August 25, 2012

Writer Wrangler: MJ Rose Talks Erotica

Today we are lucky to have the author of
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and one of the country's premier erotica writers.
Welcome to Talk Supe, M.J. Rose!

Talk Supe: I know you've published several books but have you always written erotica or have you penned other stories that are not of the genre?
M.J. Rose: All of my books have sensual elements but only Lip Service and Lying in Bed are really what I'd call "erotic". That said there  are erotic scenes in every book.  It might be my favorite part of writing... when i get to the sex scenes the writing flows in a way that it doesn't in the rest of the book.

Talk Supe: Erotica has been around for a long time but the popularity of 50 Shades has put this genre back to the forefront, what are your thoughts about mainstream erotica books that have been recently released? Do you feel these newly published books are really erotica or just a bastardization of the genre to keep up with the trend?
M.J. Rose: I think the internet and ebooks made it less embarrassing for people to buy erotic books. When Lip Service came out we sold more than a thousand times as many books via online sales or direct mail sales. As for the current crop of books -  - I actually don't read a enough current erotica to judge what's being written now. I love writing it - and I love wonderful books that have erotic elements but I don't search out erotic to read.

Talk Supe: People usually mistake erotica as porn but what is erotica and how is it different from romantica or it's illegitimate cousin, porn?
M.J. Rose: I don't like labels and don't use them.  One person's erotica is another person's (fill in the blank.) I believe in freedom of expression and I think that fantasies are wonderful and that nothing that happens consensually is wrong as long as no one is hurt.  But to define it - I don't think I can.

Talk Supe: Which novel of yours is your favorite or the most special and why?
M.J. Rose: It's like asking a mother which child she  likes the best. Usually its the most recent novel. Though I guess Lip Service is special in its own way since it was the first and the one that got me so much attention.

Talk Supe: Aside from yourself, which other erotica writer do you recommend and what book of theirs should we check out?
M.J. Rose: I loved Anne Rice writing as A.S Roquelare in the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy.


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M.J. Rose is a founding member and board member of International Thriller Writers and the founder of the first marketing company for authors: She runs two popular blogs; Buzz, Balls & Hype and Backstory.

For more info on M.J. Rose and her books please visit her website at
you can also follow her on Twitter @MJRose

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