July 6, 2012

Review + Fun Facts: Her Forgotten Betrayal by Anna DeStefano

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Release Date: June 14, 2012
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Remembering will save her life. But will the truth destroy their love forever?

His mission orders: Infiltrate an FBI suspect’s mountain retreat and obtain evidence of her guilt.

Her doctor’s orders: Recuperate from a vicious shooting, and end her waking nightmares.

What he doesn’t know: Is she guilty, innocent, or crazy? Can she ever forgive his past betrayal?

What she doesn’t know: Anything about herself or her life before the attack…or if she can even trust the man with whom she is falling in love.

HER FORGOTTEN BETRAYAL by the bubbly and very candid Anna DeStefano is a psychological thriller that recounts a series of events that transpired in a span of 48 hours or less. Shaw Cassidy the heiress and CEO of Cassidy Global Global research, was put under the protective custody of the FBI after a life threatening attack was made which led to amnesia. Possessing crucial information about her company's research, her attack, and a suspected leak, Cole Marinos volunteered to protect Shaw but behind his official assignment, he has personal reasons to be close to her. And thus commenced a story of betrayal and love set in typical Dead Sexy fashion.
Now his first -- hell, his only -- dream, the only woman he'd ever loved... Curvy, leggy, drop-dead gorgeous Shaw Cassidy.
I sympathized with Shaw, she has everything most of us want but that top dog status made her an easy target for some sick psycho who terrorized and made her vulnerable to the point of paranoia. I too would be terrified if I'm not safe in my own home that even a quick bath can turn me into salt and soapy stew. And as if having no memory of the past is not enough, I am forced to entrust my life to a stranger albeit a sexy one at that. My heart went out to Shaw through all this, to use the word BETRAYAL to describe her ordeal is an understatement as it's more of a deep perversion and a disgusting fixation from someone she least expects this animosity to come from.
This man who'd become a bridge between her dreams and her reality. And she was lost, swept along by the need pouring into her from his kiss.
Cole Marinos is your all around good guy, protective and loyal and definitely sexy. Although I'm not fond of Darlin', his endearment for Shaw, I like him for our heroine. He's the guy who can keep her grounded, someone who will worship the ground she walks on but will be the voice of reason when things get a little awry. The little flashbacks of his past with Shaw was sweet and heartbreaking as they had a forbidden love going on for them, poor little rich girl falling in love with the town drunk's son.

I wish the story was a little longer and fleshed out more because the plot is too juicy to compartmentalize in 19 chapters. The romance was sweet and a little cheesy and the mystery was easy to crack once the clues are lined up. I also found Shaw's memory jolt a little underwhelming I guess I was expecting MORE on this part, she lost it from a traumatic experience I was hoping she'll get it under similar circumstances. I'm a little sadist, I know. As for the villain and his nefarious plotting against Shaw, I liked that we were let in his head but the follow through fell short so the threat he posed wasn't as menacing as I hoped it would be. His narration of his modus operandi and execution was too easy, convenient and coincidental.

HER FORGOTTEN BETRAYAL has a lot of potential for intrigue and double crossing espionage not to mention all that heat and unfinished business between Cole and Shaw to go beyond 300 pages. I guess it's for my own selfish reasons that I am looking for more because I truly love the plot and I wanted more page time with Cole and Shaw outside the case. Here's to hoping that I'll get my wish on ADeStefano's next book because I sure could use more of her brand of Dead Sexy.

Favorite place in the world: At the moment, hiking interior waterfalls in the North Georgia mountains, where Her Forgotten Betrayal is set. There's something amazing about the scenery there, and water is my happy place. I think, dream, create and breathe better whenever I'm near naturally flowing water. 

And even though I'm a girl who loves sexy shoes and spas and luxury, too, my hikes are something I long for the entire time I'm crunching through a deadline. I need to get back out there and discover what nature is trying to tell me every time I return to it...

Dream Vacation: Definitely Italy. The country side, the coast, the islands off the coast. Everywhere I could go (with my hunky Italian husband) to get away from the tourists and explore. The colors and textures and history and beauty of the world have fascinated me my whole life. Is that why I fell in love at first site with my very own Sicilian? Ireland’s my next stop, once I’m done raising my consumes-all-available-food-money-and-time teen ;o)

Stilettos, flats or wedges: Yes! I blog about Shoes are My Heroin. My shoe addiction has its own Pinterest page. I buy quality and have spent way too much on all three of these types of lovely necessities—but because I buy quality (I tell my husband), I’ll have them forever.

