September 24, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Mercedes Thompson

Mercedes Thompson

Daughter of a Blackfeet Indian and a white teenage mother.
She's a Walker or shapeshifter, shifting into a coyote at will.
Married to Adam Hauptman, Alpha of the Tri-Cities werewolf pack.

Mercy doesn't consider herself a classic beauty. She's 5'6, tanned and toned from karate lessons. She's a Volkswagen mechanic by trade and can see and control ghosts, an ability associated to being a Walker.

How can you not love Mercy? She's fiercely independent, stubborn, tough as nails, and conscientious. And even if she keeps company with otherworldly beings more powerful than her, Mercy can stand unflinchingly on her own. Add her hot hubby, Adam Hauptman, into the mix and any reader is guaranteed to fall in love with these two. Their story is one of the most romantic and emotional ones I've ever read and it's no wonder why this series has a loyal following.
"It's only fair to warn you that you sealed your fate tonight. When you knew you were in trouble, you came to me. That makes twice, Mercy, and twice is almost as good as a declaration. You are mine now.... Ben says you might run. If you do, I will find you and bring you back. Every time you run, Mercy. I won't force you, but. .. No more excuses, Mercy. You are mine, and I am keeping you."
Iron Kissed, Adam Hauptman

“Thank you, Adam,” I told him. “Thank you for tearing Tim into small Tim bits. Thank you for forcing me to drink one last cup of fairy bug-juice so I could have use of both of my arms. Thank you for being there, for putting up with me.” By that point I wasn’t laughing anymore. “Thank you for keeping me from being another of Stefan’s sheep—I’ll take pack over that any day. Thank you for making the tough calls, for giving me time.” I stood up and walked to him, leaning against him and pressing my face against his shoulder.
“Thank you for loving me.”
His arms closed around me, pressing flesh painfully hard against
bone. Love hurts like that sometimes.” 

Bone Crossed, Mercy Thompson and Adam Hauptman

Out March 15, 2013


  1. Your choice ROCKS! love Mercedes

  2. YES! YES! YES! Love this series, Love Mercy , Love Adam , Love Stefan....awesome series! Wonderful choice for Girl Crush:D


  3. OH!! I say that is the perfect girl crush!

  4. AWESOME! Not going to lie I picked up Bone Crossed b/c I loved the cover (it was in my local used book store!) but now I need the rest

  5. UGH.
    I STILL haven't read all of Moon Called, but Mercy is AMAZING.
    And seriously, I LOVE those covers. SO bad.

  6. Love Mercy! Awesome choice and I am so excited for the seventh book to come out!

  7. I thought I put a comment here already * scratches head* YES!! LOVE Mercy I wanted to be MERCY when I read this series, except for the time...... that wouldn't have been good, but ADAM and Stefan. Mercy is such a strong character , even though she gets put through the ringer a bit. The cover art is amazing. Although I have wondered why they tatted her up on the covers when infact she only has the paw on her tum??


  8. wooot. Love Mercy Thompson! Patricia Briggs is a genius! Great pick ladies! eeek I can't wait to read Frost Burned!!

    Ana♥ @ Beach Bum Reads


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