July 20, 2012

Guest Blogger: Addicted to Heroines

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We already know they love kick ass chicks so to switch things up a bit, we asked them who their favorite villains are. 

Jamie's picks

Otto Sanchez from Carolyn Crane's Disillusionists Trilogy
Slight spoilers

From the moment I was first introduced to Otto Sanchez, I knew that he would be one of my most hated villains ever!  There are few characters that I like less that this guy.  With his douche-y beret, mustache and all-too-important demeanor, I was shocked to see that even Justine liked Otto, let alone wanted to have sex with him!  Justine inexplicably had the hots for Otto from the introduction of his character.  I mean, who wouldn't want a beret-wearing, arrogant hypochondriac to knock boots with?   And why does he wear a beret, you ask?  Because he is a hypochondriac, fearing that he has a vein star that is about to explode in his head, therefore, it only makes sense to protect his head with a beret!  Right?  Riiiiiigggght....

Our first glimpse of Otto comes in the book, Mind Games:
"Chief Otto Sanchez, a.k.a. the Engineer, turns his dark, generous features to me.  His elegant tuxedo matches his large velvet cap - a sort of oversized beret that should look wrong on a man.  It doesn't look wrong on him."
Seriously, Justine?  A beret paired with a tuxedo doesn't look "wrong" to you?

And let's think back on what Otto has done.  Before Justine even enters the picture, Otto has used his "gift" to lock our hero Packard into a restaurant for years.  He's on the police force, and later a mayor, yet he has locked away people he has judged to be dangerous.  Packard isn't the only one.  Otto goes around half-cocked (hee!  hee!) locking up anyone whom he deems a danger to society.  Or is it just a danger to him?

In the second book in this series, Double Cross, Otto crosses the line from being a character that I just don't like into one that I despise.  His hold on Justine is sickening.  I don't know why she thinks so much of him, because I clearly cannot see it.  Otto knows that Packard is his competition - it has been this way since they were boys.  Otto also knows that the only way he can win Justine's heart is by playing dirty.  And by dirty, I mean revolting and despicable.  He does one of the worst things I could ever imagine one character doing to another.  He doesn't physically rape Justine, but the effect is similar.  Not only does Otto commit a heinous crime, but he does so with the full knowledge that Justine doesn't love him - she loves another man.  In my original abbreviated review of the end of this book, this is what I wrote:
"Oh, no, no, no. no! This didn't happen! It can't!! He couldn't. No!"
In the third and final installment of this trilogy, Head Rush, Otto is just as disgusting as he was in the first two books.  In Head Rush, Justine is still stuck in the mental mire with Otto.  She is planning a wedding to a man she doesn't seem to want to be around.  She can't figure out why her connection with Otto is so strained.  See, Otto only really wants Justine because he feels that she calms his fears about his vein star hypochondria.  In the end, it's all about Otto, the beret-wearing fool!  There is some scene of redemption for the awful things Otto has done, but I still hate him!  There was very little the talented Ms. Crane could have done to make me forgive Otto of his indiscretions.

This is why Otto is my number one most hated villain!

Kiyo from Richelle Mead's Dark Swan series
Contains some spoilers

When we meet Kiyo in this series, we are introduced to a dark, sexy and mysterious man who seems to be innocently having a drink the same bar that the heroine, Eugenie, happens to be patronizing.  Kiyo and Eugenie begin a conversation and hit it off immediately.  They go back to her hotel room for some naughtiness.  It is immediate to me that Kiyo is a bad dude.  Not only did he run away from Eugenie during an ice elemental's attack the next morning, but he purposely scratched her back, which has consequences later in the story.  I didn't like Kiyo from the first time that we see him.  I don't like what he does to Eugenie mentally (not that she's one of my favorite characters).  She is consumed by thoughts of Kiyo and seemingly falls into head-over-heels in lust for him.  We learn soon enough that Kiyo is actually a shapeshifting fox.  Enter his nickname:  Fox face.  I think part of my problem with Fox face is that when he is put up next to the fairy king, Dorian, there is no comparison.  By the end of Storm Born, Kiyo has pledged his undying love and lust for the charming Eugenie (gag!).  He only gets worse as the series progresses.

