July 7, 2012

Early Review: Getting Over Mr. Right by Chrissie Manby

Format: ARC (NetGalley)
Release Date: July 10, 2012
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Have you ever had your heart broken? How did you get over it? If a pint of ice cream cheered you up and you were able to delete his number and start again then . . .
You’re a weirdo and this book is not for you.

But if you reacted with denial, begging, or a spot of casual witchcraft, then you’ve come to the right place. This is one woman’s journey from love to lunacy and back again. If you ever recall past heartbreaks with acute embarrassment and an urge to go into hiding, this will make you feel better. Sure, you may have sent his new girlfriend a bunch of dead roses, but did you spend a grand on psychic hot-lines and a voodoo curse?
As stated, my copy is an ARC so some of the things I'll be mentioning might change when the actual, edited book goes out for sale. Anyway, the book format is unconventional, left-aligned, bold Trebuchet size 12 (?) so a 304 paged book felt like 200. The style is similar to a candid narration of events starting with a cute prologue with the protagonist, Ashleigh Prince, telling us she just got dumped via Facebook.

What I expected as a smart, witty, lovesick, revenge story a la Bridget Jones Diary turned into a ho-hum story that is GETTING OVER MR. RIGHT. The cover, title and synopsis promises us a lot girl power and non-stop laughs but unfortunately all I felt was pity and extreme exasperation for the whole thing. Sure we've probably come across a variation of Ashleigh Prince's in our lives and maybe her foolheaded and desperate antics feels familiar and personal but when you write someone like her in a book you have to at least give her some sort of redemption! You're writing a comedy not an episode of Snapped!
It was all in you head, I never made you any promises. 
Get some help. Get a life.
GETTING OVER MR. RIGHT though a quick read was a disappointment to me. Chrissie Manby succeeded in making Mr. Right, accountant Michael Parker, an effective character, he's utterly awful, a jerk extraordinaire and he will make you want to reach out through the pages and wring his neck. As for beautiful and dense hopeless romantic Ashleigh, CManby turned her into a groveling, insecure, pathetic ex-girlfriend who fell for every line in the book, a sucker for false hopes and empty promises. Just when she finally found herself again after a series of humiliations and a restraining order, Ashleigh rebounded by degrading herself and giving in to Michael's manipulative ways.

Towards the end, it was implied that Ashleigh managed to even up the score but my craving for revenge served Arctic cold remained unrequited because it was at this point that CManby left the final outcome to our imagination and ended the story.


  1. I've had this ARC for ages in my NetGalley pile. I might not be reading it now after reading your revie :-(

    1. SKIP IT! not worth your time, you'll hate the chick

  2. Wow.. Okay, I read the blurb and I was like "Hey this sounds good"

    *two seconds later* scrolling down "Holy shizz Braine rated it a 2"

    *2 min later* ... yeah, don't think I'll be picking this one up anymore >.< I liked your Snapped reference btw :)


    1. Thank you, I was expecting something really GREAT coz the title, blurb & cover looks so fun.

  3. Ugh, I've had way too many blah books as of late. I definitely will be skipping this one - thanks for the honesty!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

    1. This left me wanting more or something else, your time will be better spent reading another book :)


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