November 12, 2012

Review: Dead Seth by Tim O'Rourke


Series: Kiera Hudson II 4
Format: Digital 
Excerpt here
Release Date: November 4, 2012

Held hostage by Jack Seth, Kiera Hudson must not only find a way to escape, but save Potter and her father before she turns to stone. With Jack becoming ever more unstable and dangerous, Kiera soon realises the choice he is forcing her to make has far more terrifying consequences than she first believed. 

As Jack’s past begins to unravel, Kiera finally understands what turned him into a serial killer, and how his disturbing past affects her future.
Villains. They bring so much to the story, they make an average Joe a hero and turn an ordinary happenstance into a hair raising event that will change the hero's life forever. The best of them have the ability to turn your life upside down with one revelation. Life as you know it will literally cease and every moment flashes before you, every frame captioned with A Lie.

Jack Seth is a great villain and DEAD SETH is his story.

For several books now, Jack Seth has been on Kiera Hudson's heels, anticipating her every turn and causing havoc on her otherwise peaceful life. I've always wondered WHY Seth is so obsessed with Kiera... well now we finally understand why and it's not what any of us probably expected. 
That's why she was so cruel to me. It was like she was getting her own back on her brother somehow. [Jack]

See it's so easy to hate Jack, his portrayal alone in the cover is enough to give anybody the creeps. This time around Tim took the time and humanized Seth. Frankly I don't hate the guy as much anymore. I don't want to give out too many details but Seth's is one of those tragic sob stories that started with his pyscho mom. All the lies and the anguish it caused poor Seth piled up turning him into a vindictive mofo. On one hand I can't blame him entirely for all his villainous activities, his past screwed up his judgment and I think he no longer remembers why he's so furious at Kiera. It's all those bitter memories in his past that drives his actions and looking at the big picture, it doesn't really have anything to do with KHudson anymore but a lot to do with him. He just needs a punching bag to vent out all of his anger and sadly, he found that in Kiera. 

There's so much that happened in DEAD SETH even if it's The Villain's book. Unexpected dots were connected and now the story is looking like this one ugly, deadly web. My only regret is that Potter was absent throughout the book, when Dead Statues ended, Potter is caught in a sticky mess. Nevertheless, this latest one-act installment on Tim's Kiera Hudson series is brimming with revelations, frustrating situations and unlikely associations. DEAD SETH pulled me in different directions and now the only thing I want for Jack Seth is peace and forgiveness.

Thanks, Tim, you never tire of ways to make it more complicated! Gah!


  1. I'm having trouble putting words to my review. While I agree with your review, awesome by the way, I found Seth a little hard to take. Guess I'm a hater when it comes to believing anything that comes from his mouth :) Thank you again, for loaning me this title!

    1. LOL I know what you mean by being emotionally manipulative. But that back story sure did make me want to kick myself several times out of frustration! I just can't believe Tim went THAT far.

  2. This series is new to me..but i do love a good villain! Thanks for sharing your review:)

    1. Oh you should try it out! It's a different kind of vampire series. I don't have the words to exactly describe it, you have to read it to understand! LOL

  3. Awesome review Miss B! The brain does get a bit flipped when reading about JS. We think we have him sorted, but then Tim does that...and then some!

    OO yes more Potter, he is a charmer in his own unique style..hehe!!


    1. I was hoping Potter would come charging at some point and rip Seth apart!

  4. I think you will be very happy with Potter in Dead Water:D

    Oh has Murphy got some explaining to do....tut..tut!!



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