September 3, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Bachelorette Movie

I love Isla Fisher and Rebel Wilson and this Hangover-like movie with Kirsten Dunst and Lizzy Caplan sounds and looks pee-in-your-pants hilarious. People are already tagging it the next Bridesmaids and as this Sundance flick is produced by legendary funny men, Will Farrell and Adam McKay, I'm sure we'll either need pee pads or Poise.
Bachelorette in theaters September 6, 2012.


  1. This looks like fun. Sounds like another girls night out movie run (Magic Mike anyone)!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  2. Hehe! rebel and Isla. Wow Rebel is really working the US movies at the moment. She is such a casual actress:D



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