August 27, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Pink

Alecia Beth Moore
I have always been a fan of Pink and I was actually on her team when Brit-Brit and Xtina were battling for the pop princess title. Next to Kelly Clarkson and Alanis Morissette, she's my next go-to girl when I'm in need of some PMS/guy hating songs plus her beats are really fun to work-out to.

Stupid Girls was the song that probably catapulted her to mainstream pop due to it's controversial message and music video which satirize certain pop princesses and celebutantes during the time of its release. It was so good that she even landed a guest spot in Oprah!

After an onstage concert accident, reconciling with her motocross motorbike racer hubby, Carey Hart, and a  baby, she's now back with a brand new song and an upcoming album, The Truth About Love. I for one can't get enough of the debut single, Blow Me (One Last Kiss).


  1. woot *dances around your blog* I looove P!NK!! I think the song that got me hooked when she first came out was "Just a Pill" slower then most of her songs, but just as badass. Def have a girl crush on her ^_^ Great pick ladies!


    1. After I saw her on your Tuesday Jams last week I have to make her our GC this week. Thanks Ana!

  2. Hey y'all been a while ... but I had to visit when I saw Pink was your Girl Crush this week. One of my favorite female musicians ever!!! And, you can really tell, she's been working on her vocals, her newer work is so much more expressive vocally than her first album. I'm so glad she never let anyone change her.

    "Raise Your Glass" and "So What" ... just two of her awesome songs!!

    1. Hey Aaron! How have you been! Yeah Blow Me is really good and So What is the perfect break up song.

    2. I've been well I hope to have some news on the writing front real soon ...

  3. Pink, she has such character and her vid clips always show a real 3D attitude. The way she moves her mouth and head sort of says F U when she wants to. Especially So What I am A Rock Star.....some of her songs could be anthems or chants:D

    Nice choice this week!



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