Right, ladies. Am I right!??? RIGHT!

Coffee or Tea: Only iced coffee (can’t stand it hot)—the stronger the better, espresso with tons of milk.

And I’ve never been a tea drinker. The tannins in it are nasty for my migraines. But I just discovered white teas and Robios teas and am currently searching for a twelve step program to help me with my newest addiction—Teavana!

Ask me how much I dropped on my last supply of their “investment in my health and welfare.” And I blame it all on my agent, who DRAGGED me into my first store on a recent teaching trip we took together to talk with the Carolina Romance Writers. Michelle Grajkowski—I know where you live…

Which actor/actress do you want to play your lead characters? Cole Marinos: Colin Farrell. Though he’s Irish instead of Italian. See! Getting back to my dream vacas and how they correlate to my dream men. I guess it’s a good thing I saw my husband before I ran into a hunky Irishman, huh?

Shaw Cassidy: If I had to pick someone I’d say a young Reese Witherspoon. Tiny and petite and blond, but she’s brilliant and never quits and will kick the villain in the balls just when he thinks he can take his eye off her ;o)
Cats or dogs: Cats. Have 5. All rescues. Yes, that makes me crazy. You got somethin’ to say about it?!!!

Number 1 thing on your bucket list: Kissing Colin Farrell.

Guilty pleasures: Shoes. Cats. Hunky Italians (or Irishmen).

Currently reading: I read a lot as an editor and writing coach. So there’s not too much free time for me these days. But I’m actually reading for a writer friend of mine, a historical fiction author I taught with at a cross-genre event who’s working on his second novel. The language. The LANGUAGE. I steal time out of every day to get back to it…

What song reflects or describes your Dead Sexy novel the best? Dream Weaver… The underlying message of Her Forgotten Betrayal is to follow your dreams—even the scarier ones. Because your dreams are just that—yours. They’re your thoughts and your intuition and your memories.

Favorite villain: Alan Rickman in Die Hard. Or is it Alan Rickman in Harry Potter? Except he’s actually the unsung hero in HP… Anyway, anything Alan Rickman, villain or not, ROCKS!

Would you ever visit a male strip club: I have, many times—it’s called the Romantic Times Conference ;o)

No, the guys don’t take it all off, but they come close. I’ve actually made good friends with a lot of them over the years. Billy Freda and I get together every time I’m in New York!

Favorite TV show: The Rachel Zoe Project. Yes. I’m addicted to fashion…(BANANAS!)

If you could be anybody, dead or alive, for a day, who would it be and why? Me. I’d be me. I firmly believe that we come to this life with something to learn and prove and conquer and excel at. I want to do that the very best I can and learn to love it, so if I ever come back I can be something even better—like Colin Farrell’s girlfriend!
Grazie mille, Anna, for this funny Q&A!
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  1. This is a book I'd prob be able to fit into my busy work life >.< Lol But I'm not too crazy about the lack of a true villain here, cause you're right the plot of the story seems so intriguing. I'll have to read this sometime soon, if not later on this year x] lol great review Braine :)

    1. It's a super quick read, I thought 20 chapters is long enough but I managed to finish it in a night.

  2. I love when authors talk about food or addiction - love it. And I love Teavana as well. Mmm...samurai tea (also called my crack tea).
    - Jessica @ Book Sake

    1. I have to try that Samurai tea, sounds vicious! LOL I am a tea drinker myself esp after a good, full meal, it's calming too on those nights when I can't stop thinking about an exciting character. Thanks for stopping by Jessica :)

  3. LOL Anna! Irishmen are hot (and Italian men), so I don't blame you -- although I have to admit that I'm weak for any foreign guy with an accent. It's sort of a Canadian/American thing, I think :') Even though you wished the story was longer, this book sounds totally fun and intriguing. Plus, I'm loving the sound of Cole!

    Awesome review and interview, Braine! <3 :)

    1. Cole is so cute! He IS that guy you are so madly in love with in High School.

      I agree, men with accents are out of this world! I love me some Irishman too, they're so rugged and sexy.


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