By Thorn Queen, Kiyo has become rather judgmental of Eugenie.  Eugenie is trying to learn how to use her new found powers, yet Kiyo discourages her.  Kiyo continually cuts Eugenie down, and offers no support to the struggling Eugenie.  Kiyo also expects Eugenie to be okay with all the time he is spending with his fairy queen, ex-girlfriend Maiwenn who just so happens to be pregnant with his baby.  Hello, fox face?  Are you for real?  Eugenie is supposed to accept that you're spending all this time with your ex, while at the same time giving Eugenie shit for learning more about herself?  Puh-leeze!  And the best part is that Kiyo never fully explains his relationship with his ex or what his current relationship is with her.  Then to top it all off, Kiyo puts the pressure on Eugenie to play nice with Maiwenn.  He wants Eugenie to be calm and friendly, no matter what that bitch Maiwenn has planning for her.

As much as I liked the ending of Thorn Queen, the story line in the third book in this series, Iron Crowned becomes more convoluted and angsty.  By this book, Kiyo and Eugenie are on rocky terms.  They end up working together, yet Eugenie must prove herself over and over again to the fox face.  Eugenie is still attracted to Kiyo and there is an event that makes me dislike Eugenie almost as much as I hate Kiyo.  Kiyo sniffs around Eugenie like he's a dog in heat, and it was disgusting for me to read about.  Eugenie is a pain, though, too.  No matter what she does, whether it's right or wrong, she has this grand plan in her head about rationalizing all of her actions, no matter what she's done.  At every point in this series, Kiyo has let Eugenie down.  He has cut her down when she tried to improve herself, he guilts her into being nice to his ex, and he makes her prove her worth and loyalty time and time again.  Talk about an unhealthy relationship!  Then at the end of this book, we read a cliff hanging shocker.  Not only is Kiyo still absolutely, 100 % loyal to his bitch ex-girlfriend Maiwenn, but he's out to truly harm Eugenie because of that loyalty.  He pressures Eugenie into doing something that goes against everything she stands for and believes.  This is where Kiyo becomes on of my most hated villains of all time.

Moving on to the last book in this series, Shadow Heir, I was seething in my distaste for Kiyo, not to mention Eugenie's lack of a brain.  Eugenie is moving around back in the human world from place to place to avoid being captured by the murderous team of Kiyo and Maiwenn.  When all of the fairy royalty are pulled into a mysterious disaster concerning the livliehood of the fae world, Eugenie must once again work with fox face.  While Kiyo still wants to cause bodily harm to Eugenie, they have called a truce.  And my sweet King Dorian is there, showing how supportive he is while fox face continues to try to talk Eugenie into a vile action.  When it's all said and done, Eugenie makes a very bad decision in regards to Dorian, yet he never knows about it (which irritates me to no end).  And the murderous Kiyo has pledged to doggedly follows Eugenie and her family forever, so that they are never safe and always looking over their shoulders.  So in conclusion, Kiyo ends up as a rat bastard that should have been killed early on in this series.  Shout out to Team Dorian!

Cat's picks

Calvin Malone from Rachel Vincent's Shifter series
 "We were ready. Vengeance was overdue."
The villain who was so heartless, devious, and so well-written that I could occasionally forget that he was a fictional character. I wanted a number to call, an address to go to, so that I could visit that a**hole and give him a piece of my mind.

His only concerns were having power and authority and he used anyone in any way he could to ensure that his goals were met. He was also a master manipulator and left the real dirty work to others who would do it for him.
"Are we children, playing this blame game?" My father finally rose from his chair, and Blackwell had to look up to meet his fury. "Are you so focused on who's at fault that you can't see the larger picture? Calvin Malone is out of control, and if the council can't rein him in, we will."
Throughout the entire series he makes life a living hell for the Sanders family and my skin still crawls just thinking about him.

