December 17, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine

We love Florence Welch and her Machine, Isabella Summers. Their soulful songs, poetic lyrics and musical genius never fail to send us to musical heights. Much of their hits have been the our anthem and the background to several of our musings, reading sessions and simple emoting.

This year, Florence + the Machine released a lot of wonderful songs and with awards season so crisp in the air, we're hoping that this particular song, Breath Of Life, which already won World Soundtrack Award for Best Original Song Written Directly for a Film, written for the movie Snow White and the Hunstman would be nominated especially at the Academy Awards. The video with the choir and the orchestra translated on the stage would probably her best performance yet.

Fingers crossed this wish will be granted and for now allow yourselves to be serenaded by Florence + the Machine, their choir and the orchestra led by James Newton Howard. 

And I started to hear it again
But this time it wasn't the end
And the room is so quiet,
Oh oh oh

And my heart is a hollow plane
For the devil to dance again
And the room is too quiet


  1. Love Florence so many of their songs are featured in movies and tv shows but it still surpises me she doesn't have a huge following!!

    1. Her music isn't exactly pop... which I love and her lyrics aren't bubble gum nonsense so maybe that intimidates other peeps.

  2. Love Florence! Took my niece and nephew to see her in concert over the summer ~ it was their first concert and we could not have picked a better group. She was awesome live!

    1. Lucky you! I watched her live performances and it's so good, I always get goosebumps. To see her live must truly be spectacular.

  3. Great choice, girlies! Florence is my absolute fave musician to write to! In fact, every single one of my soundtracks contains a Florence song . . . or twenty! I love the theatricality in her songs! =D

    1. She's so good sometimes I get distracted from writing and would just listen and sing along with her LOL


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