November 23, 2012

Review: Love is Fear by Caroline Hanson

Series: Valerie Dearborn 2
Format: Digital (Gift from Caroline Hanson)
Release Date: December 15, 2011
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After a lot of swearing and only a little nookie, Valerie Dearborn has decided to make a change. No more lusting after Lucas, the hot, but emotionless, vampire king who can’t commit. Instead she’s going to make it work with Jack. After all, not only is he breathing, but he’s the love of her life….Isn’t he?

Valerie is an Empath, with supernatural abilities that seem to do nothing more than give her the hots for Lucas. Once upon a time, Empath’s had a purpose. They were ambassadors to the Others—Fey, Witches, Werewolves and Vampires. They could settle the emotions of a Werewolf and make Vampires feel again.

But that was long ago.

Lucas isn’t about to let Valerie go. He needs her to help him find the Fey, last seen in the Colony of Roanoke, South Carolina, circa 1587. He still believes they are the key to restoring balance to the world and the only way to keep vampires under control. They won’t trust him, but they will trust Val.

Between Jack, Lucas and Rachel, Val knows life won’t be dull. Nor will it be the normal, 2.5 kids kind of life she’s always wanted.

As their enemies close in, Val must ask herself what life is really about–trust, duty or mind-blowing orgasms? And even if she finds the answer, she may not live long enough to enjoy it.

The last time I've had an ambivalent cauldron rating was when we reviewed Risking it All by Jennifer Schmidt. And just like Kenndy Monroe, I'm truly, madly, deeply furious and frustrated over Valerie Dearborn!

Girl, why do you have to be like that being generous with your nookie and all?! 

Little nookie? *snort* yeah, right! Do not, for one minute, believe that Caroline Hason held back with book 2 because LOVE IS FEAR is a freaking mirror-image and nothing is what's supposed to be! The heroine is acting like a whore, the instigator is the voice of reason, the hero is chopped-liver and the villain saved the day... sort of. Gah! Anyway, I will no longer dwell on the plot because like Love is Darkness, the synopsis pretty much covers it, I will instead talk about the characters.
--once they hit the sheets, you don't have a chance. If she's come back to you, you better lock that down, sew it up--do something vaguely domestic with her.
So let me break it down for you and explain where this tantrum is coming from. So Val and Jack did try to make it work but apparently brutal honesty is not their thing. Both of them can't handle the Jack-Nicholson-Truth so they gave up on their romantic interlude with a lot of fighting words, much sulking and frustration, driving them to the arms of their manipulative vampire enemies, Lucas and Rachel. So Val, with stars in her eyes, surrendered to Lucas completely and to be fair, the surrendering part wasn't bad, for a minute there I too want to be impaled in Lucas' lap and have his fangs graze my skin and his hands ravage my body...

Which is the stupidest move Valerie Dearborn has ever done in the entire 21 years of her life! Jack, for his part, is acting like a martyr for sainthood and decided to align himself with Rachel, a vampire witch whose constant prodding and instigating put hairline cracks on Val and Jack's already vulnerable relationship. Jack thought he was protecting Val but little does he know, our little Empath is busy having multiple orgasms with the enemy.
Vampire chicks were even more fucked up than human ones. - Jack

I'm a lesbian, so the odds of you being able to fuck the answer out of me are pretty low. - Rachel
So it all came to a head when they finally got to Roanoke (South Carolina) and as expected, things started to turn ugly and Valerie is in the middle of a major shitstorm. Following in the tradition of rude awakenings, Val got hers after all's been said and done and she can't undo what she already set in motion. And staying true to her impulsive streak, after selling her soul to Lucas she pulled a second mortgage on it and this time it's with the Fey King, Cerdewellyn. Good luck with that!

As you can tell, I am far from being emphatic with Valerie even if I understand where her reasoning missteps came from, I still think she's a ho and I was beyond gleeful with the ending because she had it coming! Though I'm not a happy camper as far as our heroine is concerned overall I love LOVE IS FEAR, only good writing and plotting can elicit such strong emotions from readers don't you think? CHanson did a great job pulling and twisting the threads tighter and I can't help but get emotionally invested in these books. I read books 1 & 2 back to back so that's saying a lot.

