July 2, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Paula Patton

Paula Maxine Patton
This vivacious 36 year-old Capricorn and California native
graduated magna cum laude from USC Film School.

You've seen her in the movies Hitch, Deja Vu and lately opposite Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

She also appeared in her husband, Robin Thicke's Lost Without You music video and lent her voice in Usher's Can U Handle It?

I am loving Mr. and Mrs. Thicke's Remy Martin VSOP commercial. 

I guess Robin Thicke is getting lots of sex therapy from the wifey.
Lucky dude!


  1. Nice Crush girls! I am positive without looking it up we just watched a movie, Man on a Ledge with Aussie Sam Worthington, I think she was in her bra and knickers and hubby's eyes bobbled..hehe!!


    1. LOL My eyes bobbled too when I was looking for pictures of hers, then I decided to just use a video, it's more effective.

  2. Great girl crush. She is a great actress and absolutely stunning. I do love that commercial, I must say. Awesome post guys :)


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