November 19, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Riona Dade

Riona Dade

A Pure Soul working for the Arcangel Ramiel to fight Lucifer's minions who are corrupting man's soul spreading evil and hate.
She's a statistician by day and Keystone Witch at night
Her partners are the Greek God Dionysius and the catholic priest Marcello Angeletti
According to Marc, Riona smells like spicy, hot cinnamon and suede, yet completely feminine
Redhead with D-cups to boot
Riona is bisexual with a demon ex lover and now fancies herself in love with a priest

Quick Hits:
Favorite scent: Cold air
Stilettos or pumps: Pumps
Night or Day: Night
Favorite season: Winter
Random song in your player: Break on Through to the Other Side by The Doors

What's your poison? Classically, a beer drinker, but Dee has introduced me to Ouzo, and life may never be the same.

Two things we don't know about Dee and Marc? Dee's mother died ten years ago. He's also an accomplished body builder, and competed on the junior circuit in his forties (of course, he looked to be in his twenties). He keeps several trophies in his office. 

Marc, despite being Italian, hates Italian food. Sometimes when he prays, you can pick out names of his friends on his lips. Not that I focus on his lips or anything.

Read more about Riona and her sexy fight against Lucifer

Killian McRae would tell you that she is a rather boring lass, an authoress whose characters’ lives are so much more exciting than her own. She would be right. Sadly, this sarcastic lexophile leads a rather mundane existence in the San Francisco Bay Area. She once dreamed of being the female Indiana Jones, and to that end she earned a degree in Middle Eastern History from the University of Michigan. However, when she learned that real archaeologist spend more time lovingly removing dust with toothbrushes from shards of pottery than outrunning intriguing villains with exotic accents, she decided to become a writer instead. She writes across many genres, including science fiction, fantasy, romance, and historical fiction.

Killian is a member of Stanford University’s Writer’s Certificate program and a PRO member of the Romance Writers of America.

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