October 29, 2012

Review + Giveaway: Dead Statues by Tim O'Rourke

Series: Kiera Hundson Two 3
Format: Digital
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Release Date: October 21, 2012
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With the Skin-walkers closing in, Kiera and her friends flee across the English countryside. Learning Potter has been keeping secrets from her, Kiera makes the painful decision to split from the group and leave her friends behind to go in search of her father. Can Kiera reach him before she turns into a statue, like the ones that appear to be following her?

Desperate to win back Kiera’s trust, and fearing she is walking straight into a trap, Potter goes after her. But with a more desperate and cunning enemy anticipating Kiera’s and Potter’s every move, will Potter’s past secrets ultimately lead to the death of Kiera Hudson?

Dead Statues, the darkest and most disturbing adventure in Kiera Hudson Series Two.

I thought Kiera Hudson can't get any darker than Vampire Hollows. Apparently I'm wrong because like what Tim O'Rourke said (warned) on his note, DEAD STATUES might be short compared to its predecessors but it's the darkest and most emotional book so far in the series. And he didn't exaggerate.

This point in the story I thought I've read it all. I mean how much worse can things get? They've been pushed to another world, everything isn't what its supposed to be, werewolves are sort of ruling the town, moving statues, the dead lives and on top of that, someone or something is still trying to off Kiera and the gang. Well Mr. O'Rourke sure took a sharp left on this one as he reveals how much in deep sh*t Kiera, Potter and Kayla really are. It's like the ending of that movie Devil's Advocate where you realize it's this sick cycle of coercion and the wheels will keep on turning until Kiera makes her choice. The Elders really hit an all time low this time when they decided to play Kiera and Potter's emotions against them employing the age old strategy of divide and conquer to force Kiera to finally choose between humans and vampyres. This time around the Elders raised the stakes by making it personal. Very personal.
"Then turning his attention back at Sam, he added. “Did you sue him?”
“Sue who?” Sam asked confused.
“Your fucking hairdresser,” Potter grinned rolling up his sleeves, readying himself for the Skin-walkers who were growing ever nearer. “If I came out looking like you with hair and shit sprouting outta me, I’d be demanding a refund.”
And of course, this review will be incomplete if I don't talk about Potter. You know how much I love Sean Potter and his lines are killing me in this book! He might be too much and his words might not be choice cuts but man, they are funny! However his insensitivity finally caught up with him and seeing Potter all torn up and broken over Isidor and Kiera yanked my heartstrings. Potter is always acting macho and tears and heartfelt words aren't really his thing. He's more of the action-speaks-louder kind of guy so his heart to heart talk with Kayla spoke volumes and seeing this vulnerable side of him made me love him even more.

DEAD STATUES was emotionally packed and really the turning of point of Kiera Hudson II. The characters' trust and loyalties for each other is unraveling and everything is now on the tipping point. It can go either way and though Kiera and Potter's indomitable resolve is always reliable, their cunning adversaries in The Elders makes everything unpredictable. The ending was very typical of Tim: hair-pulling cliffhanger. Gah!

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  1. A brilliant book and amazing give away. Thank you!

  2. Which fictional lady vampire character is your favorite?

    It's a very hard choice but I love Kayla as she's grown as a character during the series

    1. True, makes me wonder what happened to her in the river. I hate cliffhangers!

    2. I'm not sure I have a favorite lady vampire character. I don't really consider Kiera or Kayla to be vampires, at least not in the O'Rourke mythology! :) I really like Keri Arthur's Riley Jensen, but once again she's not a full vampire.

  3. Kiera would def.count as my fav.I know she is somewhat a vampire,but non the less. : )

  4. Ha... That's a tough one. I really do love Pam from the SVM's.
    I have quite a few actually.
    Wonderful review! I just read book #1 & 2 Kiera Hudson series last week. Loved them! I'm anxious to snag the rest of the series and the second series as well!
    Thank you for the chance to win!
    DeAnna Schultz

    1. Yes Pam is the bomb! I love her brand of snark.

  5. Which fictional lady vampire is my favorite?
    I'm not sure I'd count Kiera or her friends as vampires per say.If I have to pick from the Kiers Hudson series I'd pick Kiera.I loved her from the begining.She is strong and noble.She always puts others above herself...Thanks for the chance to win!!!

    1. The first time I read about her seeing abilities, I know for sure her series is something I will definitely follow. Plus Potter of course LOL

  6. Kiera Hudson and co are so fun and exciting I enjoy reading there journey

  7. Well said Miss B:D

    Totally loved this installment!! The best in 2nd series:D


  8. Fave chick vampire , hmmmm I kind of agree with Holly I don't think of Kayla and Kiera as vamps, ??? but I am having trouble thinking of a fave chick Vamp? Stares at book case.....I know my lads, lol!!! I do like Cat from Night Huntress...stares at book case.....Yup!


  9. I like Cat from the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. I can't think of any other lady vampire to be honest o.O
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. This series is totally new to me ....i know *living under a rock* right? I love your review and am off to find book one!

  11. This was a tuffy, I am going to choose Pam from the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. She is snarky and strong and loyal, but can be soooo mean LOL

  12. Cat from the Night Huntress series is probably my fav girl from a vampire saga :D

  13. A lady vamp? well, i'm not much of a vamp fan xD LOL hmm.... i'm trying to think of ONE vamp i like, but ...crap... Wraith's mate in Passion Unleashed... ?? >.< LOL I mean she was human first and I kind of liked her, save for some moments lol, sooo. yeah I'm going with Serena xD LOL sorry :p

  14. Selena from underworld, thank you for the giveaway!

  15. Mira from Jocelyn Drake's Dark Days series!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  16. Which fictional lady vampire is my favorite.....hmmmm...
    I think Selena from underworld.
    Thanks for giveaway :)

  17. I usually read books where the man is the vampire -_-
    And the only ones I can come up with is Selena from Underworld and Queen Akasha from Queen of the Damned.


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