But enough of my rambling, if you love PNR/UF with a lot of scheming and hot sex, get Valerie Dearborn, it's worth the ride and the space in your shelves.
--you don't fuck with vampires. Don't think you are a step ahead of them. You will never outsmart them, nor will you survive them.


  1. You've pretty much sold me on this series.

    Lee @shewolfreads

    1. You should pick this up, Lee. I know you're partial to weres and shifters like me but this one is really good.

  2. Braine you are!! This is why I LOVED!! this book as it was just Whahhhhhhhhh!!! with all the things going on. read #2.5 novella ya get some Jack reasons. This is why I was jack...Lucas...Jack....Lucas......then OMG !!! and whaaahhhhh the smexi scene, humma, humma. I have my Q & A sitting on draft , I have had to put it off until around 2nd December cause Caroline getting something ready. But! She explains some things in the Q & A with where she went. But I LOVE this series as it makes you go a bit crazy with how the characters are behaving. Nothing is what it seems and I love curveballs that I have to duck:)

    Wonderful Honest!!! I can see with your split cauldrons that it got to you. Woot!! See these kinds of reads are fun for me as they aren't predictable, they make the reader go a bit gah!!!


    1. Eff it I really went crazy and so fired up after I finished this. Your review highlighted the good stuff so I felt I have the freedom to throw a tantrum with mine! LOL

      Whatevs... Val deserves to be alone now and the pain of Lucas' betrayal or whatever you call. She was a ho in this one, through and through!

      Caroline - if you're reading this, you got it coming. You know some of us are going to hate on Valerie LOL

    2. I was just trying not to give spoilers:D Val didn't bother me that much and Rachel well....OMG!! I have a high patience tolerance, lol!!! Val is being played though so I can understand her to an extent, and she is an Empath and she doesn't know what to do with it, it is all new to her and whatever the BIG KING C is up to??? He has the mind mojo working, Jack chucked down the gauntlet and really....... Whahhhhhhhh!!!! lol!! Lucas is my juicy boy who is up to??????

      Hehe! Loved your review, you were rather passionate!!!


    3. I love Rachel, she's a big instigator, feeding gasoline to the flame. And I can't believe she's the voice of reason through all this! Like some of the things she's saying are snarky but if she's not the enemy what she's saying makes sense.

      So we've decided then, YOU take Lucas and I'll take Jack! Let's shake on it!

    4. Matey..that seems a fair deal. *spit and shake ..knuckles*

      OOo yes!! did you notice in my review I kept quiet about Rachel , lol!! yes she has an agenda and she is playing it for Team Witch.

      Jack I do like him, but he is a bit grrrrrrr now with his emotions so to speak:D

      TEAM JUICY LUCAS!!! woot , but love Jack. I am beginning to sound like Kiera from Thoughtless...whahhhh


  3. I'm sorry Braine, but I am lmao over here at your little rant xD LOL. I have this series on my tbr, i need to hurry and get to it cause it sounds gooood, even if it is a vamp book ;) Ahh, hopefully I enjoy it as much as you :D Great review as always ^-^


    1. Thanks Neyra! I thought the series is going to be one of those bubble-gum PNR based on the cover. Well obviously I'm wrong. Better get to it soon, I was immersed in the books for two days, it was so good.

    2. You're welcome ^_^ ...LOL good thing it wasn't! And it looks like I need to make a run to my library soon ;D Definitely glad you enjoyed it ^-^

  4. I don't think this series is for me, but you cracked me up^^

    and "minute there I too want to be impaled in Lucas' lap and have his fangs graze my skin and his hands ravage my body" O.O

    1. Hahahahaha those are the perks of sleeping with the enemy. Thanks for stopping by Cayce

  5. Anything that involves Roanoke gets my attention. I'm not crazy about vampires these days, but this has definitely piqued my interest. I might have to add this one to my TBR. Your review cracked me up, by the way...haha :0)

    1. Roanoke isn't til book 2 and from the looks of things, it might extend til book 3. You should get this Sarah, it's really good.

      Thanks for laughing with me :)

  6. Glad that you enjoyed and that she got what was coming.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog


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