The Sinsar Dubh Karen Marie Moning's Fever series
"I saw the Sinsar Dubh tonight. I know what I'm afraid of."
Karen Marie Moning is a pro when it comes to creating compelling characters and gripping storylines. And her talent when it comes to creating villains is no exception.

She has managed to take an inanimate object, a book, and make it into one of the scariest, most dangerous villains in urban fantasy. The elusive, mysterious, two-steps-ahead-of-you ancient tome filled with the darkest magic imaginable, is rumored to have the ability to remake your past, create a new world, or even bring back the dead. It's the "bad guy" that everyone wants to get their hands on.

Of the many, many quotes that I highlighted in Shadowfever, several of those came from conversations with the Sinsar Dubh. It's fascinating, clever, and deadly. It's also one of the most memorable villains that I've ever had the pleasure of reading about.
"The Sinsar Dubh paid me a visit last night. It reminded me of its crushing power, treated me to a taste of its sadism."
Joffrey Baratheon George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones/A Song of Fire and Ice series
"We've had vicious kings, and we've had idiot kings...but I don't know if we've ever been cursed with a vicious idiot for a king!" - Tyrion Lannister
We're cheating a bit with our next villain, Joffrey Baratheon. Since Jamie hasn't read the series and I'm only halfway through book one, he's still technically a TV villain for us. But we both share a very deep hatred for the little bastard king. And according to several articles I've read, his TV character stays mostly accurate to the one in the novels.

Whether you're reading the books or watching the series, it doesn't take long to realize just how dangerous it is for this ill-tempered child to have authority over an entire kingdom. You stop viewing Joffrey as a petulant young boy and start seeing him for the villain that he is. He's a liar, he's a coward and he's a spoiled, selfish brat who enjoys the suffering of others. It's difficult to imagine someone so young being so cruel and merciless.

Winter is coming, Joffrey Baratheon, and we're hoping you don't survive it!

Addicted to Heroines is one of our favorite blogs to stalk. They love dark fantasy, supernatural heroines who are emotionally fragile, co-dependent but  can still kick some serious ass with the best of them.  Cat and Jamie are also into zombies and are huge fans of J. Scott Campbell

Addicted to Heroines was established by Cat last year and after a few months, Jamie jumped on board, adding more flavor to the already exciting blog. Their BLOGOVERSARY is next month so make sure you visit because they have a lot of fun stuff in line for everyone complete with giveaways and author visits. 

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  1. Thanks for being our Guest Blogger this month Cat & Jamie!

    Cat - I had to laugh when you said you wanted a phone number or address for Calvin just so you could give him a piece of your mind. I agree about the Sinsar Dubh, I couldn't believe that a book could cause so much fear. KMM was brilliant in making this book as the villain. Brillz!

    Jamie - OK…I haven't read the Dark Swan series but Kiyo does sound like a rat bastard. Seems Eugenie should've dropped his ass long time ago. I'm still laughing about the beret wearing villain, Otto. HAHA.

  2. I never would have thought of the Sinsar Dubh as a character but it/he totally is. It's a great villian!

  3. Wonderful Posting!! I loved Kiyo, until he .........I was like a set of scales tipping towards Dorian then Kiyo and repeat....then Kiyo!!!!!! * Stinky Dead Fish Slap * needed to be administered!

    Lovely hearing your views:D


  4. So cute!!! These girls are my homies! I love them! Great post!!! Hate Otto Sanchez, Kiyo, but I'm going to say I HATE Joffrey the most!!! Ughhhhhh bastard!

  5. Great post - I haven't read any of the series referred to, but now I've got some ideas when I feel like seething at someone! I do hate Joffrey (and his mother) on the television show. Ugh - someone needs to kill that...I shouldn't type that, someone could use that out of context later! Hah. But yes, can't freaking stand his character!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  6. Excellent! I love Game of Thrones!!! I HATE JOFFREY!! I don't even think about that his a child. He's just plain evil.


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