August 16, 2012

Braine Reviews: Vampire Seeker by Tim O'Rourke

Series: Samantha Carter 1 (previously released as COWGIRLS & VAMPIRES)
Format: Digital (gift from Tim) 

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: July 30, 2012
Purchase: Amazon
Samantha Carter believes that a vampire is responsible for the brutal deaths of four women in her home town.

Desperate to prove this, Samantha seeks the friendship of a Preacher, two Cowgirls and a Cowboy. Together they are hired by the mysterious Englishman, Spencer Drake, to travel by steam train up into the mountains in the search of gold. But it’s on this journey that Samantha discovers vampires are very real and far more dangerous than she had ever imagined.

To stay alive, Samantha needs to figure out why things have gone so terribly wrong for her – but more importantly why she is out of time.

I have been a fan and follower of Tim O'Rourke's writing career ever since I read Vampire Shift early this year. The man can pack a punch when it comes to his stories and it's no wonder that his Kiera Hudson series is a consistent bestseller in Amazon. 

So when I heard that Tim strayed to the exciting world of PNR, I was beyond excited to see his transition from New Adult to Paranormal Romance. When I got wind of COWGIRLS & VAMPIRES from my buddy, Michelle (President of the Tim O'Rourke fan club) of Novels on the Run, I know that I have to pimp this baby like crazy. The cover alone is so gorgeous and as expected from Tim's work, COWGIRLS & VAMPIRES was a very exciting read.

In the middle of investigating a Ripper copy-cat murder case, Samantha Carter time traveled back to Colorado 1888. She found herself in a notorious company of vampire hunters led by the unnamed Preacher and his ragtag group of misfits. Soon their group was hired by a rich English gentleman, Spencer Drake, and the succeeding events had my head spinning with revelations and finger-pointing I gave up guessing who the Ripper is and instead I waited for Tim to take his sweet time in telling us who this serial killer is!
He killed them in the most barbaric of ways. He cut them open, removed their intestines, and performed grotesque mutilations upon their bodies.
I love how Tim doesn't hold back, chapters 7 and 14 will make Hannibal Lecter proud! No qualms about devouring a person and he writes in a way that's sensual for the killer and totally disgusting for me. But I am addicted to dark reads, I can't stand watching them on screen but I'd be more than happy to accommodate these loonies on paper. As for the infamous chapter 23, it's extra special because it's like Tim's "coming of age" from writing writing totally wholesome and romantically benign stories to a no-holds-barred sexy story. Sammy was shameless and totally consumed by the moment I can't believe Tim wrote it! Must have had a lot of help from the wifey.

I love everything about this story, from the steadfast writing to the engaging characters. I love Sean Potter but I think he's got some tough competition in Harrison Turner and I think I'm biased to the latter because I have a thing for growling, furry, hot-blooded beasts!


I am a fan of the cover art so here's more for you courtesy of Suzi Midnight.
And the covers for the succeeding books are here too!

More of these here.


  1. loved the review Braine...awesome as always ;) Sounds like my kind of read. I like Dark & graphic too, I have to add this to my to buy list. Love the cover with her with the cigarette in her hand..nice!

    1. That's one of the reasons why I am such a fan. He never has second thoughts about violence and graphic descriptions.

  2. Awesome review ~ I think I must have this one...NOW!

  3. Hadn't heard of these before but cowboys + vamps? I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for the review! :D

    1. It's a new Indie PNR series. It's worth adding to your collection.

  4. Fantastic review, Braine! I will have to add this book to my wishlist for sure. It sounds like it has all the makings of an awesome PNR, and I love anything that has some Ripper action in it! Bring on the graphic stuff! =D

    1. Oh lord, his Ripper is beyond the legend of Jack. I can't give too much details but the quote is pretty tame compared to the really graphic ones.

  5. Great review, Braine :) This one definitely sounds like a good read. I haven't read anything from O'Rourke but this will most likely be my first :) Ahhh.. I love thriller/horror movies. I can watch them non stop. But the ones I can't stand are the crazy demented ones. I draw a mighty fine line between Horror and downright SICK! Saw?? Don't like it. The minds.. *sigh* What minds go into this. >.< But yeah, all that aside, I equally love horror/thriller in my books as well. I think it's the whole guessing who the killer is, or trying to guess what his/her next step is. And then the author throws you curve-balls out of no where.. yeah. Pretty exciting reads ^_^ lol. Adding this to my TBR thanks girly <3


  6. Awesome review Miss B...see I had to keep my mouth shut in my review as it was too early.

    oh P.s. lol!!! President of Tim O'Rourke fan Club, you crack me up, I just bobble about in my own little world in the background going Wooo Hoottt!!

    Oh yes the boy knows how to write gore, rather disgusting with the visual that goes on in ones head at the time of reading, but he is good at writing those. Sometimes I am glad I am not eating and reading:)
    Oh and Dirty Harry * waggles eyebrows * ....yum:)


  7. Never heard of this author or his books. Great review, thanks for sharing. I need to look at these books some more. I think my ever growing TBR pile just grew some more.

  8. I haven't heard of it, but the no holds style sounds promising,

    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  9. Late to see this, but great review. I'll have to get this when my TBR is a little bit lower.


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