July 11, 2012

Review: Dead Angels by Tim O'Rourke

Series: Kiera Hudson Series II 2
Format: Mobi (gift from Tim O'Rourke)
Release Date: July 9, 2012
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Fleeing Hallowed Manor and being hunted by the Skinwalkers, Kiera and her friends take shelter from a storm in a deserted railway station set in a remote valley. As they spend the night hiding from those who are hunting them, Isidor tells his friends a story about how he had come across the word PUSH some years before on his first journeys above ground.

But unknowingly, Isidor’s story will have devastating consequences for one of them.

DEAD ANGELS by Tim O'Rourke tells us a very important part of Isidor Smith's history. We meet Isidor's first love, Melody Rose, and how she helped them figure out this alternative world they live in where Skinwalkers or werewolves, reign supreme.

Melody Rose and Isidor's relationship was far from auspicious from the start and though this was clear to me the details Isidor shared was lamentable and infuriating. Melody Rose has a religious nutcase for a mother who punish Melody Rose to the point of hunger and dehydration. Isidor in this point in his life was far from the guy on the picture below. He was awkward and illiterate and Melody helped him learn his letters by reading comic books, The Hulk in particular, whom Isidor related to perfectly well. All the bullying that surrounded these two coupled with Melody's abuse and Isidor's loyalty and love for Melody was enough to set off a smorgasbord of emotions for me.
What bright eyes you have office. Are they contacts or what? And the fingernails! Wow! And the strange looking faces. I love the whole Lady Gaga thing you and your friend have got going on.
Now being the Sean Potter fan that I am, I miss him and his classic dry sense of humor as well as his romance with Keira being that this is Isidor's story. After Dead of Night, I was half expecting that we'll read follow-ups from that part but I guess I have to wait a little longer before Potter's past and present collide in a delicious and probably messy love triangle? And speaking of romance, Tim heated things up a notch between Kiera and Potter and I love it!

I do love that we are getting to know the rest of the characters better with the series' second phase. Tim sure is taking his time in showing us the pieces of the puzzle before he reveals the bigger picture and let me tell you, he's getting us worked up real good. But now that all their stories are told, what happens next in Dead Statues?

Oh, before I forget, there's some bonus material at the end of DEAD ANGELS turns our Isidor is a talented wordsmith himself and Tim shares some of Isidor's short metaphorical stories with at at the end of the book.

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  1. Hey Miss B, If you are talking about Miss Sophie, I think you may have missed something in this book. It is that cross over with BHF in Dead Night and the end of this book, train station chickie in background reading letters:D

    I missed Potter too. I always Miss Potter when Tim isn't writing him. This one did hurt my feelings with a certain thing, and those statues!!! But, it will all weave itself in:D



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