July 16, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Alicia Keys

Alicia Augello Cook
Alicia Augello Cook

A lot of people fell in love with Alicia when she released her debut song Fallin' earning her Grammy awards. She's a breath of fresh air in a time when pop stars were either bubble-gum blond girls or crooning and rapping sexy R&B songs. 

Among her most current songs, Unthinkable is my favorite. 
The song was written with Drake and it tells the story of an interracial couple and the forbidden element of the song which is played out in the video is the perfect background if one is on a YA binge.


  1. Alicia Keys rocks my socks! Love the photos. She can look so different depending on her hair and style.

  2. Awe! I love this song :D My favorite song of hers is No One even though my douche of an ex boyfriend dedicated it to me lol!

  3. I love Alicia Keyes!!! She sings everything so beautiful and she looks stunning always!!! Drake is so Bad-Ass dude! I love it when sexy and sultry voices like hers teams up with r&b rappers!!! That's so gangsta! Love it!! Great choice for Girl Crush Monday! SHOUTY capitals.;)

    P.s. ummmmmm should I contact the "Blogger Police" since that sounds like a racial slur? LMAO!!! You know the "bubble gum poppin blonde haired girls!!! HAHAHA!! J/k Hey Braine, ask Cimmaron who the "blogger police" is....LOL

  4. Ahh I <3 Alicia Keys! She is maaad beautiful. Her voice is unique too :) When I saw this was your pick this week I immediately opened youtube and started playing "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart" goes with my mood I guess lol.


  5. Love it! She is one of my favorite musicians ever!


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