June 4, 2012

Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Last night I got to watch one of the most anticipated films this summer, Snow White and the Huntsman starring Charlize Theron (Evil Queen Ravena), Chris Hemsworth (Huntsman), Kristen Stewart (Snow White) and Sam Claflin (William). 
from Nerd Bastards
The story as the trailer suggests is a darker take on the beloved fairy tale classic and in the spirit of girl power, Snow White is a rebel and took her kingdom back from the clutches of Queen Ravena. The contrast between life and death, good and evil was so stark that when you see the Enchanted Forest with that magnificent stag you can't help but be in awe. 
Charlize Theron was magnificent as the villainous Queen and IMHO, her Oscar winning acting chops carried the movie. She brought depth to the character, made her strong and vulnerable, you'll hate and feel sorry for her because of this twisted belief she has that Beauty is the be all and end all for a woman. If not for her psychotic break I don't see any reason why she'd be insecure about Snow White, she IS the fairest of them all.
Chris Hemsworth as The Huntsman was OK, I feel like he could've done more but at the same time the way his character was written sort of limits his range. No shirtless scenes but he sure did bring the brawn and I bet he still smells good underneath the grease and grime that the props people put on him. If I were KStew playing dead lying there while CHemsworth does his monologue I think I would totally feel self conscious and pee in my pants at the same time! Those dreamy blue eyes with spidery lashes can drown you not to mention that very masculine deep voice and to-die-for Aussie accent. Sigh!

Sam Claflin, the valiant Prince William really surprised me. To refresh your memory, he was the priest who fell in love with the mermaid in the last Pirates movie. Anyway, I was really impressed with him especially in that scene in the middle of a snowy forest. Without giving away too much, let's say that he really did a good impersonation in that one that he had me fooled for a moment.
photo from MTV
Kristen Stewart. As my Kevlar vest is still on back order, I will not talk too much about her as Snow White because I am not the most objective "critic" when it comes to her work. But to be fair, she did better in this movie than in Twilight and the Runaways and her big speech was convincing. I wish that she went off script and did ad libs on some parts and laid off the super intense look which seems to be her default (and only) facial expression. I will always and forever associate her with Bella Swan so on the part where she comes back to life after eating the apple looked very vampirish to me.
Snow White bit the apple, died, came back a vampire and
went looking for Edward
photo: OK Magazine
In summary, there is no chemistry between CHemsworth, KStew and SClaflin so I didn't go on fangirl mode on those tender moments that would've had me giggling like a crazy chick. The seven dwarves led by Ian McShane (Beith) and Toby Jones (Coll) provided the comedic relief. The photography, special effects, music, cinematography and every other technical aspect of the film was superb. I still recommend that you go ahead and watch the movie, everybody is a critic and though I'm not a KStew fan I still ended up loving the movie.

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  1. Yay, I'm glad you recommend it. I am not a huge KStew fan either and I was a little leery about seeing this movie.

  2. My husband is bugging me to go see this movie with him but I honestly don't think I'll like it. I'm REALLY not a KS fan at all. I think she'll ruin it for me. I like your review though and I'm glad to hear another pov. I'm not telling my husband that you liked it even though you don't love KS. :)

  3. I'm dying to see this! I don't care for Kristen Stewart's acting abilities either so I am glad to know she did a better job in this movie than her previous ones.

  4. LOL I thought I'll be swamped with KStew fans so I was bracing myself for some hateful comments! She is beautiful and I'm hoping that she took notes from CTheron when it comes to acting. I was so frustrated with her scenes with The Huntsman because it was intense, he wants to kill her, he fancies her, etc. and I wanted her to do MORE! There is a breaking point for her character and I was waiting for her to scream her lungs out of frustration but she just quietly cried. Good thing Theron was a presence to beat which balanced KStew's "intensity" on screen

  5. lol...great review Braine. I'm going to see it and thanks for sharing :)

