September 12, 2012

Writer Wrangler: Jennifer Schmidt + INTL Giveaway

Talk Supe: Hi Jennifer and welcome to Talk Supe, thanks for stopping by.
Jennifer Schimdt: Thank you for having me as well.

Talk Supe: What is the story behind Risking It All?
Jennifer: Most people have that one friend that they've wondered "what if..." about--whether they admit it or not. Who better to fall in love with than someone you already care so much about; someone who knows and accepts you for who you are. But taking that leap can be scary. My first novel wasn't all the realistic with the plot, so this time around I wanted to write something that people could relate to.

Talk Supe: Are the characters based in real life? If yes, who are the real-life Kennedy, Memphis and Ian?
Jennifer: This question makes me giggle because for those who know me and know the story they automatically assume I wrote it based on certain real life events. But the answer is no. There are some similarities, yes, but I didn't write it with certain people or experiences in mind.

Talk Supe: I read that you're aware people will hate Kennedy (guilty!), did you wish you made her likeable instead of what she is?
Jennifer: Nope. I love Kennedy just the way she is. And I'll let you in on a little secret: I don't like her very much either *laughs* While writing her I seriously wanted to strangle her, but at the same time, while I don't agree with all her actions, I do understand where the character was coming from regarding how she felt falling for her best friend and not having a clue of what the hell to do.

Talk Supe: Are you worried that people's feelings for Kennedy might impact how readers will rate Risking It All?
Jennifer: Yes and no. I want readers to realize that there's more to the book than just Kennedy, but at the same time I know readers have to identify with the characters and like them enough to want to root for them. While editing, my fabulous editor pointed out that Kennedy's attitude could impact the ratings. I did consider changing her, and actually did try to rewrite some things, but in the end it just didn't feel right.
Talk Supe: Ballsy sticking to your guns over ratings, but we approve of you not sacrificing your writing for the ratings.

Talk Supe: We like doing casting couches here in Talk Supe, who do you want to play Kennedy, Memphis and Ian?
Jennifer: From the minute I started writing Risking It All Ian Somerhalder was inspiration for Memphis. Katie Melua is exactly how I picture Kennedy but she's not an actress so I would have to go with Evangeline Lilly. And Eric Bana as Ian.
Talk Supe: What did you find the most challenging while writing Risking It All?
Jennifer: Believe it or not, it was definitely the sex. I wanted raw, emotional, passionate scenes that said everything they were too afraid to say. It took me days to write the first one; I was terrified of screwing it up and not having it portray the moment as powerful as it needed to be. After I wrote it I had a friend proofread it for me so I had an idea of how a reader would react. She's still talking about it so I guess it did its job.

Talk Supe: I'm sure you've read about author meltdowns in Goodreads, how do you deal with negative reviews?
Jennifer: I actually wrote a blog post about this not too long ago. Sure, negative reviews blow and in a perfect world everyone would love your book. But that's not realistic. Everyone has opinions and the truth is some of those opinions aren't going to be in your favour. As long as the negative reviews aren't too harsh, I try to take something away from them that I can make work in a positive way. What people don't like help me understand what to do or not to do in my next book.

Talk Supe: What's your next project and can you tell us more about it?
Jennifer: Right now I'm working on something completely different than what I've written before. I can't tell you much about it (mainly because I'm not even sure where it's going yet) but it is supernatural and does center around vampires. I'm taking it slow since it's a new genre for me to write.


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Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!

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  1. This is an amazing interview! I think it's great that the author tries to take negative reviews in the most positive way possible. I think it really sucks when authors try to retaliate back from a review that didn't say 100 positive things.

    1. Amen! I think Jennifer is ballsy to "allow" her characters to tell their story instead of tailoring it to fit the popular opinion.

  2. Even though I'm OBSESSED with S.C. Stephens Thoughtless. I have mixed feelings about Kiera since the start. Even with Effortless, she's one of those charactors you either love or hate!

    1. I haven't read that series but I think Kennedy is something like that. There's so in-between, either you love her or hate her guts.

  3. This is a great interview. Enjoyed reading this and will be picking up this book!

  4. What an awesome interview. That is a very ballsy move writing a character you don't like. But I see what you are saying, it makes sense. I like that a lot. I love your character choices as well. Anything with Ian Somerhalder is always a plus for me. Absolutely love your answer about the negative reviews. It is good to take something out of them and grow and not have a huge meltdown. That definitely isn't the case when some reviewers are vicious though :( Awesome interview and giveaway guys, thanks so much :)

    1. It's a major disappointment how some authors are so sensitive to negative reviews knowing that not everyone is going to love their work. Jennifer is indeed ballsy.

  5. Lovely interview, and to answer the question. I hate whiny heroines who bitch at every thing they need to do.

  6. Can't think of one I've disliked, at least once we're well into the book. Sometimes the heroine can come off very harsh because they are trying to protect themselves emotionally.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  7. Hey :D Lovely Interview , very interesting!! Love cast choices.
    I have something funny...well, you may have had to be there, but, I have had a little run in so to speak with Mr Eric B. This was years ago when I was living in Adelaide, South Australia, but doing some work in Melbourne, Victoria. We were down St Kilda way ( the beach area) I was in the cosmopolitan foodie area and getting all things crusty bread etc....for the nibbles in the hotel room. Anyhoo, Mr Eric B was not a movie star he was with his girlfriend at the time ( now wife) She was rollerblading out of a shop, yes out of a shop. The pavement was being fixed up. So it was uneven. I saw this gorgeous wolf type doggie tied to a pole, which I was doing cutesy noises to. I looked up and guess whose dog it was. Yup Mr Eric B. Now I took a step back , fell backwards over the curb type paved side of the footpath ( it was being fixed like little brick pavers but not finished off) and he apologised to me. LOL!! he said 'ooo sorry' I mumbled blaa..blaa....and abruptly turned on my heel and departed. That was when he was just a comedy guy in a comedy show. he played many characters, one was Peter a total aussie esky beer drinking guy. The name came out more like POITER ( oi = oink) He used to bring his esky on stage and be an aussie bloke, ha! Now look at him!!! Whahhhhh!!!!

    yes.....the only time I am that close to Eric bana, I fall backwards over a paved curb....but I shall never forget that !!



    1. Hahahaha! I did hear he used to do comedy, I honestly can't imagine him doing that, he looks so serious. But that's funny, do you think he still remembers you? At least you can say that you shared some words with him even if your response was just blaa... blaa

  8. Kiera from Thoughtless. She's so darn indecisive!!!!

  9. No one particular. But I hate the TSTL heroine.

  10. -______________________________- Anastasia Steele hands down no question!!

    xD LOL

  11. Love the interview and thanks for the giveaway ladies :D

  12. I don't even consider her a heroine, but if it fits...Bella from the Twilight series. I could write an essay on why she's not. Sorry Twilight fans...


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