August 19, 2012

Meet Sara McMillan + Lisa Renee Jones Giveaway (INTL)

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Hi Sara! Thank you for dropping by Talk Supe, I'm glad we could take you away from the gallery, I hope Mark doesn't mind. (I honestly don't care because he's a major douche in my opinion, but don't tell him I said so).

Talk Supe: So how have you been? You left us in suspense by If I Were You's end I have to know if you're OK.
Sara McMillan: Right now, I’m ready to find that out, too. 
Talk Supe: Hmmm... very cryptic but I'll take it you made it, somehow.

Chris Merit
TS: Chris is such a smooth guy and a sweetheart when he's in a good mood but does his "artist's temperament" bother you? (I really want to slap him senseless after Mark revealed that he knows about those cameras)
SMM: I’m very tormented about Chris. There’s so much beneath his surface I want to understand him in a way I can’t being to explain.

TS: How's your relationship with Chris, do you think it will endure til Being Me
SMM: I really don’t know anything beyond the storage room and the need to get out of there.
TS: You're really killing  me here and starting to frighten me a bit. I  hope you're not with me today "from the other side". *pales a little bit*... Geesh Lisa, I though your series is contemporary romantica?!

TS: How do you feel about Chris' little revelation in Lion's Den?
SMM: It was a shock. At first, I felt the need to escape that place and him. I just don’t know. Chris calls to me in a way that I can’t deny but it’s frightening. I don’t know where this is going or where I want it to go. I just know the idea of never seeing him again is unbearable.
TS: *pats Sara in the shoulder* Do you want some water? No?

Mark Compton
TS: Let's talk about Mark, I know you love working in the gallery, art being your passion and all but do you enjoy working for Mark? How much do you think it will change now that you know his dark secret?
SMM: I am not shocked that Mark is what he is. On some level, I knew already. Chris is the one who shocked me, though, I guess really, I should have seen his reveal coming as well. He confuses me. I know I should be cautious with him, but there is the powerfulness about him that makes me feel almost protected...even safe. Is that how Rebecca felt about Mark? And where did that trust lead her? 
TS: *does a double take*... So Mark is Rebecca's "Master"? Can you confirm this much?
SMM: *looks away and starts picking on invisible lints on her clothes*

TS: OK, so you still won't tell. Anyway, Mark pretty much confirmed that there's something going on between him and Chris and you're caught in the middle of their cock-fight, as you put it, how do you plan to handle this situation?
SMM: I wish I could pretend it didn’t exist and I fear its going to lead me to discover something I don’t want to know, but need to know. 
TS: Girl, I think you should go back to teaching High School kids. You'll do more good with that than this artsy, fartsy world you've gotten yourself into.

TS: I really want to know more about Rebecca, how's your search going so far? Do you think you'll find her come Being Me
SMM: I have to find her. The idea that I could be her and no one would care enough to look for me twists me in knots. No one is looking for her. No one seems to care. I care. I’m going to find her.
TS: Yeah especially since nobody knows what you've gotten yourself into. Maybe you should tell Ella about this  or start writing your own journal or something, that way you won't just disappear into think air. Damn, this is starting to look like an effing chain letter, in this case, a chain-journal!

TS: You should sell her journals to a publishing company, it's so compelling it'll give Lisa her a run for her money. That Rebecca writes soulful entries, I wonder if her sexcapades are fact or fiction.
SMM: I wonder? :)

Find my If I Were You Review here 4/5
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  1. Bared To you by Sylvia Day , I am reading Red by Kate Serine at moment:D

    I loved Bared To You...the more softer version of Fifty Shades of Grey, but not that soft:D

    Wonderful character interview, kinda intriguing to know about the guys and what's up with them?


  2. Hi Michelle!

    Sara is trying to figure that out with the guys as well:) I hope discovering more about them will be part of the fun for readers. She is drawn to them both but Chris really pulls her into a place she can't resist.

