September 19, 2012

Dirty Ten with Memphis + Risking It All Giveaway Winner

1. What is your sexiest body part? 
How dirty can this ten be, ladies? My smile seems to fluster the women--I think it's because they're just thinking of what I can do with my mouth because, really, a smile is not something to get all hot and bothered over. But I've always favored my arms. I love when a women runs her hands up and down my biceps.

2. What is your favorite body part in a woman's body? 
I'm an ass man. Those yoga pants you all wear and the way they hug your butt? Fucking. Hot.

3. Do you have tattoos and/or piercings? Where and what? 
Neither. I've flirted with the idea of a tattoo but if I ever did it I would want it to mean something. I'm not all about putting ink on my body just for the sake of having it.

4. Favorite sexual position? 
Doggy in front of a mirror. I get the best view of the back and the front

5. What toy would you bring in the bedroom? 
I have a flogger fetish. You don't even have to use it for spanking, just run those tails over my body and I'll do whatever you want.

6. Longest dry spell? 
A couple of weeks, maybe? No longer than I month, for sure.

7. Have you ever paid for sex? 
Does paying for Kennedy's trip to Alaska count? If not, then no.

8. What is the weirdest request you've gotten from a partner? 
A chick wanted me to mash up bananas and rub them all over her, like all over her. From her hair to her toes and all the places in between. I couldn't do it. I wasn't really into fucking a banana 

9. Pet peeve? 
Women who fake it! C'mon on, ladies. You'll bitch to your girlfriends about it later that we "don't know what we're doing" but how can we know what you really like if you won't speak up.

10. Dirtiest fantasy? 
It's not so dirty, I don't think, but...I'd like to give the BDSM thing a shot. For the most part I've always been in control when it comes to sex, so to be bound, blindfolded, maybe gagged, having no control? Plus, Kennedy in a leather corset with that flogger? Hell. Yeah. 

I just had a warm and weird feeling in my stomach after this Q&A, now I want a big mirror installed in my room. Whew!

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The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing for the giveaway. 
Tanja V.
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  1. * fans oneself* That was a rather yummy interview * waggles eyebrows*


    1. I had the same reaction, Matey.

    2. Matey, well I plopped that book onto my TBR pile * thud* lol!


  2. Okay, the interview left me hot and bother. Phew *fanning my self*.


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