September 10, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Billie Piper

Liane Paul Piper
aka Billie Piper

I wasn't much of a fan of her music but I am a fan of one particular project of hers and that was Showtime's 
The Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Secret Diary of a Call Girl follows Hannah Baxter (Billie Piper), an independent and witty London graduate who secretly works as a high-class escort. Using the name of “Belle,” she’s always loved the single life, claiming she doesn’t need relationships because she gets what she needs from her work.

There's something about Billie that I find sensual, watching the show motivated me to do some lunges and squats with the hopes of having my booty as curvaceous as hers. LOL Wishful thinking I know but she looks so soft and feminine that I find more appealing than those hard gym rat bodies we usually see on screen. 

Sad the show has been cancelled but watching old episodes of Dr. Who reminded me that I do have a Secret Crush on Billie Piper and I'm hoping I'll see more of her soon. 


  1. I LOVE BILLIE. Seriously. I'm a big fan from when she was in Doctor Who, but I LVOE her in Secret Diary! ♥

    1. Secret Diary was funny too! All those clients with different fantasies were hella funny.

  2. I love Billie Piper. I am with you, it sucks that Secret Diary was cancelled, but I definitely still watch the season 2 reruns of Doctor Who. She was a favorite for sure. I hope they get her on another show or something, she is awesome. Great post guys :)


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