  3. I have been reading/catching up on some Eve Langlais books. Recently read:
    and am currently reading: SEEKING PACK REDEMPTION

    1. Oh, and I loved each one...I am a fan of her books, great charcters and fun & sexy stories

  4. Interesting interview. I am in the middle of reading this book right now and at this point can't decide how i feel about it and this interview has not helped me with that but it has intrigued me. Last erotica was Jayne Rylon's new and last Power Tool series book Hammer it Home. Really enjoyed it. Lots of fun , hot crazy sex scenes with characters who have heart..

    Lisa B

  5. I don't know if these fit into the genres.
    I read Blood Lust Rising by Fayth Devlin and it smoked my kindle!
    I am now reading one from each series for Nancy Straight
    Blood Debt and Meeting Destiny.

    laura thomas

  6. Last night DH started a fire it was a clear night great for star gazing . No Breeze just the perfect night.
    I was certainly distracted from Gazing at the stars by the hotness of One Dangerous night which I started. it was almost 2:30am before i could put it down & that's only because the toothpicks propping my eyelids open broke.
    Have a good one Ann/alba

  7. Absolutely loved "One Dangerous Night" by our awesome Lisa Renee Jones. Couldn't put it down til I finished the last word.


  8. Last book Ive read was Wicked Werewolf Night by Lisa Renee Jones and I loved it!

  9. I did just read the 50 Shades Trilogy and despite all the controversy over the bad writing style or the hype, I liked it and the perspective. I think if you read the novels, you must read all 3 to appreciate the books and I did enjoy the by-play between the characters. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  10. one dangerous night a short story by lisa renee jones is actually what i last read. now im fixing to start time untime by kenyon

  11. Thanks for a great post and giveaway! I just read Heat Rises by Alice Gaines. Definitely recommend.

  12. I just read the ARC copy of "If I Were You" and i cannot tell you have good it is! OMG, hottness! If you haven't already pre-order a copy, i promise you will not be disappointed!

  13. My latest was Kallypso Masters' Masters at Arms. I loved it and am now reading the next in the series (Nobody's Angel).

    kesummer69 at gmail dot com

  14. Interesting interview.

    Hmm. The last contemp. romance I read was Hell on Wheels (literally just finished it early this mornin) I freaking loved it ^_^ *sigh* i need me a bad boy and his Harley between my legs... now, now... for the ride... >.< I just keep digging deeper hole. Thanks for the giveaway ^_^


  15. The last Contemporary Romance I read was Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis, and I loved it. It's been a while since I read Erotica so I don't remember the last one, but one that I loved was Beyond Eden by Kele Moon :)

  16. The last erotica book I read was actually a paranormal erotic romance by Felicity Heaton, Enslave...loved it! It's filled with vampires and sexiness! Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. Thank you ladies for coming by. Sydlion of Shades -- I've heard the comments about bad writing on Shades but I never saw that. Writers tend to be critical but she sucked me into the characters and I didn't analyze. I felt I knew them and wanted to spend time with them. I've had many well written books that didn't make me feel that way. She has a magical way of creating a story and characters. I'm a fan. The last series that sucked me in like that was Hunger Games. Before that Fever by Karen Moning

  18. Latest was If I Were You. And I loved it and highly recommend

  19. Shadow of the wolf's an arc.. totally loved it..warlocks+witches+sorcerers+hot romance..what more can I ask for..:D

  20. The Best Man by Ella Ardent. I enjoyed it though it was a short read :) And loved the interview, gets me all antsy, i want to know more >.< LOL

  21. Great interview! Thanks for the giveaway! :D


  22. Read Wicked Werewolf Night by Lisa Renee Jones...amazing series.


  23. I can't even recall the last contemporary romance or erotic read. I've been on a YA kick.

  24. Werewolf in Manhattan and yes it was a fun summer read

  25. Just read Size 12 is Not Fat.

  26. Amazing interview guys. I finished the book and I am writing about to post the review. Wow, I am going to be checking Netgalley everyday for the second book. That ending, boy oh boy! I love the actors Jones chose. I was imagining Hemsworth for sure. He is perfect, both as Merit and just in general LOL! Amazing read and I have every intention of reading her other work too. Thank you so much guys!


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