Celia’s face reddens worse than Emme’s before answering. “I’m fine with just being me. I just wish my tigress didn’t make me appear so scary—“

“It makes it hard for males to approach her,” Shayna interjects. “You haven’t had a date in how long, Ceel? Like, two years?”

Braine: Well a lot of us can relate to that... *snorts*

Emme’s head jerks with alarm as she stares back and forth between Celia’s protruding claws and Shayna’s widening eyes. “Um, ah, I wish I had Celia’s courage—and patience.” She stands and clasps Celia’ wrists. “Celia, show the nice lady how patient you can be.”

Taran rolls her eyes. “Son of a bitch, Celia, pull back the goddamn pointy digits. You know Shayna’s freaking yap gets ahead of her.” She huffs when Celia sits down. “I guess I’d like to be a little more polite like Emme. Believe it or not, sometimes dumbasses consider me bitchy.”

Talk Supe: Can you share with us some juicy tidbits about each other?

“Taran sleeps in the nude,” Shayna offers.

Taran smiles wickedly. “Shayna’s prom date stole all of our underwear and tried to sell them on eBay.” She looks to Emme, ignoring Shayna’s audible gasp. “And Emme’s scared senseless of the tooth fairy.”

Braine: Really? LOL 

Emme buries her face in her hands. “Sorry, but there’s something creepy about a flying lady who wants your bloody teeth.”

Taran chuckles. “Celia hasn’t had sex in so long there are probably cobwebs lining her girl parts.” She points at Celia when she growls. “It’s true. You need to get laid while you’re still hot and before things start falling off. How about that yummy werewolf you met on the beach or that master vamp who wants to get in your pants?”

Braine: Yeah but I'd rather go with Aric than the undead guy.

Celia snarls. “Zip it, Taran.”

Talk Supe: If someone decides to make a movie about your life, which actress do you want to play as yourself?

Shayna: “Ooo! I’d like Lily Collins to play me!”

Taran: “Emmanuelle Chriqui. She’s sweet and sexy.” She winks. “Like me.”

Emme: “Hmm. I guess I’ll have to say Meaghen Jette Martin.”

Celia thinks about it. “Emmy Rossum since we have similar hair and build.”

Talk Supe: Do you consider your abilities/powers a curse or a gift?

“Curse,” everyone answers at once. Shayna shrugs. “It’s hard being different.”

What are your plans for Christmas?

They exchange glances before Celia answers. “It’s always just us at Christmas, but we have fun.”

Talk Supe: Aside from world peace, what's on top of your Christmas wishlist?

Taran: “Shopping spree.”

Shayna: “Oh! I could use a new pair of nunchucks.”

Emme crinkles her brow. “I-I can’t think of anything better than world harmony.”

Celia: “To avoid the supernatural world and be left in peace.” She smiles. “But I don’t think our creator is going to let that happen.”

These girls are surprisingly funny. If not for their affiliation to the supernatural world, they'd be perfect for reality TV. 

For now we can all follow their hair-raising adventures and boy problems in


  1. I love these ladies!

    Lee @shewolfreads

  2. That was fun ! LOVED this posting!! Hehe!!!


  3. So excited! I've been telling all of my friends about this one! Ever since the Ch. 1 reading I've been hooked and can't wait for this to come out Dec. 31st!


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