June 8, 2012

Review: Otherkin Series by Anya Bast

Be warned!
If you're not eighteen, please return when you are.
- Anya Bast

Series: Otherkin 1
Format: Digital
Release Date: December 2008

Free for Kindle and Nook
Nikki is a cougar shifter living in a werewolf world. When she's promised as a mate to a wolf shifter named Merrick, the fur flies. This short story is a free title, offered by New York Times bestselling author, Anya Bast. Fury is part one of a two part series. Tranquility is the sequel. These titles are highly erotic and meant for those 18 years or older.

She'd been joined with this man for less than twenty-four hours and already he was becoming an addiction.
This is a very sensual start and fair warning so we'll know what we're getting in to, Anya was serious when she said that this is a very erotic series. The leads are shifters and the attraction between Merrick and Nikki is very primal, they can't override the call of their loins. Their smexy scenes will get anyone hot and bothered and Merrick will leave you fanning your face due to sudden hot flashes. This man is shameless and very tenacious in making Nikki acknowledge him and the ties that bind them together.
Every time I have you, I want you more.

We are made for each other, Nikki. Sex between us is more intense than I've ever experienced.
I enjoyed this not only because of the dirty parts but the story was well written too. Nikki is a cougar amongst a pack of wolves, she is to be the pack's Queen Alpha and not everyone is thrilled to have her. So there are catfights, espionage and pack politics in between voyeurism and exhibitionism. And though it's short, this 44 paged short is a very entertaining read. Merrick is an animal, there's nothing tame about this man whether he's in wolf or human form. He's rugged and rough but he's also a giver and very possessive of Nikki. He's the guy your Momma warned you about but oh, so tempting to read. It's hard to stay away from the bad boys!
You know what they say, bitch, dogs drool, cats rule

Series: Otherkin 2
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 9, 2011
Free for Kindle and Nook
Roane leaves the Fury werewolf pack to make room for his brother, Merrick, and his new mate. A natural alpha, there's nowhere Roane can go in wolf country and not stir up trouble. He settles in a town called Tranquility and immediately raises the hackles of the local pack leader.

Even worse, Roane gets one look at Scarlet, the pack leader's sister, and will do anything to possess her. Scarlet tries to resist him, but his touch inflames desire she can barely control. And that means heaps of trouble for both of them.
Another nooner story that you don't want to pass up. This sequel is even more intense than its predecessor. We now have Scarlet and Roane, two Otherkin destined to be mated but pack politics is making their relationship forbidden. Roane doesn't want to be Alpha but he can't fight his nature and that doesn't sit well with Marcus, Scarlet's brother and current Alpha of the Tranquility pack. What started as a cold welcome turned into an Alpha showdown between Roane and Marcus with Scarlet in between. The action is as nail biting as the smexi scenes, the push and pull (no pun intended) between Scarlet and Roane sexy-dirty but then again, these are shifters we're reading about. They can't help but succumb to their inner animal and I for one, am happy that they do.

I'm not a small man, Scarlet. Do you think you can handle me?
I want to find out.

These are my first Anya Bast reads and I highly recommend these shorts to anybody who is going through a reading slump like me or if you'd like to experiment with the erotica genre. I recommend that you pick this series up so at least you won't get stuck with a full length novel, it's FREE so you won't feel buyer's remorse should you decide that it's not for you. Now if you DO decide to take this on, I must warn you that these stories might make you blush and bite your lips in eager anticipation for the succeeding scenes.

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  1. Wow Braine you are getting really scandalous with your reviews!!! LOL!!! I love it. Your review and I want to read the book!!! I'm thinking about copying you guys since I have so many YA followers and putting disclaimers on mine as well...I have an explicit icon but I may need more. LOL. Like the Red Light button! Lol. Love yours btw!!

    1. LOL ikr?! Well I told C that since she's dabbling in the fine art of BDSM & erotica & I'm closely following suit, that we should probably do a disclaimer or somehing as our blog isn't strictly 18 and up. Just censoring ourselves and settin the right expectations.

  2. Thanks for the great review! I have this book, but it got buried in the e-TBR mountain. Must go dig it out ;)

  3. Wow, I have both of these in my kindle and am smacking myself for not reading them yet!!!! Need to get on that, they sound hot!!!

  4. Ooooof raunchy covers! Niiiice. I need to read more books like this because when I have read them I liked them x

    1. Well I'm pretty sure you'll love this if that's the case

  5. Wonderful reviews! I was in amazon yesterday I think I picked up one of these? I shall go check, now I know they are wee short I don't mind sitting at computer reading. Carina Press on Netgalley have some quite good reads with the Cougar shifters. I got myself a haul of freebies yesterday:D


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