    1. Yeah it's still worth watching and I like the darker take on the story.

  6. "If I were KStew playing dead lying there while CHemsworth does his monologue I think I would totally feel self conscious and pee in my pants at the same time!" LOL!!!! This was such a fun movie review! I've been wanting to see this book so badly after seeing the creepy-cool trailer and hearing from many people that it was a pretty epic movie -- and I'm so happy to add you to the list! I mean, you can't go wrong with Cris Hemsworth, although I'll probably be craving little more chemistry too x) And I love that it's a darker take on a fairytale classic! :)

    Amazing review, Braine! You've got me even more ecstatic to read this book -- if that was even possible! x) <3

    1. Handsome men have that effect and I can only imagine what it would be like to be in close physical proximity with Mr. Hemsworth, I think I'll be one of those rabid Justin Bieber fans, laughing, crying and fainting all at the same time.

  7. I will watch it for Charlize Theron and for the film magic I have seen in featurettes. Kristin Stewart fairer than Charlize? No, on my world, they breathe oxygen and know Charlize is fairest of them all! LOL.

    1. Charlize is gifted and gorgeous, for her to look that good at her age is admirable plus she doesn't sound like a vapid siren too which makes her even more appealing to me.

  8. That was an awesome review! I have to admit I thought KStew did a great job in The Runaways, but again everybody is a critic...also Dakota was probably more stand out in The Runaways. I do understand the facial things K has going on, maybe they just need to be coached out of her. She can act, she just pulls faces that resemble something but I can't say it , cause it would be rude.

    Ahhh yes...for our fair Aussie boys, we are sprouting a few in the land of Hollywood. MR HJ = Hugh Jackman is my fave..he is a most beautiful lad. I shall give you my Snow opinion when I speak to the chickens tomorrow at the pub and organise tight ass Tuesday cinema tickets ( it's our cheap day for most things, go figure Tight ass Tuesday, lol!! ). We have pub lunch around every fortnight.



    1. The Runaways: I watched it because people were raving about KStew but Dakota stole the movie. I saw her at MTV Movie Awards the other day and I flat out don't like her LOL, she's awkward and I'm not sure if she's really shy (she's always saying she is) or if it's one of those phases young people go through.

      Hugh Jackman, another yummy Aussie! Can't wait for Les Miserables and see his "show tunes" skills

  9. Loved your review Braine. :)

    I enjoyed the movie too and was going to write a review as well, however I was out with my GF's afterwards on Sunday night at a sports bar and well you know how that goes!!! One more drink or story turns into 10 and I was too lazy afterwards but your review was much more description than mine would have been so I'm glad I didn't review it. Hehe. I thought Charlise Theron was absolutely gorgeous and I was impressed with K Stew as well. She looked very pretty main gripes that we had NO shirtless or naked Hemsworth scene...boooooo.

    1. More Chris Hemsworth please! His wifey is sooo lucky she landed him! He's young and he looks like he is head over heels in love with her, we need someone like that.

  10. Thanks for the funny review! :D

    I'm not a huge fan of Kristen Stewart...But I like Charlize Theron, and Snow White is one of my favorite tales, so I'm planning to watch this movie. Hope I'll enjoy it, too.

    1. I hope you do enjoy it too, if not there's always Prometheus this coming weekend to fall back on.

  11. I didn't love this movie, I thought it was OK. The ending was really uneventful to me. I am glad to hear someone else (that isn't in my house) to say the same thing about K Stewart. So often I hear Twilight fangirls oohing and ahhhing over her and I don't get it. I act out the scene with her in the hospital talking to Edward telling him that he can't go...and then sometimes they get it. She didn't bother me in this movie as in Twilight - I think in part it's do to the genius act of giving her very few lines!! Her awkward and painful look with heavy breathing showed up too many times - often at just as awkward times. And you are right - no chemistry in this movie either!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  12. Going tonite to see this with the girls. Can't Wait! Sounds like one we'd really enjoy!

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  13. I loved Sam Claflin in Pirates of the Carribean; I didn't even realize he was acting in this movie!
    This sounds absolutely amazing (what can I say? I'm a huge fan for this sort of movie!) and I can't wait to watch it this Saturday with my friends!
    Hopefully it's as good as you say and I can tell them "See?! This movie was actually pretty good!"
    They don't trust me taste in movies at all :(


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