December 20, 2012

Christmas Reads

Here are some Christmas reads that could hopefully help melt the bite of Jack Frost this season

The Million Dollar Gift
Cheree Alsop
November 4, 2012
Copy from Cheree for review

THE MILLION DOLLAR GIFT gift is a classic Christmas story written to inspire all those cuddly, fuzzy, hopeful things this time of the year brings. The story is about Chase, a man going through life without direction. One fateful night, brought about by his destructive lifestyle, led him to the Clark family. Seeing this wonderful and loving family care and embrace him brought back a lot of memories from Chase back when he had his family. But despite the contradictory feeling of regret and gratefulness, the Clarks gave him a sense of purpose and helped get him back on track. The love flowing among the Clarks allowed Chase to finally stand up to his father and tell him all the hurt he's been feeling since Chase's mother and siblings died in that tragic car crash all those years ago. Though things with his Father have reached its course, Chase still found closure and forgiveness enabling him to pick up the pieces of his life and make something good out of it. 

THE MILLION DOLLAR GIFT is a feel good story, it's heartwarming like a cup of hot cocoa with little marshmallows on top. The story is simple and a little predictable like a Lifetime Movie but it's sure to give us a feeling of gladness and hope that no matter how bad things are and just when you thought things can't get any better, something happens that makes everything colorful and worth living for again. And that sometimes the best gift one can give and receive isn't always measured by money.

Every Last Fantasy
Shiloh Walker
December 15, 2004
Copy from Shiloh for review

EVERY LAST FANTASY is a sexy story about reincarnation, sexual connection and explosive sex. A couple met at a coitus party in 1840 and they imprinted on each other, their lust and love enduring through time and several lifetimes. Fast forward to the present and Vikky and Eric forms an instant connection via the internet without really understanding why their attraction to each other is so intense and combustible. As the pull is too great to ignore, they give in to it and their coupling felt very instinctual and nothing either of them have ever experienced. Later on it was revealed that Vikky and Erik were past lovers, old souls, and regardless of time and space, they just gravitate towards each other.

Readers of historical romance will enjoy this Shiloh Walker novella plus what could be more romantic and sexy than a story of soul mates and reincarnation?! That is one fantasy I wouldn't mind getting fulfilled.

Christmas Kisses
Winter Kisses 1
H.M. Ward
November 26 2012
New Adult
Copy won from Grace

CHRISTMAS KISSES is a cute love story about childhood friends who turn into passionate sweethearts. Holly and Ryan have known each other for years and have always had a crush on each other. One Christmas break coupled with a serendipitous circumstance, Holly and Ryan finally managed to embrace their steamy attraction to each other, melting off the chill of winter. 

CHRISTMAS KISSES is a sweet and romantic Christmas love story. The romance between Ryan and Holly is something a lot of us can relate to and probably experienced in the past. It's so impulsive, innocent, exciting and maybe a little juvenile. Nevertheless I love happy endings and Holly and Ryan's gave me butterflies in my stomach and had me feeling giddy throughout the story.  Sigh! To be young again...

The Twelve Clues of Christmas
Her Royal Spyness Mysteries 6
Rhys Bowen
November 6, 2012
Historical Romance
Copy borrowed from the library

I've been a fan of Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie and her knack for getting caught up in messy murders and solving the mysteries behind it. Well it doesn't matter if its Christmas because Lady Georgina once again in the midst of a killer. 

THE TWELVE CLUES OF CHRISTMAS is as enjoyable and funny as its predecessors. I'm personally amazed that Georgie still manages to be polite to her crazy Mummy and sister-in-law because those two are harridans! Anyway, fans of historical romance and chick-lit mysteries will enjoy not only this book but the entire series. Lady Georgie's attempts in fending for herself while maintaining a certain level of stature is entertaining. She's actually a maverick considering that at this time period people are so conscious of social classes and for a female Royal to be commonly employed is scandalous. But pride can't put food on the table so Georgie's foray in to the world of The plot is not very complicated but the situations Lady Georgie finds herself in coupled with her crazy family and friends is sure to make your day brighter.

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  1. I bought Christmas Kisses. I also bought a few romance holiday themed novellas too.
    LOVE those historical romance holiday themed novellas!
    Got one tonight thats 3 novellas in one book for .99! I was like OH YEAH BABY!


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