December 21, 2012

A Very Horseman Wedding by Madeline Sheehan

A Very Horsemen Wedding
Deuce & Eva 
By Madeline Sheehan

Deuce wasn’t gonna lie. His hair pulled tightly back, dressed in his leathers, a clean white tee and his Horsemen cut, standing there in the middle of a mother fucking gazebo, decorated with mother fucking flowers, he felt damn uncomfortable. Didn’t help that Mick, Cox, and Ripper were laughing at him and standing across from them was Kami, Danny and Dorothy, all dressed in matching black dresses, also laughing at him.

Yeah, real fucking funny. Bet they wouldn’t think it was funny if he pulled out his glock and took out their knees. Except for Danny. He wouldn’t shoot his baby. Just glare at her until she ran away. Which she wouldn’t because she never did, because she wasn’t scared of him. His feisty little girl had her mother’s tough as nails personality. Funny that Danny being the way she was didn’t bother him in the least but her mother, his ex Christine, had irked him to no end.

Nostrils flaring, shifting uncomfortably, he glared at the minister, an older woman with long white hair, dressed in white and purple robes, smiling serenely back at him.

He caught himself before he growled at her.

Why the fuck was he getting married?


Because he sure as fuck fucked it up the last time. He didn’t know the first thing about how to be a…husband. All he knew, all he’d ever known was how to be a provider. To make sure the people he loved were safe, well fed and warm and in Danny’s case and now Eva and Ivy’s, spoiled shitless too. Although, he figured the giant shoe pile of chucks in his foyer was a pretty good tradeoff for the woman he had in his bed.

But a husband…

He didn’t do husband. What the fuck did husbands do anyway? He sure as hell didn’t do it right with Christine. She had wanted so much more from him then he’d been willing to give. Then he’d known how to give. She’d wanted to bend him to her will, own him even.

Aw, jesus…he couldn’t pretend to be someone he wasn’t. He couldn’t put a ring on Eva’s finger. He couldn’t fuck her up like he had Christine. Like he did everything.

“Prez,” Mick whispered, leaning over.

His head snapped left. “What?” He snarled.

Mick’s lips twitched. “Nothin’ Prez, just thought maybe you’d wanna watch your bitch walkin’ down the aisle.” Mick’s chin jerked left and his gaze followed.

And suddenly he didn’t give two fucks about how he was gonna fare as a husband or how many mistakes he was gonna make, which was gonna be a lot because, well…that was what he was best at.

No, he didn’t care about anything else in the world except for his woman, the sweetest kid he’d ever met, the smartest too, a kid who’d turned into the sexiest woman he’d ever seen, a woman who didn’t just love with her whole heart but with her body and soul, a woman who, time and time again, brought him to his fucking knees, had him praying to a god he didn’t believe in just so he could keep her by his side.

A woman whose mother-fucking smile made the world and life seem somewhat livable. Even worth it sometimes.

On the arm of Preacher, her old man, was his Eva. Her soft hair hung long in dark brown waves, her makeup was minimal and her dress was a simple, strapless white cotton sundress that hung to her knees. His gaze traveled down her silky smooth legs to her feet and his chest constricted. Black chucks. And not just any black chucks but her oldest pair. Ratty, doodled on, coming apart at the seams, the same one’s she’d been wearing the very first time he’d kissed her back when she’d been way too young for him and he’d lost complete control of himself and his better judgment.

Eva came to a stop at the bottom step of the gazebo and looked up at him, her big gray eyes shining, her juicy lips twitching something fierce, trying not to smile while Preacher straight up glared at him. He glared back. If her old man wanted a fight he was gonna get one.

“Yo, Prez,” Cox laughed, “You’re gonna wanna go get her, yeah?”

Oh. Right.

He strode forward, taking all three steps at once and grabbed Eva away from Preacher and started yanking her back up the stairs. The faster they could get this shit over with the faster he could get her alone. And set to working on kid number two.

Preacher yanked her back and the two of them spent another good minute glaring at one another.

“You’ll always be my baby girl,” Preacher whispered, giving Eva a kiss on the cheek while shooting daggers at him.

Yeah fucking right, he thought as he finished dragging Eva up the steps. Eva was his. All his. Ain’t no man, not even her father should be thinking otherwise.

“I have a bra on,” Eva whispered, unable to fight her grin any longer. “It’s my something new.”

He couldn’t help himself and burst out laughing. She was just so damn…perfect.

“Something old,” She continued, pointing at her feet.

