October 19, 2012

Review: Starved for Love by Annie Nicholas

Series: Confessions of a Succubus 1
Format: ARC (NetGalley)
Excerpt here
Release Date: September 17, 2012
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After almost dying of starvation to remain faithful to a mortal lover, succubus Pia Blyton now shields her heart by feeding solely on men she won't fall for. The only trick is, to create energy to survive, she must achieve orgasm. At least that rules out bad sex with her three lovers. Too bad she's a sucker for falling in love.

When her demon lover doesn't arrive for their arranged rendezvous, Pia is forced to ask her vampire lover to step in before her energy becomes dangerously low. In return he demands a favor and Pia finds herself in the hotel suite of the mysterious Valerio Hunan, who seduces her with a devastating kiss. Too late Pia learns he's an incubus who wants to lure her into marriage—a marriage without love.

As an incubus used to bedding a variety of succubi, Val doesn't understand Pia's yearning for love. He needs a succubus wife to provide him with a steady source of energy. But he wants Pia for the passion and renewed interest in life she makes him feel. Can Pia convince Val that sex isn't just for survival and love is for more than the weak?
STARVED FOR LOVE by Annie Nicholas is a fun, romantic and sexy story about a cautious succubus and an enigmatic incubus. Pia Blyton is in a jam because three suitors, or sex partners, is apparently not enough to keep her fed and sated for a three day cycle. But Pia doesn’t just sleep with anybody, despite her inherent promiscuity, her past heartbreak has been traumatic for our heroine so her relationship with her lovers are nothing more than a business deal. A missing suitor offset her cycle which led to meeting Valerio Hunan, an incubus who’s new in town and next thing Pia knows, Val is courting her and papers are being drawn for their upcoming nuptials.
"Stop meddling in my life. Being shallow and simple is fine with me. Go make someone else sticky with ice cream." - Pia to Sin
I had fun reading STARVED FOR LOVE, I find it ironic that Pia is a little conservative for a succubus and even if they’re highly sexual beings, ANicholas wrote it in the most organic way possible, not sensationalizing the erotic moments but merely stressing how sex is a necessity first and recreation next. Pia’s family is also made for reality TV having two sisters from other mothers, a conservative and loving dad and sister wives who genuinely care for each other and their nuclear family, ready to support and give comfort when needed.
"Baby, I'm an incubus. I don't need toys."

"I'm going to f*ck you so hard," he whispered in my ear. "I'll have to call nine-one-one to revive you after."
Valerio is your usual lead hero, imposing, mysterious, arrogant and oozing with sex appeal. His connection with Pia is literally electric from the start and like most budding relationships they had their own share of mistrust, insecurities and burning passion for each other. Given their respective natures, both Val and Pia know they have to share each other and it was quite an interesting twist when Val manipulated himself to be part of Pia’s regular feeding schedules with her suitors and how Pia overwhelmed her future sister wives during an afternoon lunch interview. Polyamorous is the best word to describe their relationship.

STARVED FOR LOVE focused more on Pia and Val’s courtship and their respective backgrounds than anything.  Book 1 of ANicholas Confessions of a Succubus series is a good opener for a fun sexy series both being emotionally faithful and sexually promiscuous at the same time. It’s not exactly the monogamous romance we are used to reading but the musical-chair-like take on sexual partners is very amusing and entertaining. But aside from the erotic elements, I am looking forward to reading book 2 and find out what really happened to Pia's demon lover.


  1. Oooh, sounds super steamy. I really like that it takes on the needs vs fidelity. I may try this one out. Great review!

    1. Yeah but it's nothing deep, just all fun and games. I hope you get to read it soon.


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