August 10, 2012

Agent Provocateur Nadia Borodin + Giveaway

Talk Supe: Hi Nadia, thanks for dropping by our blog!
Nadia Borodin: Thank you for having me *smiles*

TS: How was Summer?
NB: Summer has been great in Southern California, but I’m getting restless. I get easily bored and want to get back in the action. I wish Mr. Martin would hurry up and get his sequel done.
TS: I agree, I too am looking forward to reading your next adventure. I already feel bad for the poor chap who'll fall prey to your wiles. Tsk tsk tsk...

TS: So how's Olga and Alexandra? 
NB: Olga has become like the mother I never had and Alexandra has become my adopted sister. They are my family now.
TS: Yeah those two really took a liking to you. I'm surprised Alexandra wasn't threatened by you considering she's Olga's top girl before you joined the agency.

TS: Have you spoken to Sarah?
NB: Sarah is helping me with a project back in Bryansk, Russia.
TS: I heard about this project and I must say I'm glad to hear this project plus it's good to have Sarah involved. I know this sense of purpose you have given her is what she exactly needs.

TS: I truly enjoyed your story, you ARE a Provocateur. How hard was it for you to leave a string of broken hearts in your wake?
NB: Those men will do fine. None are lacking for women that want them. However, once I touched them, they will never forget me and will never be the same. I think, after their “Nadia experience” they will have more respect for women.
TS: I bet! Bartolini and Russof are both fascinated and emasculated after you're through with them. 

TS: I wonder, what's the most exhilarating experience for you since being a Provocateur?
NB: I love the sport of matching wits with these top dog men. It’s great sport to beat them at their own game.

TS: You are a very rich woman, what do you plan to do with all that money?
NB: I really don’t care about the money. But there is one thing that I have done. Working with Sarah, I have made a substantial gift to the orphanages in Bryansk. Their management is so corrupt that I could not give them money, so I loaded trucks with books, computers, cloths, blankets and food and deliver them to the children … anything to make their lives a little better.
TS: That's very noble of you and very "Robin Hood" in my opinion.

TS: Now you meet a lot of men in your work. You're a beautiful woman and surely you have needs that goes beyond the physical like love or companionship. But given your line of work, are you afraid of falling in love with one of your targets? What will you do when that happens?
NB: I think about that a lot. But, as you know, I have trouble dealing with affection. It is a product of the love deprivation that I experienced in my childhood. I am learning a lot from Alexandra. Hopefully, I can open up to love in the next chapters of my life.

Photo: Irina Shayk aka Nadia Borodin

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  1. thanks for a fun post and giveaway! this book sounds awesome!!! For books, I loved Lord and Lady Spy by Shana Galen and for movies, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

    gfc: erin

  2. Thank you for the giveaway...
    I follow GFC- ronnkelly3

    007 of course....LOL..

  3. I'm following your GFC feed and on twitter.
    My favorite spy movie is Salt.

  4. I actually don't have a favorite spy book or movie, unless Get Smart counts xD Lol I loved Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway in that movie! Great giveaway ladies :)

    Following of course all over the blogosphere xD


  5. Great interview and giveaway guys! Love Nadia, she seems so cool and very in control oF herself. She is my hero LOL! I think one of my favorite spy movies is definitely James Bond. I also love the Bourne series. Thank you so much for the great post guys.

    GFC: drharleyquinn87

    drharleyquinn87 (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. Follow by GFC - Crystal Guidroz and Twitter - crystalguidroz1
    As for movies probably The Bourne Series.
    Thanks for the giveaway!



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