September 17, 2012

Quick chat with (Prince) Wesley Railey with Nora Sutherlin

Talk Supe: Hi Wesley and Nora! It's so nice to finally sit down and chat with you guys, mainly Wesley. How have you been?
Wesley Railey: First of all, do I have to do this, Nora?
Nora Sutherlin: Yes, you do. The bloggers wanted to talk to my intern.
Wesley: You fired me.
Nora: Just answer the questions. I’ll let you have a cookie after.
Wes: I can’t eat cookies.
Nora: I’ll let you have nookie after.
Wes: What’s the first question?

Talk Supe: *clears throat* I heard you and Nora are back in speaking terms, does this mean you're moving back?
Wes: Actually, Nora’s going to spend some time with me. I think she needs to see Kentucky.
Nora: It is were K-Y is manufactured. I should get a I <3 K-Y t-shirt while I’m there.
Wes: K-Y isn’t manufactured in Kentucky.
Nora: Then why is it called K-Y? Hmm?

Talk Supe: Your parents are pretty adamant about your relationship with Nora, how do you think they'll react to your reunion with the infamous erotica writer?
Wes: I love my parents but they don’t get a say in my personal life.
Talk Supe: I'm sure you're getting that nookie later *winks*.

Talk Supe: What is it about Nora that you can't live without?
Wes: Everything.
Talk Supe: Awww. 

Talk Supe: Nora has probably seen everything there is to see in the world, what can you offer her that she can't get anywhere but with you?
Wes: She’ll be a lot safer with me.
Nora: That is not true. I’m totally safe in my life. Well, apart from New York drivers. And muggers.
Talk Supe: *chuckles while shaking head*

Talk Supe: You're very vanilla but from the looks of it, I think you'll fit perfectly in Nora's dark, little and extremely kinky world. Have you ever thought of taking a stroll in the dark side?
Wes: No way in Hell.

Talk Supe: How do you plan to handle the Søren situation and his merry band of Doms?
Wes: Søren can take care of himself. I’ll take care of Nora.
Nora: That was very sexy, Wes.
Wes: Thank you.

Talk Supe: Oh, Wes, I love you so much and I hope you and Nora can make it work somehow. I'm still unsure what relationship I'm rooting for, if it's romantic or platonic friendship, but I can tell you guys are good for each other. In case it doesn't work, I'll have you know that I'm Nora's age and I'd be more than happy to be yours. *shameless*
Nora: Watch it, Lady.
Talk Supe: *cowers* OK Maybe I can have you instead? No? *hangs head*

Converse or Nike:  Nike
Pop or Country music:  Both
Dream Date with Nora:  Anything with Nora is a dream come true.
Handcuffs or Silk Sash:  Neither. 

Know why Nora Sutherlin is so smitten with this vanilla prince. 

THE PRINCE out now!


  1. Damn, we only have to pick one? Well I shall say Lust! Seriously, all these hot books with sexy man covers? How can I not let my imagination wander. Plus reading said books, oh yeah I wish I could live those moments.

    I do have to say, Wesley the no Handcuff or Silk Sash are a shame. Being tied up / Bound is so much more fun!
    Fun interview Ladies

    1. LOL Amanda! Sp you like being tied up huh...:P


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