October 31, 2012

Gush and Gripe #10

I skipped on the costume and parties this year but I made sure that I had enough candy to binge on thanks to my nephew, he was the perfect accessory to the crime.

I live in a small town so we went to a Trick or Treat event in the town square for the kids. 
Here's some of the highlights.

This Witch was outside the Mary Kay store.
I don't think this is the wisest mascot for a cosmetic boutique to have...

This Dude was HUGE and people were flocking to take pictures with him! 
His costume was the best one I've seen mainly because not a lot of grown ups dressed up for the occasion.

Here's my 5% of my nephew's loot: candy sticks and candy corn plus a pair of caramel cubes thrown in the mix. They also gave away a lot of popcorn bags and hotdogs for the grown-ups.  

So that's my night, I hope yours was more exciting than mine.
Stay safe guys!


  1. Happy Halloween girls!!


    Awesome pics! My fave of the night was the 5 or 6 teenage boy oompa loompas that came to my door trick or treating...hehe!! They weren't little!


    1. How "little" were they? We didn't get a lot of trick or treaters in our house, I guess most of the town's people went to the town square instead. It's safer actually and there were enough candy to fill a bag.


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