December 3, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Natalya Stravinsky

Brown-eyed light chestnut-colored hair and stands 5 feet 8 inches
Twenty-five years old
Nat is of Russian descent, she's living at South Tom's River, New Jersey
Drives a Nissan Altima
Always wears the same thing: A pencil skirt and a crisp blouse
Nat can be a pushover but when push comes to a violent shove, 
you wouldn't want to cross her

Works at The Bends, a flea market of sorts, owned by a goblin named Bill
Nat is a werewolf with OCD and a Christmas decoration hoarding problem
Her therapy partner is a white wizard named Nick
Girlfriend of STR's Pack Alpha, Thorn Grantham

Talk Supe: Hi Nat! Thanks for stopping by and chatting with us. So how was Thanksgiving with the family? 

Natalya Stravinsky: It went great! Thanksgiving at my parents place is always a blast. My mom cooked ten turkeys. And only two of them had to be bought at the store. Don’t ask where we got the other ones. I suspect my dad and uncles caught them through other means. There was a new development though, Uncle Boris brought a girl to the dinner! A Russian woman. Not a werewolf though, but nobody’s perfect. (smiles) She’s a hit with the family already. She cleaned her plate and even asked for seconds. Aunt Vera is already trying to learn about the woman’s family and plan the wedding. That’s a bit fast since we just know her first name, but hey, at least the Stravinskys are pleased.

Braine: Pleased... and apparently very full... ten turkeys?! 

Talk Supe: Is Aunt Yelena still with you guys? I truly hate that biatch, sorry I know she's your Aunt but damn that woman!

Nat: Her husband came back from his travels and took her back home. They probably live in separate houses for all I know. Since I’m a good girl, I won’t let you know what I really think about her. ;)

Talk Supe: Are things better with the Pack now that you've sort of redeemed yourself?

Nat: They are a lot better, actually. But to be honest, it’s hard for me to accept my new role. I guess with change comes new challenges.

Talk Supe: Did you shop your heart out last Black Friday? 

Nat: You’d be proud of me. I only went to seven stores this year compared to last year’s fifteen. Dr. Frank, my therapist, gave me a challenge to do five stores. I went over by two, but progress is progress. If you’d like to read about one of my stops, head over to Literary Escapism for their Black Friday post on November 27th.

Braine: Checking... Whoa!

Talk Supe: I'm sorry about that flood in your house, losing your stuff was pretty devastating for you I know. With the loss, have you recouped your holiday decoration collection since?

Nat: Yes, I’ve actually done pretty good so far. A few of my family members even gave me some of their stuff. Nothing new, but I didn’t care at the time. The nice thing about liking holiday stuff is that you can buy it anytime. The Internet is full of places where you can get an ornament. Even in the middle of the summer. (The best time for deals, I gotta tell ya.)

Talk Supe: On your count, how many collectibles do you have so far?

Nat: Before the flood I had 423. Right now, my guestimate—okay, it’s not a guess, I have approximately 212. If my delivery from ebay comes today, I will have 215. Please don’t tell Dr. Frank about my accidentally purchase please.

Talk Supe: Have you heard from Nick lately? 

Nat: No, actually I haven’t. I stopped by the pawn store where he used to work, and they told me he had already left for medical school.

Talk Supe: How are things with Thorn? *waggles eyebrows*

Nat: They are going fabulously. To keep things PG rated, that’s all I’m going to say. Heh heh.

Braine: Sneaky wolf! We'll find out soon enough if he's still pouring chocolate syrup on you! :P

Talk Supe: Christmas is around the corner and your first Christmas with your niece, what are you getting her?

Nat: This is a hard question! I’m already a shopper, so I couldn’t resist getting her sleepers, some bibs, a high chair cover (washable), a box of wipes from Costco (antibacterial), shopping cart seat cover, and Angry Birds plush toys. That’s about it. Not a lot at all.

Talk Supe: Can you tell us what you're planning to give Thorn? 

Nat: I can’t show the public what I plan to give Thorn. But let’s just say it fits in a box labeled Victoria’s Secret. And according to Victoria, she’ll never tell.

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  1. Great character chat! I like the chocolate syrup * waggles eyebrows* . Thorn sounds yummy! I have asked NG for Covet, so I can start book 1...hehe!! * shakes head* Book 2 - Kept...took me a few chapters to realise it wasn't book slam the breaks on and get Covet!


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