“Something borrowed.” She grabbed his gold Horsemen’s tag around her neck. The one that had “Deuce” inscribed on the back.

“Borrowed for fuckin’ ever,” He said gruffly. Ain’t no way she was ever giving that back.

Her grin grew.

“My dress is white,” She continued, “And I’m wearing your blue boxers.”

The entire wedding party roared with laughter.

“Oh Evie,” Kami sighed, “I told you not to do that!”

“Fuckin’ hell,” He muttered, grabbing her arm and turning her towards the minister. “Let’s get this fuckin’ circus over with’,” He growled.

Still smiling, although shooting Eva strange looks, the minister ushered them closer. “Ready?” The minister asked.

“Fuck yeah,” He said gruffly. “This bitch is mine.”

This time the entire yard erupted in laughter. Except for Eva. She was staring up at him, her smile wide, her eyes soft. Damn those eyes, drowning him in nothing but Eva.

“I, Eva Fox, take you, Cole West, to be my beloved husband,” Eva softly repeated. “To have and to hold you, to honor you, to treasure you, to be at your side in sorrow and in joy, in the good times, and in the bad, and to love and cherish you always. I promise you this, baby, from the bottom of my heart, for all the days of my life.”

He stared down at her, burning with a whole mess of emotions he was helpless to turn off. Burning because he knew he’d never get enough of her, burning because he wanted to pick her up, take her inside the clubhouse, strip her naked and knock her up again just to make sure she’d never leave. Burning because after all the shit they went through, the pain, the loss, the heartache, the straight up evil brutality that made them question everything they’d thought to be true and had nearly driven them apart for good, he knew he’d do anything for her…steal anything, kill anyone…be anyone…

Even a fucking husband.

“Baby,” Eva whispered, grinning. “It’s your turn.”

He glanced over at the waiting minister, then back at Eva. “What she said,” He grunted. Then he turned to their guests.

“This is it,” He bellowed. “This here is me and fuckin’ Eva and this is our fuckin’ road and anyone who doesn’t like it, anyone who’s got somethin’ fucked up to say, can get the fuck off our road!”

The crowd, his boys, their family and friends, even Preacher, erupted in happy jeers and raucous laughter.

“You may kiss your bride,” The minister sighed, shaking her head.

He didn’t waste any time, he grabbed his woman, his wife, his Eva and lifted her off her feet and crushed her to him. Her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms around his neck and their mouths crashed together.

“Bout fuckin’ time!” Blue bellowed from his place at the bar.

Born to be Wild blasted through the outside speakers and drowned out the cheering.

Eva pulled away laughing, happy tears rolling down her cheeks. He curled his hand into a fist and ran his knuckles down the side of her face.

“There it is,” He whispered.

“What?” She whispered back.

“You Eva. Just fuckin’ you.”

Mick rolled his eyes. “Idiots,” He muttered. “I’m surrounded by idiots.”

Kami threw herself across the aisle at Cox.

Dorothy buried her face in her hands, her veil of red hair shielding her from view, and burst into tears.

And Danny…he paused to study his oldest daughter.

“Mama!” Ivy cried out, gunning for Eva. Eva turned away from him to bend down and catch their daughter as she toddled into her arms.

He turned back to Danny, worried about the strange expression on her face. He followed her line of sight to…


They appeared to be having some kind of staring contest, the rest of the world forgotten, no winner in sight.

“Yo, Danny!” ZZ said, appearing beside his daughter, startling her. She turned to ZZ.

“You wanna dance?”

Danny shot one last look at Ripper, turned back to ZZ and nodded. He watched them walk off already planning on how many different ways he was gonna beat ZZ to death, then got up in his Sgt. at Arms face.

“What was that?” He growled.

Ripper eyed him boldly. “What was what?”

His nostrils flared. “You. Danny. What. Was. It.”

“Baby,” Eva said, wedging herself in between them. “I wanna dance.”

Of course she did. She always had him doing stupid shit like dancing. And for some reason he was always doing it even though he fucking hated it.

“Later,” He promised Ripper and allowed his new wife to drag him off.

“When can we get the fuck outta here?” He asked her.

Laughing, she wrapped her arms around his neck and tucked her beautiful body against his. “I love you Deuce,” She giggled. “So, so much.”

“Babe,” He said softly, holding her tightly, “Fuckin’ yeah.”

“One more thing,” She said.


“You’re mine.”

He grinned. He sure as fuck was.


Copyright 2012 Madeline Sheehan
This ebook excerpt is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. 
Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

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