September 9, 2012

TALK SUPE EXCLUSIVE: Fear an Anthology

Fear: A Modern Anthology of Horror and Terror brings together, for the first time, tales of murder, monsters and madness, by sixty of the world’s best indie horror authors. 

Discover what lurks in the water at the end of the garden, learn of the unforgiving loyalty of a loving toy and meet a writer, just itching to finish his latest horror story. 

Every author in the Anthology has generously contributed their work for free. All royalties from sales will go directly to the international charities, Barnardo’s and Médecins Sans Frontières

FEAR, with forewords by international bestselling authors, Peter James and Sherri Browning Erwin, is released in Paperback and on Kindle, October 3rd 2012.
This Anthology is EXTRA special not just for its noble cause but also because our fellow blogger, CARMEN JENNER from Book Me!, is one of the contributors!

If you want to participate for the tour, please head on to Carmen's blog and sign up. Not only are you supporting a fellow blogger, you're also helping other people's lives get better by promoting the book in your respective blogs.
 Carmen's short story is entitled What Goes Around and we're so excited to get our hands on this! Stay tuned for more details about FEAR and our mini interview with Ms. Jenner coming soon.


  1. Awww, you guys! Thanks you! This is AWESOME!

  2. that's awesome!! I saw this on Carmen's blog too! It looks super scary, so it's not really for me, but it's still awesome! I love the cover!

  3. I look forward to reading Carmen's story. I have this cover on my Fallen Angels YA Blog.

  4. That's it. I will be getting a copy. In fact, I MUST have it.

  5. Sounds creepy! Especially the part about the unforgiving loyalty of a loving toy. I love horror movies with scary little dolls and toys.

    Thanks for sharing this! Hope you ladies had a wonderful weekend <3

  6. Hi All - It does sound scary and the cover looks a lot like Chuckie! Thanks for stopping by and please, support the cause and Carmen!

  7. Heading out to sign up now! This sounds amazing!


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