October 8, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Jessica McClain + Character Interview

Daughter of Callum McClain, Alpha of the U.S. Northern Territories,
 the most formidable pack in the world.
Twin sister to Tyler McClain (dibs!).
Mate to Rourke (a feline shifter of sorts).
Purple-eyed which turns luminiscent when she shifts.
Twenty-six years old.
Only known living female werewolf who can shift in full or partially (Lycan).
Runs a private investigation company with her bestfriend, Nick Michaels, a werefox.

It's hard not to be in awe and a tad jealous of Jessica McClain. Growing up being bullied and harassed for being a woman isn't an easy feat in their compound and though Jessica had tough times, she kept her head up and used this unfair discrimination against her sex to her full advantage. The result? Jessica became this fiercely independent, very resilient and extremely confident female that will put other male wolves to shame. Plus, Jessica is always in around drool-worthy men, who wouldn't feel a little envious of that?

Talk Supe: If we were to raid your refrigerator right now, what would we find?
Jessica McClain: Everything. It's so packed you can't see the fridge light. I'm hungry non-stop, but the thing you'll find I have in abundance is beef jerky. The fresh kind from the butcher wrapped in white paper. Salty, meaty goodness.

Talk Supe: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you? 
Jessica McClain: I'm so not up on actresses these days. I haven't seen a movie in forever, but it would have to be someone who could fight -- or at least act like it. I used to watch Alias, so possibly Jennifer Garner. Or Kate Beckinsale. Doesn't she do all the supernatural spoof movies? She'd be a good choice.

Talk Supe: If a newspaper is to write a story about you, what would the headline say?
Jessica McClain: "Only Female Werewolf Alive Wreaks Havoc on the Supernatural World"

Talk Supe: What part of the male anatomy do you find sexiest?
Jessica McClain: Anywhere there's a tattoo.

Talk Supe: What's your greatest guilty girly pleasure? 
Jessica McClain: My hair. I keep it long, when I know better. It's a liability, but if I cut it I run the risk of looking like Ralph Macchio in the Karate Kid.

*yeah, that's not good*

If you're into werewolves and shifters but haven't read FULL BLOODED by Amanda Carlson, you are missing out on a LOT because the book is magnificent! I should warn you though, don't start the book late because Amanda and Jessica won't let you sleep until you've read the last word of the story. 

"I started FULL BLOODED because kickass heroines rock and I love shifters of all kinds. There aren’t enough warm-blooded girls to go around, in my opinion. I fell into Jessica’s story and had such a great time writing it. I couldn’t imagine writing anything other than urban fantasy now."

More about Amanda at 


  1. Awesome Girl Crush Monday! I started Full Blooded about a week ago but had to stop due to other bits needing done asap!. I didn't realise there was a novella, cool. I am looking forward to starting it again. Only got 20 pages in. Love me kick ass heroines and shifters. Always comes with an uber lovely Alpha:) Win, Win!

    Thanks for sharing:)


    1. Oh I'm so proud of you for being able to put it down! I lost sleep reading both the novella and book 1, I can't rest until I've read the last word.

    2. It was one of those things where I knew I had to spend the right amount of time on it. Not half baked and I had to finish this other project for blog, so I had to. I didn't know there was a novella, should I read that first??? OR Full Blooded. I started reading Kept on NG and then realised it was # 2 of that series, lol!! I was like, hmmm this has a feel to it of Rachel Vincents Shifters series but i am missing something...duh, it was book # 2. I know I have to spend quality time on Blades Of Winter too, cause you RAVED about it. So another one I have to clear some time. I got a bit bogged with October and my mouth saying 'yes' lol!! I need to put tape over it sometimes:S I know if you loved these books, then I will too. So 'clear the schedule'. I started Seduction and Snacks too and LOVE the humor but I was bogged so had to pop it to side for short bit. Having to sit at pc and read Kindle is painful, lol! I did get an awesome $70 amazon gift voucher towards a brand spankin new Kindle for myself so I just have to add some $$$$ and I am set like a jelly...yay!

      I then just have to work out how to get them off kindle for pc and onto the kindle:S


  2. Love it! Gotta start this series soon, God knows there aren't enough kick ass heroines in the bookworld! Great interview ladies! ^-^

    1. Thanks Neyra and we do need more impressive heroines.

  3. Fun interview! Beef jerky, tattooed men, and long hair. Sounds like me and Jessica would get along really well ;-)

  4. I love, love, love Jessica and her band of merry Weres and shifters. I can't wait for the next installment...


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