August 28, 2012

The Teens Who Would Be King by G.T. Almasi

The Teens Who Would Be King
“Hey, let’s take over the world and — ooh! Shiny!”

If Olympic athletes trained to be Ninjas instead of athletes, we couch potatoes wouldn’t stand a chance. Fortunately, the kind of person who spends their entire life training their bodies to perform super-human feats is also the kind of person who’s easily distracted by glittery trinkets. When we tell Olympic athletes to “Go for the gold!” we’re really telling them, “Don’t rise up against us and become our genetically superior overlords!”

Every time I watch the Olympics I think, “If we made those kids into spies they’d kick butt!” All we’d have to do is channel their mental focus and physical discipline into their youthful patriotism and stuff them full of biotic enhancements and implanted communication gear. Then we’d have a cadre of unstoppable super-spies. And the kids would love it! What teenager doesn’t wish they had a cell phone installed in their head?

Olympians and spies hold a powerful fascination for us: a super-human combination of discipline and danger. I’ve been a James Bond fan my whole life. I also really enjoyed the adventures of Indiana Jones, Rambo, and Jason Bourne. I loved watching the female leads in La Femme Nikita and the Tomb Raider properties. But none of these action heroes were teenagers, and female characters still represented a tiny minority of action leads. 

Then Harry Potter happened, and young characters -- male and female -- suddenly became viable action leads for grown-up audiences. Now, with Hunger Games, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Twilight and others, we’re seeing more and more young would-be Olympians doing very adult things. 

I’ve been asked if Blades of Winter is similar to these other titles. It’s a tricky question, because I don’t consider those other titles similar even to each other. While the fundamental idea -- a teenage female character in an extremely violent story -- is the same, each of these stories fly off in their own direction once they’re past this initial similarity. Even so, it’s interesting to be swept up in this trend, especially since it didn’t really exist when I started writing Blades of Winter six years ago. 

I do, however, worry that these books and movies will give the Olympians ideas. Instead of entertaining us with their athletic gifts, they could enslave us with their superior genes instead. Then they would establish a new world order that — ooh, look! Shiny!
Gold medals continue to be our best defense against the Olympians. The current literary trend of young heroes to give them dangerous ideas means that maintaining this defense is more important than ever. Happily, it seems that London’s recent pile of fresh hardware has effectively squashed the Neo-Sapiens’ hunger for global domination. 

For now. 

August, 2012

Blades of Winter, the first book of G.T. Almasi's Shadowstorm Series, is out today. 
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  1. thanks for putting this book on my radar!

    1. It's really good, if you like action adventure books, you'll love this!

  2. Great post, I haven't heard of this one but this got me interesied.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

    1. Blades of Winter is a badass, grab it when you get the chance.

  3. That is a funny post 'ooh look shiny'. I hadn't thought of Olympians and spies and kickass and the channeling and the brings a whole new meaning to the movies Spy Kids! I like the sound of this author he has a great imagination and use of words.


    1. Definitely! I'm not big on science fiction but this was the exception! It was so vivid and I got to worked up over the action parts of the book I look so ridiculous. People were wondering what I was reading.

    2. Were you shadow boxing and playing with an imaginary gun, lol!!

      See this is why I am kickass in my dreams, because reality..err... not so much:D


    3. Yes, yes I was *blushes* how did you know?!

    4. Hehe!! Well I am kick ass in my dreams so therefore I have been known to get my imaginary guns out and do some shadow boxing myself and a few cool moves:)




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