August 31, 2012

Gush and Gripe #8 + NetGalley Knockout


We just recently reached 1000 followers!

How awesome is this news?! We like to thank every one of you who followed and joined our discussions. All the authors, publishers and tour sites who've helped us reach this goal, you somehow made it easier for us and definitely more fun. You make us feel so special and very much loved. We do our best to return the favor because we know how challenging it is to gain followers and have them actually follow you, pay attention to your posts and exchange thoughts. So we pay it forward and it's very heartwarming that it paid off somehow. 

We promise to come up with more fun stuff and read-worthy articles for all of you. If we can only give each one of you a hug, we definitely will!


Maybe this is an uninformed rambling so feel free to comment so we can discuss it for the ultimate purpose of enlightenment. Help me understand why (1) some electronic books are the same prize as their paperback counterparts and (2) some are even more expensive than print versions!

A standard paperback is $7.99 while some digital print books are $9.99 and at times you can't even loan the ebook out, it's a little steep if you ask me. I would think these traditional publishers are saving money on raw materials like paper, ink, binding, surplus prints, etc. by going digital so shouldn't it follow that the prices of their ebooks be cheaper? Not only that, I've noticed that the expensive ones are usually the YA books. Your target market are average teens (unemployed) who rely on their allowance and baby-sitting money to buy ten-dollar books, that's a little steep if you ask me.

I love physical books, the feel of paper, the smell of a new book, cracking open that virgin book spine, for a bibliophile those sensations are incomparable.  But I'm also for technology and going Green. Digital books are saving trees and the environment and Amazon turned it into this gigantic global market, it's time someone regulates the pricing method IMHO. There's a lot of room for improvement here and I hope someone takes a look at it and make this market more efficient and consumer friendly.


My original goal was 19 books and though I didn't meet my goal nor kept to my original list of books, I still think I did pretty well. I did cheat with other books and if I count that, I'd meet my goal. In any case, it was fun and as far as I'm concerned, it gave me the extra push to read my galleys so mission accomplished Goldilox!

  1. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
  2. If I were You by Lisa Renee Jones
  3. Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig
  4. Lip Service by M.J. Rose
  5. A Lady Can Never Be Too Curious - DNF
  6. Fifty-One Shades of Blonde
  7. The Enchanted Truth
  8. The Kingdom - review pending
  9. The Sweetest Dark by Shana Abe
  10. Speechless by Hannah Harrington
  11. The Angel by Tiffany Reisz - review closer to date of release
  12. Blades of Winter by G.T. Almasi
  13. The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron


  1. I think the ebook pricing is ridiculous! I've discussed and discussed this time and time again and I think it is ridiculous to have the price almost the same or higher than the actual printed book. I think it's ridiculous when a ebook is higher than $9.99. I think $9.99 is ridiculous when I can buy the print book for that much.

    I mean the book cover is what the other costs is, and in ebook it is just the electronic book, nothing else and I feel like the price should be dropped more. And also if you're gonna make the book that high at least make it freaking lendable. Like most books are not lendable and it's like what's the point of having that feature if you're not gonna make them lendable. I totally have a bunch of rants about the ebook situation.

    1. True! We're forced to go to Amazon Prime to lend out books which is a total rip off.

      Thanks for adding the cover art cost but seriously, the pricing has to be regulated.

    2. Haha! I know! I will never ever ever go over $9.99 ever! I will rarely ever do $9.99, only for Karen Marie Moning. LOL

      But yea. I find myself really buying ebooks now when I thought I wouldn't really do so. I"ve recently been reading more and more on screen and on kindle and I find it easier now for me. And if it ends up a favorite I"ll be the bookaholic idiot who will buy the print version as well! LOL

      I"m also the Karen Marie moning fanatic who has a copy of Shadowfever via kindle, hardback and paperback. I bet you expected me to say audiobook as well, huh?! LOL

      The YA books I"ll definitley be getting in print copy, b/c I agree with you. It's a little too much too me. And I think too b/c YA is quite a popular genre. I"ll stick in all the other adult UF/PNR/erotica and whatnot for kindle! Just as long as it doesn't go over $9.99. It would be nice if they dropped the price a bit though! :)

    3. I never thought I'd like ebooks too but not only is it a space saver but I can highlight my favorite quotes without damaging the book!

  2. Woot! Congrats on the follower count!

    1. Thank you for following us, we wouldn't have hit that mark without fellow bloggers like you.

  3. Yay!! 1,000 it took us nearly 2 years to get to that! Well Done:D:D

    That is a fun song, I am bopping to it in my pj's:D

    Yes blogging is hard work but we are addicted aren't we!!!!!!!!

    Hehe * whispers* I am in Mariya's club, I have kindle paperback Shadowfever, 2!! hardback Shadowfever ( 1 I leant out to friends) I have paperback Dreamfever, HArdback Dreamfever and kindle Dreamfever....addicted!!

    Kindle for pc...sad, no Kindle yet, I am .99C - 2.99 range or freebieeeeessss as only hubby works so too much money if I am buying books all the time. So I check freebies out twice a week at least and try to promote when I have time the freebie I find and fb it! So others can freebie too:D Hoping they review for the author a little something too.


    1. You have a lot of hook ups Mich, you can actually make enough money to get a reader if you sell some of your books! But like you, I'm cheap, I love freebies and flash sales.

    2. *whispers* I am addicted to my books.....but I shall get over that:D I want Willow to be able to read some of the great YA books oneday and then maybe if she lucky when she old woman she gets BDB etc...hehe!!!


  4. Of course it's paying forward you ladies are awesome! ^_^ congratulations on reaching 1000 followers Braine & Cimmaron! You girls really are great! *Here's to many more blog loving days \_/\_/\_/ Cheers :D

    The Ebooks >.< omg i agree! since the publishers aren't wasting papers, i don't see why they have to be so expensice either! Smh, a couple of weeks ago I wanted to purchase an ebook cause I didn't think I'd have time to stop for the actual copy and I didn't want to pay 10$ for one to be honest, but I went to amazon and the Kindle book was 9.99 the PAPERBACK is 9.99! wth -.- so, i decided i might as well get the actual copy -___- smh, seriously! ugh.

    Congratulations on almost making it to your Knockout Goal Braine! :D I only got about 6/15 books from my challenge, but since Christen's extending it, I'm hoping I can get rid of the rest of my galleys' I have 20something ish to do *sigh* LOL

    1. Thanks Neyra, for following and for thinking we're awesome, we say the same thing about you.

      These digital books are plain ridiculous! That's why I stick to NG & Edelweiss plus our have our library request for the expensive ones.

    2. Now if we were would have lots of fun in my shelves:D:D


  5. Don't get me started on the pricing! We complain about it all the time - especially with comics. It costs so much more to print out the color pages, but then why does the eBook cost the same if not MORE???? Ergh!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake


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